Week of July 15th

The eclipse this week highlights your goals, as well as the obstacles to getting what you want. Have your dreams changed since the last time you checked in? If you’re still clinging to an old version of aspiration that no longer feels good to you, it’s time to let that go. Remember that you could always pick it back up again if you felt so inspired. Or perhaps your goals haven’t changed, but there is some inner block to receiving what you truly want. What part of you doesn’t want to allow this change to happen, and why? You certainly have gifts to offer—but always giving without receiving is not a balanced approach. Continue to put yourself first right now. Centering joy helps you remember what you’re here for.

Week of July 8th

With Mercury retrograde next to Mars, be prepared for some communication issues at work. Plan extra time for delays and tech issues, and don’t be surprised if a coworker or client brings some heat to the discussion. Your patience and compassion will help to smooth things over. This week, your community may be demanding a lot of you, when what you really feel you need is time for creativity, romance, and play. While you may have to work hard before you play hard, do make some time just for you. You’re still in a cycle of transforming and restructuring goals, facing fears around sharing with your community, and nurturing your gifts. That’s a lot to sort through, and it’s likely to bring up some emotions. Have as much patience and compassion for yourself as you do for others.

Week of July 1st

Mars’ move into Leo on Monday adds some fire to your life at work, and things get busy. Perhaps you have a new surge of ambition, or you’re being asked to take on more of a leadership role in your day-to-day. As Mercury is poised to station retrograde in this section of your chart, it’s wise to use this week to prepare for workday communication challenges, back up technology, and clear some time in your schedule for delays. For you, the Cancer eclipse on Tuesday is part of a larger cycle about giving and receiving love. This one is particularly focused on the giving. Where is the shadow of giving for you? Do you have any fears that what you have to offer may not be well received? You might explore your own vulnerability around creations that you’ve made, or creative ideas that are yet to be realized. On Wednesday, when Venus enters Cancer, you could more easily recognize your own tender, sensitive gifts. Mercury stations retrograde on Sunday, asking you to rest for your health and review your daily schedule, partially so you have more time to nurture your creations.

Week of June 24th

What is shifting for you along the lines of home and career, past and future? Though you are definitely leaving some things behind, there is so much beauty to take with you. Bring all those rich, varied jewels along with you on your vocational path. They are likely to come in handy this week. Remember that concerns related to the material world are best addressed on an inner level first. When you can honestly assess what you want, and see your own patterns and beliefs with clarity, you can begin to change your circumstances. When Mercury moves into Leo on Wednesday, work picks up. You have the ability to merge inner and outer. They were always one.

Week of June 17th

This moon brings blessings for your vocation. Last week, you were developing a strategy for a soulful career. This week, you may have some good luck with your plan. If there is no plan, exactly, continue to look in the direction of joy. What you truly enjoy doing is always a good guide into vocation. Let go of the loaded word “passion” and just focus on what feels fun right now. This week, it’s healing to spend time on creativity and play just because. Your community is making demands on you, some of which may need to be met. But don’t get sucked into old patterns of saying yes to obligations while ignoring what you want. Right now, fun comes first.

Week of June 10th

You are the dream. The dream on some level was always just to be yourself, in private and in public. To exist as yourself, with no need to “brand,” or fit a role, or write a resume. And yet the world requires those things from most of us, to some degree. This week, consider how you can develop a vocational strategy that keeps your soul in tact and your career on track. If you feel pulled in two directions, let your inner compass point the way by following what feels enjoyable to you. Your creative outlet can help you weather this storm.

Week of June 3rd

This new moon invites you to set an intention around your home and family. Where could you open up space for possibility there? How could you collect more information to aid you on your path? Get curious about family history. If there is something you want to know more about, dig for it in this lunar cycle. Mercury’s move into Cancer on Tuesday opens up some space for creative communication. Make space for emotional self-expression this week. Venus’ move into Gemini on Saturday invites you to connect more fully with the feminine side of your ancestry.

Week of May 27th

It may feel nearly impossible to present an image of yourself to the public when you are having a hard enough time figuring out who you are on your own. This week, dream, doodle, and write about how you want the world to see you. It’s not so much what you want to do for work as how you want to be known. This might be about your character, the way you treated other people, or your commitments to values. Focus on the best version of yourself, regardless of career titles, and aspire to be that person. You may be called on to speak to your community. Doing this inner prep work will help you figure out what to say.

Week of May 20th

A tradition within your community or network may require some hard work this week. What is the gift, and what is the shadow? How can your community work together to acknowledge the shadow and heal? You may have to be the one to take up the mantle of authority and lead that work this week. The world needs more healers who are willing to work with groups of people to preserve the good of community while addressing and preventing harm. Mercury cazimi in Gemini offers a message of ancestral wisdom, one that you could bring into this work.

Week of May 13th

Have you been rewilding your creative life? Finding time to receive new inspiration? Following your curiosity? If you haven’t felt this way yet, you will this week. Venus moving into Taurus comes bearing the gift of voice. You may suddenly find that you do have something to say. The words flow in abundance. Make time for play, creativity, and learning without expectations. Saturday’s full moon in Scorpio invites you to explore further, for the sake of knowledge. Push the boundaries. Share what you’ve come up with.

Week of May 6th

Prepare to receive wild inspiration this week. You receive messages better than most, so you already know that the best ideas are likely to come while you’re in the shower, or just before you drift off to sleep, or while you’re puttering around the house. Make sure you have some unplanned time so your creative mind can play. A boost in self-confidence or an influx of cash could bring you a bit of good luck in your career. The idea may or may not be connected with your vocation right now, but all of the thinking you’re doing is sure to result in some wild creation eventually.

Week of April 29th

Money makes the world go round, or at least that’s what you’ve been telling yourself these days. What if you told yourself a different story? About what has value, about your own value, or about how the world works? This week presents a small challenge. Find the courage to go after a goal, despite the barriers you see. On Saturday, the new moon offers an opportunity to manifest a new story, one that comes from your imagination. Tell an enchanting tale.

Week of April 22nd

The opportunities for healing around self-worth, money, and questions of value are still open this week. You are turned on to a new idea now. It might be something that comes to you out of the blue, or someone in your life may play the role of the Awakener. Keep your ears open for new information. You have unusual, valuable ideas to contribute to the world. Once you know the worth of your voice, you can show others.

Week of April 15th

This week is all about worthiness and resources. How is your sense of self-worth, what has worth to you, and how are you using it? You have some major opportunities for healing around money now, with Mercury and Venus entering one of your money houses, and Friday’s full moon in the other one. Where do you feel money hurts you? What is your story around money, how do you value it, and what emotions does it bring up? This week, get honest with yourself about money and what you want from it. Look around at the resources you have, including other forms of wealth, like love, friendship, and knowledge. You are in the process of figuring out how to use your resources to achieve some massive goals. Keep going.

Week of April 8th

Get creative about meeting your goals this week. You’re transforming your social networks, which might include your audience for creative work. A change in your tribe, of course, always coincides with a change in yourself. How you relate to people, how you make art, what consider fun—it’s all part of this larger transformation. Since you’re encountering roadblocks to getting the things you want right now, consider a new approach. Combine ideas in new ways to get around the block. You have some bold talents to offer; don’t be afraid to do something new.

Week of April 1st

Mercury conjunct Neptune brings you more retrograde vibes this week. You get extra this year! Use your trademark patience and your capacity for rest. If nothing else works, you can sleep through it. On a positive note, this aspect is lovely for visions, fantasy, and creativity. Your natural tendency to think in creative ways works well now. On Friday, the new moon in Aries represents a spring beginning for your sense of self-worth and your money. Set an achievable but ambitious financial goal. Then, once you’ve set the intention, consider how you might bravely go about making it happen. You might need to get past a fear of asking others for help and actually receiving it.

Week of March 25th

Venus in your sign is beautiful. She brings you an aura of glamour, some glittering new baubles, and the romantic tenderness you’ve been missing. Mercury is definitely still retrograde conjunct Neptune in your sign, so clarity is not one of the options here. Even after Mercury stations direct on Thursday, it will be a few weeks before you know who you are again. In the meantime, why not enjoy beauty and love where you find it? On Sunday, Mars into Gemini renews an interest in family. Researching ancestry, visiting with family, or entertaining at home may feel inviting now.

Week of March 18th

This week you are being taught to recognize your worth and stand up for yourself. Your values are on the line. In relationship with another, you are negotiating what worth looks like: a set of material things, a number in the bank, a debt or a gift. Chiron teaches that the abundance is available to you, but in order to access it you must develop confidence in your abilities. Negotiate questions of worth, value, and shared resources with others at this Spring Equinox full moon. Know that not every situation requires an immediate decision – set the intention and wait until April for action if you can. Confusing situations will clear up by the 12th.

Week of March 11th

At some point this week, scroll through your contacts. Is there someone in a position of power you may have forgotten about, someone you could reconnect with who might be able to help you in your career? If you feel resistance about asking, where is that coming from? Mercury retrograde tends to coincide with people and events from the past flowing back into your life, and one of the features of a retrograde in your sign is the opportunity for some major introspection. How could you get out of your own way?

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on Tuesday. All Mercury retrograde periods offer an opportunity to go inward and reflect, but this one is more like that for you than others this year. Consider who you want to be and how you want to present yourself. With Jupiter in your legacy sector, you’re being given some rare opportunities to show your talents to the world. The new moon in your sign is excellent for envisioning the legacy you want to leave. Dreaming big dreams is part of the cycle of achievement.

Uranus moves back into Taurus on Wednesday to inspire some irreverent, original thinking for you. With Uranus in Taurus, you’ll be getting some lightning-bolt ideas, and seven more years with which to give them form. Your curiosity won’t let you down. You may feel easily bored when Uranus is here; you just can’t learn fast enough. You may take up some quirky new hobbies. Siblings, neighbors, or acquaintances may help you with your self-expression. You’re re-wilding your mind, letting it grow uncivilized and undisciplined. This could be a very creative transit for you, one that changes your self-image and your interests. Short bursts of activity could bring long-term benefits. Go on and explore the wilderness.

Week of February 25th

The birthday-season party continues this week. You’ve been so busy with your social life, and with the changes happening in your social scene, that you’ve hardly had any down-time. You’ll get a fresh burst of energy for your creative work, romance, and/or just plain old fun this week. On Friday, when Venus moves into Aquarius, it’s a cycle of artistic vision beginning. Something of strange beauty waits for you to find it in a hidden place.

Week of February 18th

Chiron moves back out of your sign on Monday, and into Aries. You’ve done a lot of healing already. Now you’re in a cycle of healing your confidence, rebuilding your self-worth so that you see how much more you truly deserve. Chiron here makes you feel vulnerable at first, perhaps putting you in a situation where you need to stand up for yourself. You may even experience the special vulnerability that comes with getting exactly what you want, and then having to get used to a good change. Partners and friends will play a role in healing your self-worth this week, as a full moon in Virgo puts emphasis on your relationships. Those you belong with will accept you for who you are.