Sagittarius New Moon: Stay Woke

The new moon is exact on Tuesday, November 29th at 7:18 am EST, at 7 degrees of Sagittarius.

In the sign of Sagittarius, the moon is truthful, philosophical, wise, generous, and optimistic. Sagittarius is, of all the signs, the least xenophobic. That's because Sagittarius is the wanderer, the traveler--one who seeks to learn not just one small-minded idea about the truth, but all truths from all kinds of people. We need that kind of wisdom now.

It's been three insane weeks since the election. The entire world watched a corrupt real estate developer with no government experience who ran on a platform of xenophobia and lies win the United States presidential election by a slim electoral college margin, while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a landslide. Citizens across the country have been protesting. Hate crimes have increased significantly. Trump chose Steve Bannon, white supremacist and architect of the propaganda machine Breitbart News, as his Chief Strategist. Nazis, who are calling themselves "the alt-right" but are literal Nazis, celebrated Trump's election at a convention in D.C. The New York Times reported on Trump's unprecedented financial conflicts of interest in foreign countries and the ways in which he has already been capitalizing on his political power. I could go on. But I don't have to tell you. We've all been living through this since November 8th.


It has to be said that for many, America was not the Land of the Free before November 8th either. The murders of innocent black people - even children - by police was a cause for outrage. The militarization of police against Native American activists on the Dakota Access Pipeline is cause for outrage, and so are the many hate crimes against American Muslims that were already happening. Immigrants attempting to acquire legal status did not have it easy before this election. Women feared sexual violence before a rapist became president-elect.

But now everything is so much worse. If you have absolute faith that our democratic institutions will keep this presidency from becoming a dictatorship, that people will keep their civil rights, because it's illegal to be a dictator in America, and American democracy is exceptional - wake up! It will take a massive resistance to maintain our freedoms now. White supremacy is being normalized under the rebrand "alt-right", and putting white supremacy at the center of our politics makes all of us radicals. We need to stay woke. 

This Sagittarius new moon should wake you. It should drive you to action. And action is inherently optimistic. Despite the darkness of this post - I apologize for my gloom of late - I believe in maintaining hope. Resistance is optimistic. We demonstrate, by resisting, that our actions can create change.

One way to resist, at this new moon, is to tell the truth. Be blunt, just like a Sagittarius. The moon squares potentially deceptive Neptune, forming a T-square with the North Node. The empty opposite sign, of Gemini, is a sign that at it's worst can resort to gossip and lies. Our president-elect is lying. He began this political journey by inspiring the racist birther conspiracy about President Obama, he made outrageous claims in his campaign, including his claim that Obama founded ISIS, he spread propaganda that protesters were "professional" to make people doubt the reality of protests against him, and now he's spreading a lie that Clinton won the popular vote because of "illegal voting." When people water down the discussion with terms like "alt-right" and "post-truth" and "conflicts of interest", be blunt: the alt-right are white supremacists, post-truth is lying, and conflicts of interest are corruption. Let the north node in Virgo direct you toward precision. Precision, facts, and truth will be the tools of resistance.

On the flip side, Gemini can be an appreciation for new ideas, conversations with others, keeping an open mind. And the dark side of Sagittarius is dogma, thinking one has found the only Truth. So at this new moon, we use the better part of Sagittarius -- the philosopher -- and the better part of Gemini -- the communicator -- to learn, teach, and speak. Refuse to be silent. Resist. This place isn't named Rebel Astrology for nothing.