Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mercury conjunct North Node in Leo: June 29 - July 9

Exact July 4

Chiron retrograde from 2.25 Aries to 27.53 Pisces: July 5 - Dec. 8

Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio: June 26 - July 11

Exact July 5

Mercury in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius: June 30 - July 10

Exact July 5

Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces: July 2 - 15

Exact July 8

Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio: July 3 - 17

Exact July 9

Venus enters Virgo: July 9

Jupiter stations direct at 13.20 Scorpio: July 10

Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus: July 9 - 18

Exact July 11

Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn: July 5 - 19

Exact July 12

Partial Solar Eclipse at 20.41 Cancer: July 12 at 10:47 pm

Venus in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn: July 9 - 20

Exact July 14

Mars conjunct south node in Aquarius: May 22 - Aug. 12

Exact July 18

Venus in Leo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio: July 18 - 26

Exact July 22

Sun enters Leo: July 22

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces: July 9 - 31

Exact July 24

Sun in Leo trine Chiron in Aries: July 22 - Aug. 1

Exact July 25

Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus: July 22 - Aug. 1

Exact July 25

Mercury retrograde from 23.26 to 11.32 Leo: July 26 - Aug. 19

Sun in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius: July 22 - Aug. 1

Exact July 27

Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn: July 22 - Aug. 3

Exact July 27

Total Lunar Eclipse at 4.44 Aquarius: July 27 at 4:20 pm

Sun conjunct North Node in Leo: July 22 - Aug. 4

Exact July 28

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (applying): July 7 - Aug. 13

Exact Aug. 1

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (applying): Apr. 5 - Oct. 1

Exact Aug. 19

A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.
— Desmond Tutu

Aries, this summer’s Mars retrograde is about revising or renewing your wishes, and that necessarily includes your wishes for your community. Ubuntu is often translated to “I am because we are.” Given that the ram’s signature phrase is “I am,” it’s worth thinking about who you are as a result of your society, the community who raised you, and the people you surround yourself with. Relieve any frustration you may have about achieving your own goals by giving back this month. You are an individual, and you are also a part of the greater whole. Chiron stations retrograde in your sign on the 5th, trekking back over the first two degrees for the rest of the summer. You could feel unusually unsure of who you are and what you want, which is why it’s a good idea to wait on any big actions until at least September. Eclipse season takes enough energy. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on the 12th begins a mini-cycle of change in your home and/or vocation. Directions are shifting. Pay attention to your emotions around the changes that happen, as they will tell you something about what you want. Leo season is always about fun and self-expression for you, but that will probably be more internalized and private this Leo season, with Mercury stationing retrograde in that sign on the 26th. The total lunar eclipse on Mars retrograde follows one day later, on the 27th. The combination of these two events suggest that big changes are taking place in your community, and you’re revising the way you express yourself in order to adapt to those changes. You may find yourself going back over conversations that you’ve had before, returning to old creative projects, or considering new creative goals. Find an outlet for your inner fire this July, as we do all of this waiting and sifting. It will help to think of yourself as part of a greater whole. When in doubt, put your faith in others.

Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.
— Pierce Brown, Golden Son

Taurus, seeking the light of home is your theme for this July. Mars retrograde has you feeling trapped in some way regarding your vocation or family. It may feel dark now, but a review of your desires this summer will help you light the way come September. Venus enters your sister sign of Virgo on the 9th, giving you some hope for fun and romance while you figure it out. Take some time off for play and creativity. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get ahead at work or make a big career decision this summer, while so much is still changing. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th begins a mini-cycle of change in your thinking, writing, and/or communication. Any creative work involving words will be powerful right now. Spiritual shifts and developments with siblings are likely. Play around with what your Uranus-in-Taurus reinvention might look like, trying on every outfit and committing to nothing. Leo season, starting on the 22nd, is always about home and family for you. This Leo season in particular will be memorable, because Mercury stations retrograde in that sign on the 26th, and we have a total lunar eclipse on Mars retrograde in Aquarius one day later. You may feel like the astrology of the moment is uprooting you. Think of it as making space for a new phase of your life. The end of July is a great time for you to literally clean house, letting go of anything that is no longer meaningful. You may find yourself renewing old conversations with family members, or going back over old territory at work. Keep your stubborn heart. It’s a month full of tension, but if you wait it out, you will see the road starting to open this fall. Look for the joy and release any frustration through play.

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
— Plutarch

Gemini, we begin July with your ruler Mercury on the north node in Leo, signaling that you should follow your curiosity towards warmth and play. Time with friends, neighbors, siblings, and classmates is well spent this July. You are likely to be participating in a project involving communication in some form. If it feels like things have stalled because of Mars retrograde, use this time to learn something on your own. Kindle the fire in your mind and the minds of others. Reading is especially pleasurable this month. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on the 12th begins a mini-cycle of change in your income, values, and confidence. Draw on your resources for emotional support, especially if you encounter some self-doubt mid-month. Mercury in Leo, and Leo season in general, should be pleasant for you: creative, warm, generous, summery, and fun. The big news, of course, is the next Mercury retrograde, which will begin on July 26th. This is a time for reviewing things you have learned in the past, going back over old conversations, and reconsidering your communication style. You would prefer things to move forward fast, but this is a summer for waiting it out. The total lunar eclipse in Aquarius falls one day after Mercury stations, on the 27th, indicating that major shifts are happening in your direction. You may be developing a whole new philosophy, considering more school, or even making plans for foreign travel. It goes back to the map you’re making for yourself. You may not know exactly what you want to learn yet, but that won’t stop you. Start somewhere. Any information that satisfies a question is a good step in the right direction.

Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.
— Allen Ginsberg

Cancer, you will navigate the turbulent waters of July by your inner moonlight. Eclipse season is emotional for you. Make space in your body for all of the feelings. Don’t hide your uniquely intuitive understanding of others, your connection with your own unconscious, or your strange glimpses into the collective. Relationships continue to be a major theme this month. The person you’re closest to is the very one you shouldn’t hide from. The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th will be a dark moon, so reach your hand out to the one you trust and look within to see what’s changing. You’re coming to terms with a lot of information about your own motivations as Mars moves backwards through Aquarius. It may not be clear exactly what you want, which is why you will have to ask yourself over and over again this month. We all have mysteries inside of us. You could be reinventing your goals in surprising ways. Mercury retrograde on the 26th combined with a blood moon eclipse on the 27th is a set of aspects that provokes shifts around what you value. It seems that by the end of August you may very well have a whole new set of priorities. Money, especially, may go out and come in with the tides this month. Loosen the grip of your claws a bit and allow what will be. Abundance is always available to you: that’s one of the major lessons of this summer. Above all, maintain your confidence in yourself. A beautiful gift could be waiting at the end of the rainbow in September.

Insist on yourself; never imitate.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leo, you usually don’t need to be told twice that you’re special, but I’ll say it again this July. As Mars heads back towards the south node in Aquarius this month, keep Emerson’s words close to your heart. It’s time to insist on your own uniqueness, to express as much of yourself as possible. The work of a Leo sun actually is to cultivate the ego, not to dissolve it, which is a Piscean task. You really are here to show the rest of us how to embrace what is special about us. The July 12th solar eclipse is all about the adaptation to your transformation. It may feel to you like a friend or partner is restricting your full self-expression. Take it slow. This kind of reinvention is a process. Be patient with others and ask them to be patient with you while you consider who you want to be. Mercury stations retrograde in Leo on the 26th, just four days after the sun enters your sign, signaling that this is a time to rethink how you look, act, and speak. With the eclipse on Mars just one day later, this may include a rethink of who you want to be seen with, or maybe what your friendship/partnership/business alliance looks like once you’ve both figured out some of your desires. Spend some long, hot days on the beach talking it over with a trusted friend. Truly toxic relationships that hold you back will be removed this summer. Past versions of yourself may try to haunt you, but they can’t touch you if you’ve already moved on. Try to stay warm to those who love you, even if people are getting testy. Being special doesn’t mean being isolated. You must insist on yourself and insist on others being who they are, right beside you.

If you desire healing,
let yourself fall ill
let yourself fall ill.
— Rumi

Virgo, you’ve been so busy healing others. You ought to do a service to yourself (and to them) by getting some rest this July. If you really want some healing, you have to admit to yourself that you need it and let go of some control. Venus’ move into your sign on the 9th can help you indulge yourself a bit more than usual, as Mercury in Leo has already been beckoning you to escape the “real world” a bit and enter the realm of dreams. It’s such a beautiful path, being of service. You find true joy in it. So when I say that you must focus on yourself for a while, I don’t mean to suggest that the act of healing others can’t be fulfilling. Of course it is. It is just that the tides ebb and flow, and this is a time to ebb. The partial solar eclipse on July 12th starts a mini-cycle of new goals, as you use this Mars-retrograde summer to figure out how you want to spend your days. Get away somewhere quiet if you can. Sleep, meditate, take long walks and dips in the lake. It’s vitally restorative for you to be on hiatus. If you can’t get the time off, find pockets of your day where you can just rest without purpose. Having the time to think will help you to make adjustments for your health and happiness by the end of August. Mercury’s next retrograde, starting July 26th, is about moving inward and accessing a deep sense of your unique purpose. It’s also about necessary endings for you. When combined with the lunar eclipse on the 27th, this retrograde is clearly a time for you to reassess your health: mind, body, and spirit. Take it easy so that you can prevent yourself from getting sick later. Anything that is sapping your energy without reward must end, so that you can heal and begin a new cycle come September.

The two ideas, justice and vocation, are inseparable...It is by way of the principle and practice of vocation that sanctity and reverence enter into the human economy. It was thus possible for traditional cultures to conceive that ‘to work is to pray.’
— Wendell Berry, The Idea of a Local Economy

Libra, justice is important to you. It only seems fair that you should be able to follow the path of your heart, your true vocation. Not everyone knows what that is, and it isn’t always a paying career, either. But if done well, it is how you become known in your community, for manifesting your spirit in an earthly way: or in other words, for being your unique self. We could use more sanctity and reverence in our current human economy. With Venus moving into Virgo on July 9th, it is a good time to think of your work as a form of prayer. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on June 12th starts a mini-cycle of renewal in your vocation, as fresh insights appear from within. Mars continues to move back towards the south node in Aquarius, suggesting a period of reflection on what you actually enjoy doing. All things fun, all things play, and all things romantic are up for review right now. This month may make you feel like you have frustratingly little time for fun. Make sure to rest and replenish yourself in solitude so that you can do some real soul-searching about what’s going to feed your spirit now. Leo season and Mercury’s next retrograde, starting July 26th, will have you rethinking some of your goals. Think about what you want to say and who the right audience is for that statement. You have all kinds of unusual, innovative creations to offer if you can find the people who appreciate them. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th will be all about your appetite for fun and your generative force. Children could be a handful if you have them. Be mindful that there’s more to “work” or the idea of “career” than where you collect your paycheck. There could be an untapped resource that you’re just now finding. Chiron retrogrades back over the first two degrees of Aries now to remind you that authenticity is the key. Make plans to share what you have to offer.

None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Scorpio, you are good at staying still and keeping your own counsel in turbulent times. July is one of those times. A lot can get done when you take a beat to listen to that whisper that comes from deep within you, from the depths of your heart. The Mars retrograde through Aquarius is forcing you to pay attention to where you come from and where you want to go. You may feel like home is tying you down when you’d like to roam free. On the 10th, Jupiter stations direct in your sign, moving towards another trine with Neptune (exact August 19th). The partial solar eclipse on the 12th is in your fellow water sign of Cancer, directly opposite your modern ruler Pluto in Capricorn. This begins a mini-cycle of new ideas for you to share with your powerfully growing voice. That whisper inside of you will eventually become a shout. Tension arises from the changes in yourself, your partner, and/or your relationship to each other. You could also be encountering challenges in a friendship or business partnership, or meeting intriguing new people who inspire you. Practice patience; avoid impulsive actions even if it does feel like someone else is being unreasonable. Leo season, starting July 22nd, puts the emphasis on your vocational path. You are changing direction now, even if the shifts are subtle. Mercury’s next retrograde starts in Leo July 26th, followed by a blood moon eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th. The end of the month brings a big moment. Changes arise in your family, your home, or the mark you leave on the world. Pay attention to how you feel about what’s happening. Anger, especially, is one of the emotions that shows us what we want most. Track everything and create your strategy this month. A well-planned attack can be timed for September or early 2019.

There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.
— Charlotte Eriksson

Sagittarius, you’re developing a new strategy for your explorations this month. You may be wandering, staying, or leaving, but whichever it is, you’re thinking about where you want to arrive next. Venus climbs to the top of your chart on the 9th, signifying a renewed attention to the beauty and craft of your vocation. Your ruler, Jupiter, stations direct on the 10th and begins to move towards another lovely trine with Neptune (exact August 19th). The dream of home that is taking shape in your imagination could start to be realized when Jupiter finally shifts into your sign in November. Let the old things dissolve so something new can take their place. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on the 12th reminds you of this dissolution, as you begin a mini-cycle of embracing the mysterious. You don’t necessarily have to plan where you’re going or when you’re leaving. As long as you maintain a deep connection with your intuition, you’ll always know the right time. Mars continues to move towards the south node in Aquarius, bringing you back to everything you want to say, or everything you’re not saying. While things in your life are dissolving, see if you can let go of some negative thought patterns that aren’t helping you to move forward. You can use this retrograde time until September to clear your mind. Planning projects that involve communication can also work, as long as you wait until after August 27th to launch. Leo season, beginning July 22nd, always calls you to share inspiring, creative ideas and learn from others. This year we have Mercury retrograde in Leo during the season, starting on the 26th. When combined with the total lunar eclipse on Mars the next day, this signifies big shifts in your perspective. Open your mind to new possibilities. You don’t necessarily have to come to a conclusion yet. The world is about to split open, giving you many more roads to travel than you may have thought possible before.

You owe it to all of us to get on with what you’re good at.
— W.H. Auden

Capricorn, Mars retrograde has you reviewing your values and overcoming any self-doubt or negative money patterns that may be holding you back from achievements in your future. Relationships continue to be key for this, especially at the partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th. This eclipse begins a mini-cycle of conversation between you and a friend, business partner, or significant other, particularly where money or values are concerned. You may be asked to step up to the plate this summer, or need help from someone because you’re strapped. Figure it out as a team. Consider that if you are not tapping into your courage to achieve your full potential, it’s really not fair to other people either. You owe it to everyone in your life to treat yourself well and live your best life possible. Your sign is all about honor and integrity, so honor your commitments to yourself. You were born to manifest your unique spirit into real, tangible success. It’s not selfish. Other people always benefit when you’re true to yourself. Manifestation will come up again with Leo season, which begins on the 22nd. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Leo on the 26th closely followed by a blood moon eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th, this Leo season is one for the books. You may experience a big financial shift at this time. Certainly, your values and priorities are changing, as is your attitude toward money. If you are partnered, make plans for the most effective ways to share resources. You may have to let some things go, trusting that you’ll be able to replenish your supply this fall. Something owed may make its way back to you. Trust in the abundance that is always available. Allow other people to invest in you--you’re worth it. But most of all, this month is about making a strategy for investing in yourself.

You can either practice being right or practice being kind.
— Anne Lamott

Aquarius, this Mars retrograde is going to test your patience for other people. You may very well be right about something, and still, it’s better to practice being kind this month. In fact, being kind is proven to be good for your health. It boosts your serotonin and reduces anxiety, and it has been associated with lower levels of inflammation. Which could be very useful information for you, as Mars retrogrades through your first house all month and the July 12th solar eclipse falls in Cancer, in your house of health. If you have an agenda that you feel strongly about, put it to use in the service of others this July. Volunteering or even just committing to some small acts of kindness will make you feel better. Your energy may be low, and your defenses may be down, so rest and care for yourself is a good idea too. If the people testing your patience are members of your family: kindness, kindness, kindness, and deep breaths. Leo season, starting on July 22nd, is always about you and your friendships or partnerships. This Leo season features Mercury stationing retrograde on the 26th and a blood moon eclipse in your sign on the 27th. Never dull, this astrology of 2018! The combination of forces towards the end of the month signals a change in your self-understanding and your relationships. You may have an epiphany about what you want. Conversations from the past are renewed, and potentially, people from your past come back to talk with you too. Talk it over with a good friend, but wait to act on any impulses until at least September. Remember, you’re making a plan for a whole new you. Perhaps even a kinder you -- kinder to yourself and to others. Too much rage is bad for our health. Show the rest of us how to stay Zen in the midst of chaos this summer.

People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.
— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind

Pisces, don’t deny the existence of dragons this July: you have your own, and they are within you. By acknowledging their reality and expressing your imagination, you can work with your inner dragons. By repressing them, you repress yourself. Your ruler Jupiter stations direct on the 10th, heading back into another lovely trine with Neptune in your sign (exact August 19th). Exploration beckons; the way is open. Avail yourself of strange new ideas and odd research that enlightens you on a spiritual level. You have a lot of opportunities to express yourself creatively this month, in particular with the partial solar eclipse on July 12th. In the moonlit, imaginative sign of Cancer, this eclipse starts a mini-cycle of creative activity and sharing with a powerful audience. If you have something to say, get started. You may not necessarily be giving the performance until the fall, but the work will happen this summer. Opportunities for more fun are also handy when you allow yourself to rest. Leo season, starting on July 22nd, always has something to do with your work and your health. This Leo season features Mercury stationing retrograde on the 26th, followed by a total lunar eclipse on Mars retrograde in Aquarius on the 27th. In other words, it’s a doozy. You may need to adapt to a big change, particularly where your health is concerned, so take good care of yourself. Perhaps this indicates that you are slowing down and finding ways to heal. Time spent doing the internal work is the best healing for you right now. You don’t have to do it alone either--reach out if you need to. The support will be there. You will have many wonderful creations to share when you emerge from this reflective respite.