Excellent! My Story of You reading with Brittany was really amazing...thorough and completely on point. Highly recommended!
— Ivy Bromius, www.circlethrice.com
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The Story of You

a 75-minute natal chart reading for new clients

You are a manifestation of the moment when you were born. Your natal chart is a map of the sky at that moment; it tells us about your personality and your life. In this session, we'll talk about who you are, your particular gifts, and your challenges. This consultation will give you a greater understanding of your own unique complexity. We will also discuss themes and important dates for the year ahead.

The Story of You consultation is conducted in person in NYC or on Zoom. It includes a copy of your birth chart and an audio recording. You need to know your time of birth to book this consultation.

Exchange: $175

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Chart Rectification

Detective work to find your birth time.

An accurate time of birth is crucial for an accurate natal chart reading. If you cannot find your time of birth, I can help you find it by working backwards through the transits, progressions, and solar arcs that coincided with important life events. This is called a chart rectification. New clients without a time of birth need to have their charts rectified before booking The Story of You.

Once I rectify the chart, I'll email you with your new chart and a short explanation of how I arrived at these calculations. You should have your rectified chart within two weeks of sending me your information and payment.

Exchange: $175

Before booking your appointment, you can learn more about me, read about what to expect from an astrological consultation, and see what my clients have to say.

For Returning Clients

i.e. clients who have had the Story of You reading

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60-minute Consultation

This 60-minute reading focuses on current themes in your life and the opportunities arising.

Conducted in person in NYC or on Zoom.

Includes an audio recording.

Exchange: $150

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Solar Return Reading

a 60-minute reading of your solar return chart

When you celebrate your birthday, you're celebrating your solar return: the moment the sun returns to the exact position it held when you were born. Every solar return gives you an entirely new chart that describes your birthday year. In this consultation, we'll use the solar return chart to explore key upcoming themes in your year ahead.

Conducted in person in NYC or on Zoom. Includes your solar return chart and an audio recording.

Exchange: $150

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Mini Reading

a 30-minute reading

A mini reading or follow-up consultation that focuses on one or two pressing questions about current themes in your life and future.

Available on Zoom only.

Exchange: $75

Additional Offerings

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Gift the fun of an astrology reading!

Available in all amounts. Emailed to you in a PDF within 48 hours of payment.

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I offer coaching services to clients who are ready for deeper transformation.

Anyone is welcome to experience coaching firsthand with a 1-hour discovery session!

Available on Zoom only.

Note: This is not an astrology reading. In this first complimentary call, we will not have time to discuss your chart in detail. Please book this if you are interested in my coaching services.

Experience deep coaching and get answers to your questions. I look forward to our conversation.


Please note that consultations are not available via phone, email, or pre-recording.

Sessions are conducted in person at The Wing in DUMBO, Brooklyn, or through video chat on Zoom. These are my preferred methods because I aim to have a true face-to-face conversation with every client, even if that client is outside of New York.

Accommodations are available for individuals with disabilities. Please contact me about scheduling an appointment with accommodations.