Scorpio New Moon: The Thinning Veil

The moon is new at 8 degrees Scorpio on Sunday, Oct. 30th at 1:38 pm EST.


We have a new moon in the sign of Scorpio this afternoon, just in time for Halloween. This doesn't happen every year, that the moon is new in this sign on the weekend of All Hallow's Eve. Halloween happens in Scorpio season because Scorpio is a sign of the mysterious: secrets, spies, sex, death, ghosts, and mystics. A new moon at this time makes this Halloween that much more mysterious and powerful.

This lunation is joined with Mercury in Scorpio, and trine Neptune in Pisces. For that reason, I see this as a moon of synchronicity, potent dreams, and messages. Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, observed on the day when it was said that the veil between the worlds was thinnest. Costumes were used to confuse and ward off roaming ghosts. It's a day when many believe communication with ancestors is made more possible. The actual date when Samhain/Halloween should be observed is debatable -- some say it's the lunation closest to Halloween, others that it's when the sun is at 8 degrees Scorpio (October 31st), and still others say the veils are thinnest when the sun reaches the powerful 15th degree of Scorpio. I would say, whichever date you lean toward, the veils are especially thin tonight with this new moon.

Mercury represents communication -- and in Scorpio that kind of communication can be unusual. This is a moon for mediums and psychics. Mercury in Scorpio deals in secrets, in poetry, in the occult, and in deep philosophical thought. In such harmonious aspect to Neptune in Pisces, the dreaming shaman, there is a shimmering, watery quality to this new moon. You may not be inclined toward the spooky, or interested in communicating with ancestors -- but if you're an artist, today would be an auspicious day to channel something creative from a source outside of yourself. 

It's up to you what you choose to call in -- be it a muse or a spirit. If you're inclined to believe in such things, the separation between your world and theirs is more permeable than usual. May you call in what you really need at this potent time.

Happy Halloween!