July 15 - 21

This week is another one for solitude, reflection, and internal shifts of a spiritual nature. Mars’ meeting with the south node mid-June may have brought unusual gifts and inspirations from deep in the past. There is also the possibility of fear, anxiety, and an overabundance of solitude here. Reach out to someone grounded in the here and now if you feel like you’re being sucked out of yourself and into some dangerous dimension. The divine warrior archetype is one to meditate on as you battle your hidden dragons: inner strength, cunning, honor, and survival. You’re learning to be in control of your own psychic defenses. Walls that are too thick keep the insights out, while having no barriers leaves you too vulnerable. Practice putting your shields up and taking them down at will.

July 8 - 14

Venus enters your complementary sign of Virgo on Monday. Here, she is good for your love life, helping others to notice you and providing a pleasant atmosphere of love and friendship. You’ll feel more romantic than usual during this transit, especially towards the end of the month. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations direct on Tuesday, continuing to expand your learning opportunities through November. Follow your curiosity into foreign countries, esoteric teachings, interesting classes, or big communications. With Uranus in Taurus, you have some unique questions to answer, and Jupiter encourages you to expand your mind. Thursday’s partial solar eclipse in your fellow water sign of Cancer brings the music of the muses to your ears. Float along the currents of change towards the end of the week, and soak up all kinds of creative insights. Having an outlet for your emotions is important now. Mars retrograde is activating any hidden internal struggles. You can work these out through your art. Invest your energy in artistic endeavors, romantic exploits, and play.

July 4th

You may be more or less sticking to your daily routine on July 4th. A focus on your work or health could dominate the day. You’re still very focused on your Mars-retrograde contemplation, which can make you feel tired and withdrawn, so it’s fine to leave the party early. The sun in Cancer trine Jupiter on the lights up the path forward on the 5th. Spiritual progress is likely this week.


“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.”

— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind

Don’t deny the existence of dragons this July: you have your own, and they are within you. By acknowledging their reality and expressing your imagination, you can work with your inner dragons. By repressing them, you repress yourself. Your ruler Jupiter stations direct on the 10th, heading back into another lovely trine with Neptune in your sign (exact August 19th). Exploration beckons; the way is open. Avail yourself of strange new ideas and odd research that enlightens you on a spiritual level. You have a lot of opportunities to express yourself creatively this month, in particular with the partial solar eclipse on July 12th. In the moonlit, imaginative sign of Cancer, this eclipse starts a mini-cycle of creative activity and sharing with a powerful audience. If you have something to say, get started. You may not necessarily be giving the performance until the fall, but the work will happen this summer. Opportunities for more fun are also handy when you allow yourself to rest. Leo season, starting on July 22nd, always has something to do with your work and your health. This Leo season features Mercury stationing retrograde on the 26th, followed by a total lunar eclipse on Mars retrograde in Aquarius on the 27th. In other words, it’s a doozy. You may need to adapt to a big change, particularly where your health is concerned, so take good care of yourself. Perhaps this indicates that you are slowing down and finding ways to heal. Time spent doing the internal work is the best healing for you right now. You don’t have to do it alone either--reach out if you need to. The support will be there. You will have many wonderful creations to share when you emerge from this reflective respite.