Week of October 8th

This new moon begins a personal cycle of self-reflection. You are already deep into an investigation of what you value, involving mysterious questions of money, self-love, and confidence. This week, look at the question of value through the lens of your personal history, childhood, family, and ancestry. Historically, how have you thought about and felt about money, and how have you used it? How did people in your family make money, and how much did they have? How have the women in your family considered value: the value of a body, of a self, of a woman, of what she earns or spends? What pain arises when you consider these ideas? What happiness arises? All of these questions point back to your personal power. It’s never just about the money, so enter into dialogue with your past, your family members, your ancestors, and your inner child. Allow yourself to take some of these teachings with you, and leave some behind. Venus invites you to reclaim your self-possession.

Week of September 30th

The changes you’re making privately are beginning to show, and they look good on you. This week, with Venus stationing retrograde on Friday, prepare to release some old habits. This retrograde is about money for you: what it means to you, how much you want, and how you make it. On the surface, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to recalculate your budget and watch your spending until at least October 31st. But below the surface, you’ll be reflecting on some very important things. This Venus cycle will take you deeper than just income and spending, to your self-confidence and self-love, and what you value most in life. Living out your values always looks good.

October Overview

Venus Retrograde & Mars out of Shadow

This Libra season, with Venus in Scorpio, is imbued with the dark, rich undertones of that mysterious sign. October is no exception. Venus stations retrograde October 5th, leading us down the shadow-path of our secret stories about relationships, intimacy, and/or money. We can all use this time to review lessons from past relationships, investigate deep questions in current relationships, and reaffirm our core values. Mars leaves the shadow zone of his retrograde on October 8th, allowing us to integrate what we learned about our desires this past summer into this Venus cycle.

The cosmic dance of Mars and Venus symbolizes the dance between the yang and yin principles within all of us. Mars is active desire (yang/masculine), impulsively chasing what is wanted and taking action to create results. Without the aid of Venus, Mars can be thoughtless, brash, selfish, and unrefined. Venus is passive desire (yin/feminine), attracting and receiving what is wanted. Without the aid of Mars, Venus can be lazy, shallow, envious, and sacrifice true desires to keep up appearances. These archetypes need each other to be whole. The cosmic dance is the balance between the two extremes. When Venus squares Mars again on the 10th, it’s another step in this ongoing tango of desire. Mars’ retrograde through Aquarius this summer was frustrating, and that frustration taught us something about what we want. Now, Venus retrograde challenges us to take a deeper look at why we might not have what we desire. It is necessary to act, and equally necessary that we stay open to receiving. How are you achieving your desires? What is really stopping you, below the surface?

New Moon in Libra

The applying Venus-Mars square features in the new moon on October 8th. The new moon, at 16 Libra, squares Pluto in Capricorn, signifying buried emotions, compulsions, power struggles, and deep transformation. Moon in Libra is typically peace-loving, striving to create harmonious conditions between people in order to feel safe and happy. This lunar cycle, though, challenges us to break through surface harmony to get at the root of an emotion or a relationship issue. Only then can we transform and evolve. This lunation is framed by Mercury square Pluto on the 2nd (a preview) and sun square Pluto on the 12th (a review).

Uranian Fixed Cross Aspects

Mercury enters Scorpio, sign of depth, power, sex, mystery, history, taboo, and the occult, on the 10th. Mercury in Scorpio loves to play detective, asking the questions without easy answers and staying on the scene until he finally uncovers the truth. Immediately, Mercury makes an opposition to Uranus in Taurus (Oct. 10th) and squares the moon’s nodes (Oct. 11th), creating a fixed cross just as Venus did in mid-September. This pattern is still challenging us to make changes in areas where we would rather stay consistent. Themes of radical reinvention, money, power, individuality, and the environment all apply. The investigative quality of Mercury in Scorpio gives this set of aspects more of a mental focus: radically reinventing our thoughts. This opposition to Uranus and square to the nodes repeats when the sun enters Scorpio (Oct. 23-24): themes of radically reinventing the self. It repeats again when Venus retrogrades back over the earliest degrees of Scorpio Oct. 30-31: themes of radically reinventing values and relationships.

Creative Sextiles to Capricorn

A series of sextiles from planets in Scorpio to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn symbolize building creative solutions to our problems, and thorough methods of investigating the questions that come up. This pattern includes Mercury sextile Saturn on Oct. 12th (building a laboratory for further investigation) and Mercury sextile Pluto on Oct. 22nd (powerful discoveries and transformative talks). Venus Rx then sextiles Saturn on the 24th (desiring stability in relationships), and the sun follows suit on the 27th (taking up the mantle of authority with ease).

Mercury in Scorpio, continued

Mercury meets our retrograde Venus in Scorpio on Oct. 15th, helping us to ask the right questions and speak the truth about Venus-retrograde themes: relationships and values. On the 19th, Mercury makes his own square to Mars, echoing the previous Venus-Mars squares and helping us to further investigate our active responses to our desires. Mercury also makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces on the same day, aiding us to create the ultimate vision that will prompt that action.

Full Moon in Taurus

After the sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, we have a full moon at 1 degree of Taurus on the 24th. This full moon is conjunct Uranus in Taurus and opposite its’ ruler Venus (retrograde), giving the lunation the flavor of the fixed-cross set of aspects this month: radical reinvention. This is the part of Venus retrograde where something comes to fruition or needs to be let go. We are radically reinventing relationships, values, money, power, and our use of resources. Expect the unexpected where Uranus is involved. This is a moon for swift, extreme change.

Still in Scorpio

Venus Rx meets the sun in Scorpio on the 26th, illuminating some of the desires or lessons we’re left with after that full moon. On the 29th, Mercury meets with Jupiter in Scorpio, giving us some wisdom from this one-year period. Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on November 8th. What secrets have you uncovered since Jupiter moved into Scorpio in October 2017? What mysteries have you followed down the rabbit hole? What have you discovered about your own power? Jupiter will be trine Chiron in Pisces all month (exact November 1st): a set of teachers for our collective healing through the discovery of the truth.


Finally, on October 31st, Venus moves into Libra to continue her retrograde journey. Venus rules Libra, so she is at home here in the sign of relationships, harmony, and symmetry. Still retrograde, Venus here asks us to reflect on the source of harmony in our partnerships: is it rooted in understanding, or are we just “keeping the peace” to avoid conflict? Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 31st as well. Sagittarius is the sign of adventures, travel, philosophy, honesty, and enthusiasm. Mercury here is brashly honest and sometimes comedic: he will say what he thinks, and tact is not a strong point. With Venus retrograde and Mercury in the sign of his detriment, it can be a fun, raucous party as long as the Librans can tolerate tacky costumes and tactless remarks with some good humor. Halloween this year actually has less Scorpio energy than most of October so far. Jupiter in Scorpio is still along for the ride, though, inviting us to explore the darkness of this spooky holiday. Happy Halloween!

Week of September 23rd

It’s such a challenge to have your sun or ascendant in the sign of other people. Every definition of self depends on someone else. It can be hard to know who you are without considering your partner(s), friends, and family members. This full moon is about remembering who you are, and sharing that with someone significant in your life. It’s a common fear that revealing your true self will result in rejection from others. Still, the people who love you will stick around when they know the real you, even when they’ve seen you at your worst. Partnerships or friendships that aren’t strong enough to withstand the test of time may be revealed to some of you this week. Others who are single may be feeling the insecurity that comes from constantly being told you will find true fulfillment through romantic love. Still others will see a relationship grow through a challenging shared experience. Feel all of it. You are whole and unique all on your own. Relate as honestly as possible now.

Week of September 16th

There are different kinds of knowing. There is the rational knowing of your intellectual mind (the kind with which you are most comfortable). There is the knowing of the body, a felt knowing. And then there is the knowing of the spirit, a more ineffable kind of knowledge that requires trust. Sometimes all three work together; sometimes one or two are more present. This week, look back on what you have recently discovered with your spirit. There may not be an intellectual explanation or bodily feeling to back up what you now know. Learn to trust this part of yourself. We begin your birthday season this weekend, which means a new 365-day cycle for you and another go at developing the self. When you trust what you know, you can be honest with yourself and others. Know yourself.

Week of September 9th

Sunday’s new moon asks you to be discerning about the health of your spirit. Is your spiritual nourishment in balance with your care for body and mind? Allow your imagination to roam the darkness; go to the deepest places and prepare to be transformed. Lightness and airiness give way to the secrets of wet, dark earth this week. A seed has need of being planted and nourished, not by intelligent words, but by something richer and more true. You are in a process of radical renewal at the most hidden, taboo levels. This is going to redefine your values in unpredictable ways. Your talent for balance is one of your greatest gifts, allowing you to know intuitively when something is enough. Stand on the steady soil of a spiritual grounding to center yourself this week.

Week of September 2nd

With Venus in your sign and Mercury buzzing around your social sector, you’ve been quite busy with other people lately. On Wednesday, Mercury enters Virgo, inviting you to quiet down and spend some time in the realm of your imagination. Asteroid Ceres enters your sign on Thursday, reminding you to nurture yourself amidst all of the recent changes. Saturn’s direct station, also on Thursday, starts the next leg of this foundation-building cycle you’re in. By now you’ve probably realized what’s too shaky to hold, so it’s time to begin fortifying. You want a stable home base that you can depend on. Consider revolutionary ways of accessing resources to create that kind of stability this weekend. There is something you want that is not easily gotten yet when it comes to your home. The challenge pushes you to find different ways of getting it. It won’t happen all at once, but as the cycle evolves, things do continue to shift. Along the Virgo-Pisces axis that is highlighted every September, you are in the midst of a great deal of healing and renewal right now. Introverting will be necessary. Approach family situations with your naturally Venusian sense of harmony.

September Overview

The last half of 2018 has been full of inner planet retrogrades, but September is our one month that features all inner planets in direct motion. Mercury exits his shadow period on September 2nd. Technically, Venus begins her shadow period on the 2nd, and Mars will still be in shadow until October 8th. But as I wrote in this post, it’s not an exact extension of the retrograde. Just a time to integrate the lessons of this summer’s Mars retrograde and preview the themes that may come up when Venus stations retrograde on October 5th.

Meanwhile, September brings some aspects that help us steady ourselves and start moving forward a bit. Mercury enters Virgo on the 5th. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, sign of thinking, writing, organization, health, and service. With Mercury direct in this sign, communication requires less effort and technology runs more smoothly than it did in July and August. Saturn stations direct on the 6th, so once again he will be moving back over the degrees (to 9 Capricorn) that he has been transiting since December of last year. Where Capricorn is in your natal chart, and where you have natal planets being aspected by Saturn, you are still in Saturn’s classroom. Values of discipline, sweat equity, and moderation are your best tools for this transit.

Just as the sun in Virgo made a grand earth trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus last month, Mercury will repeat this aspect on September 7th. This is supportive earth energy. We can use it to stabilize some of the Uranus in Taurus surprises with Saturn’s longevity, and start bringing some of our Uranian innovations into reality.

Venus and Mars square each other this month, continuing to reflect tension in relationships. This is an invitation to take action and resolve disagreements. First, Venus in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn on September 8th. The next exact square will be October 10th, with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius, but the aspect will be in effect all September long. Venus will enter Scorpio, the sign of depth, power, sex, mystery, history, taboo, and the occult, on September 9th. Venus here loves the beauty of the darkness. Where Venus transits this sign in your chart, you can go deeper into your true values and the more intimate side of your relationships.

The next lunar cycle begins with a new moon at 17 Virgo on the same day (September 9th). This new moon is opposite Neptune in Pisces and trine Pluto in Capricorn. This speaks of spiritual experiences and artistic endeavors, as well as glimpses into power (your own or someone else’s). Deception and manipulation are the negative sides of this lunation. On the positive side, personal empowerment and spiritual understanding are also possible. Use your powers of discernment. Get in touch with nature, as Virgo is an earth sign. Animals (the nature spirits) are especially dear to Virgo.

Mars enters Aquarius on September 11th, continuing his path through the shadow of this summer’s retrograde. Aquarius is the sign of freedom, community, invention, individuality, and revolution. Mars here is a revolutionary, a classic rebel, so many will feel their energy moving in the direction of resistance. The square to Venus in Scorpio will be applying all month; therefore, one of the challenges is for people to navigate themes of intimacy and freedom in their relationships.

Both Mercury and the sun are traveling through Virgo this month, so they make the same aspects within days of each other: an opposition to Neptune on September 7th and 13th, and a trine to Pluto on the 11th and 15th. These are previews and echoes of the Virgo new moon on the 9th, which highlights all those themes of spirituality, artistry, and power. The sun and Mercury, always close to each other, travel together for most of the month and meet exactly on the 20th.

Once Venus gets into Scorpio and Mars into Aquarius, they start making some intense aspects to other planets. Venus immediately opposes Uranus in Taurus (exact September 12th), and squares the nodes exactly on September 14th, creating a fixed cross pattern that challenges us to change in areas where we’d rather stay consistent. Themes of radical reinvention, money, power, individuality, and relationships with our communities are all brought to the forefront in mid-September. Mars squares Uranus again on September 18th. This aspect was exact on May 16th and August 1st. It will, by this time, feel familiar to you: disruption, revolution, frustration, fast innovation in categories that were once fixed. The good news is that Mars is direct this time, so taking action will be easier. This is a hot aspect, though, so it’s wise to be careful. Themes that have been playing out since mid-May are still very much in play.

Libra season begins with the fall equinox on September 22nd. Libra is the sign of balance, justice, beauty, and peace. With Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn, though, aspects from this sign are bringing the other cardinal signs into play, so the challenge is to create that peace and equilibrium. Mercury moves into Libra the day before the sun, on September 21st, and both immediately begin an opposition to Chiron. Chiron in Aries is calling on us to heal the wounds of toxic masculinity, including the wounds of war and environmental destruction, to acknowledge womens’ anger, and on a personal level, to practice authenticity. Those themes of women’s fury and sucking the patriarchal poison out of masculinity will be very present at the end of September.

On September 22nd, Mars will also make an exact conjunction with the south node. This aspect occurred on June 13th and July 18th. Since the south node sucks us back into old patterns, the shadow side of revolution will show itself: anger, destruction, and uncompromising ideology. Mercury and the sun in Libra will square Saturn in Capricorn around this time (September 23rd and 25th), bringing up themes of creating equilibrium in hardship, through hard work. They will also trine Mars in Aquarius (September 23rd and 27th), perhaps tempering some of that rigid ideology to move a rebellion in the direction of peace.

On September 24th, we have a full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, sextile Mars in Aquarius, square Saturn in Capricorn, and trine the north node in Leo. This is a thorny lunation. It will push us to face the wounds of anger, to heal, and to make lemonade out of some Saturnine lemons. Saturn in Capricorn is essentially winter: a shortage of resources rather than an abundance, and the hard work of survival. So when a full moon on Chiron squares Saturn, we can expect to have a challenge that will test us. You are called to be authentic and to make the most of your instincts with this one. Mars in Aquarius, the ruler of this full moon, is still conjunct the south node and square Uranus. Arm yourself as the divine warrior: strategic, courageous, and honorable; never volatile or unpredictably violent. These are wounds that we are being asked to heal, after all. On the 25th, Chiron moves back into Pisces for the next six months. The themes of Chiron in Pisces from 2010 - 2017 are up for review: healing collective suffering and spiritual wounds. Chiron will move back into Aries for a longer-term transit on February 18, 2019.

The last major aspect of September is Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn on the 30th. Outer planet retrogrades are less personal than inner planet retrogrades, so this is not something we will feel on an individual level. If Pluto is transiting a natal planet between 18-21 degrees of a cardinal sign or earth sign right now, that long-term cycle of transformation and empowerment continues.

All in all, it’s a very active month, with many of the themes we’ve seen since May 2018 continuing to play out. The good news is that we have no inner planet retrogrades, and we also get Saturn and Pluto stationing direct, which means that we have more opportunities to do stuff in the midst of an otherwise retrograde-y fall. If you have a project that you must launch in 2018, this is the month to do it. Otherwise, wait until 2019 to start something big. The squares and oppositions of September challenge us to act. Without that tension, we get comfortable where we are and things get stale. Some ideas that have been brewing since this spring could be catapulted forward this month. Surf the challenges to your advantage. Onward.

Week of August 26th

For you, Sunday’s full moon is about healing and renewal. Wash off any aggravation from the past two months. Mercury is direct, eclipse season is past us, and Mars will station direct on Monday. Time to hit refresh. Venus in your sign is reminding you to love yourself enough to change. You’re rebuilding so much at the very foundations of your life right now. So use the weekend to heal and renew. Gather insights from deep within. Recognize the changes you need to make. And then roll your sleeves up and work on it this week. People who previously thought you were just “nice” (from Latin nescius: ignorant) are about to be seriously surprised.

Week of August 19th

Now that Mercury is direct, you can take what you’ve learned about who is in your tribe (and who isn’t) and communicate more easily with your in crowd. Networking, social calls, and goals/planning start to get easier in this last week of Mars retrograde. Jupiter trine Neptune can help you make sure your daily activities turn a bigger profit, too. Job-related networking has the potential for rewards at the beginning of this week. On Thursday, the sun enters Virgo, beginning a new season of introspection for you. Unlike the retrograde season, this one involves both reflection and action, so you won’t have to wait quite so much. Yet the autumn sun still lights your imagination. The grand earth trine towards the end of this week supports you in bringing your emotional insights together for a true revelation. Uranus in Taurus is here to help you rewild your resources over the next 7-8 years. “Resources” sounds so vague--it comes from an old French word meaning “to rise again; recover.” Open your mind to unusual ways of recovering wealth/history/intimacy/magic in your life. You’re rising from the ashes.

Week of August 12th

Other people recognize your inner (and outer) beauty now. Let the eclipse insight sink in over a slower week of rest and summer hangs. Jupiter trine Neptune is growing in power now, helping you to increase your self-confidence, boost your money vibe, and hit on an ideal work/health routine. Take stock of what you’ve learned from Mars retrograde re: pleasure, fun, romance, and desire. How can you bring these values into the core of your life, giving you more freedom as a result? Mars helps you identify some ancient angst from your past that’s holding you back from living your best life. Find peace.

Week of August 5th

Venus in your sign is a lovely pick-me-up for you after so much Martial hot air. A pleasing, scented breeze wafts your way. Other people notice your charms more readily than they have been. You do have an agenda behind the charm this week though: to knock down any fun-blocks, curb any inauthentic relationships, and chip away at the crumbling foundations of a former life. Do what’s best for you, and do it with a smile. Saturday’s partial solar eclipse is a time to grok some insight about the community that will celebrate your individuality.

Week of July 29th

Imagine yourself hanging out a shingle that advertised your true self to the people who will best understand you. This is your porch light, as it were. Visualize yourself turning it on and inviting in all of the right friends and audience members who make up your community. Uranus in Taurus for you is like a cleansing fire, burning off the old, dead ideas and assumptions to make way for new growth in your house of resources. This week will require you to get resourceful. Building your community is an investment, even if we think of social time as “free” time. Who are you attracting? Call them in like moths to a flame.


“He was bookish, she was not; he was theoretical, she political. She called a rose a rose. He called it an accumulation of cultural and biological constructions circulating around the mutually attracting binary poles of nature/artifice.”

— Zadie Smith, On Beauty

You are the most relationship-oriented of the signs, and your ruler Venus enters your sign on August 6th, reminding you of your love for love. It’s not just about relating to people who already get you, but marrying two seemingly opposing ideas, sides, or personalities that makes you truly happy. You make symmetry from jagged lines. Remember this when Venus opposes Chiron in Aries on the 8th and squares Saturn in Capricorn on the 9th, calling you to practice your relationship skills on people with whom you don’t see eye-to-eye. This requires that you be super authentic, not chameleon into whatever the other person wants you to be. The Leo solar eclipse on Mercury retrograde August 11th starts a new-old cycle in your friendships/community. Who do you want in your posse? Reviving old, but relevant, associations and quietly sneaking out of dead-end groups is a good strategy for this Mercury retrograde. Tiptoe off while they’re engaged in some toxic gossip and don’t look back. On the 12th, Mars retrogrades into Capricorn and you start to reconsider what you want at home. Where do the foundations of your life need an upgrade? You can start working on it at the end of the month. Mercury stations retrograde on the 19th, while Jupiter trine Neptune gives an income/health situation a boost. Virgo season, beginning August 23rd, features a beautiful full moon in Pisces (Aug. 26th) that supports your total healing after so much aggro-Mars-vibe. Venus square Pluto prompts you to pull the strings on your own transformation. Once Mars stations direct on the 27th, clear the blocks and start the upgrade.