Week of July 15th

This eclipse confronts you with old, deeply rooted fears, power plays from family members, and challenges at home. You’re in the thick of the cycle. With your ruler Venus at the top of your chart making some heavy aspects, you must remember that you are creating your own path forward, no matter where you’ve been. Heal the past. Practice self-love. Set those boundaries that are so difficult for you. There are some good things you can carry with you, even as you release what is not serving. Take care with your career, your public image, or your legacy. What do you care most about? Who do you want to care for? Nurture that.

Week of July 8th

You’ll probably find yourself back in touch with old friends and bygone networks with this month’s Mercury retrograde. The run-ins may be surprising. Take care with what you say. If you’re unsure, it’s often wisest to remain silent. You’re currently very focused on your career anyway, and navigating the changes in your vocation will require most of your energy. Imaginative or healing work gets a boost this week, as long as you continue to dislodge old, deeply rooted fears. Fear can be a powerful force, but in this case, is it justified? Move through the resistance with courage. Reviewing and revising your goals may lead to a kind of revelation this week, as you recover a golden dream from the past.

Week of July 1st

When Mars moves into Leo on Monday, you are compelled to lead. Mercury is already there, urging you to say something to your community, and Mars enhances your drive for communication. Share your talents with an audience. The solar eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday is part of a cycle of changes along the lines of your past and future. Your career, your public image, your home life, and your deeply rooted sense of self has all been changing. In this next phase of the cycle, it’s probably in the realm of your vocation that you will face a shadow or make a decision. This will require you to stick to the foundations you’ve chosen, address old fears, and stay authentic in relationships. It’s hard, but your ruler Venus is moving into Cancer on Wednesday, making you look good in your publicly visible endeavors. Growth is beautiful. On Sunday, the next Mercury retrograde begins, indicating a time for you to reflect on friendships and reconnect with old networks.

Week of June 24th

It’s not all coming up roses just yet, but you may feel some of the weight lift from your shoulders this week. You get a slight break from the Cardinal sign chaos right now. Stay vigilant against slipping back into old patterns, and continue to be authentic in relationships, even when it’s messy. This cycle is teaching you how to consciously handle conflict. Meanwhile, you can use this week’s reprieve to rest. Mercury’s move into Leo on Wednesday is a boon for your house of community. You have plenty to say to your audience, and you are getting ready to share.

Week of June 17th

You have something big to say at this full moon. Blessings come through knowledge, intuition, and the sacred act of speech. Be confident and loud. What you have to say is worth hearing. For the rest of this week, as with last week, you encounter some challenges at home. Continue to protect what matters. Continue to move toward the vocation you’ve envisioned, however much work that requires you to do. Anything worthwhile is achieved with effort. You will not be dragged back into patterns that have stifled you in the past. Look to wiser ways of being.

Week of June 10th

What are you trying to say? What will you make time to learn? Your efforts to follow curiosity or voice an opinion require some extra time management this week. It’s easy for you to drift off and get lost in fantasy these days. Perhaps there is a healing quality to the work you want to do. Make sure that you actually follow through on the work part. Time management helps this week because it’s stormy for all cardinal signs, and for you in particular along home/family lines. Move towards the vocation you’ve envisioned for yourself, even though you must confront difficulties. Protect what matters when the time comes.

Week of June 3rd

Wisdom accumulates with Monday’s new moon in Gemini. It might be just the right time for you to learn something. Keep an open mind, sorting fact from fiction as you take in all of the information. Follow some of the bigger philosophical questions during this lunar cycle. Set an intention to find out more. Or identify where you’re limiting yourself and set an intention to let go of that. Mercury’s move into Cancer on Tuesday coincides with greater opportunities to express yourself through your vocation. Venus’ move into Gemini on Saturday brings feminine wisdom to the forefront of your quest for knowledge.

Week of May 27th

What you’re learning now will help you through the week. If you’re already taking a class or reading a good book, apply the wisdom to your daily life. If not, pick up a good read to help yourself solve problems at home. You have abundant resources at your disposal; you just need to find and acknowledge them. Aside from money and possessions, what are your personal assets? I mean your charm, your intelligence, and your inherited talents—the less visible assets. Make a list of what you’ve got going for you and you just might find the way through some difficulty. Then, apply the knowledge you’re gathering, and voila: a little bit of peace.

Week of May 20th

Limitations at home might be hard this week. Whether it’s about getting drawn back into old patterns with family members, untangling the suffering of ancestors to heal a lineage, or just some literal damage to your house that needs to be fixed, it probably sort of sucks. Good thing you loved up your money last week, so you know you’ve got resources to draw on! Mercury cazimi in Gemini is in your house of knowledge, so while you’re dealing with things at the roots, look to philosophy or faith to lift your spirits. You are likely to learn something inspiring this week while you’re fixing the foundations.

Week of May 13th

This week is all about loving your money. Practice gratitude for what you have, expect more to flow to you, love the money when it comes, feel worthy of it, and share the abundance. Some of those things may feel easy for you to do, and some may take a little longer to get used to. If you would like an affirmation for this week, try “I am ready to receive.” Venus in Taurus wants to give to you in abundance, and Saturday’s full moon asks you to feel worthy of it. What do you believe you deserve? Is it a big number? Good. Now double it.

Week of May 6th

Revelation may come suddenly this week. The way it arrives is always unexpected, even if you’ve been hoping for more insight into the mystery. Intimate connections and deep communications are likely; even a stranger may feel like someone you’ve known for years. Intimacy still requires good boundaries, so continue to assert yourself well in relationships. Take pride in the way you are transforming your life, slowly but surely, creating a vocation that you can nurture for years to come. Other people can be instrumental, as long as you remain the director of your own life.

Week of April 29th

Stop being so nice. I mean it. Stop. Being. So. Nice. You can still be kind to others while you’re being true to yourself. You can usually still be polite while you’re being true to yourself. But the days of being a doormat for other people are over. Be honest with a friend or partner this week. Recognize where you are limited, and don’t give more than you’re able to. When you’re rebuilding your life from the foundations, it’s going to be a messy process. You don’t need to apologize for the mess. You just have to be real about it. Saturday’s new moon in Taurus offers a new cycle of transformation, especially if you’re looking for changes in your sex life or your bank account.

Week of April 22nd

The theme of honest communication continues to play out in your relationships this week. This week, especially, it’s important to speak up for what you want. Self-love is key. Speak with empathy for others, because everyone is dealing with this question of honesty and authenticity on some level in their lives right now. Uranus in Taurus is like an earthquake building, shifting tectonic plates so far underground that you don’t exactly know what’s changing, but it will be big. Your total honesty is a revelation for both you and your friend or partner.

Week of April 15th

This week is all about you and how you relate to other people. With Mercury and Venus moving into Aries, you need to communicate honestly in your relationships. This means being real with people even when it displeases them. It means being true to yourself. You may not get the approval you crave from others, but you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you choose to spend time with people who honor you as you honor them. Friday’s full moon in your sign is about using your resources to transform your life, so that it fits who you are now. Anyone who chooses to share that life with you is very lucky.

Week of April 8th

Working partnerships could help to transform your legacy this week. Someone may connect you with the right opportunity. Remember, you’re right in the middle of a long-term project to transform your life from the very foundations. That means you’re probably staring at an expanse of rock and dirt where you once thought your life’s home was going to sit, figuring out how to rebuild it stronger. That means you might have literally moved to a new place, or you might have changed yourself and your life so much that it feels like you’re starting over. So ask for help when you need it. A good friend, business partner, or coworker may have just the tool you wanted for this project.

Week of April 1st

This week health issues and scheduling blocks continue to clear up, but the process is gradual. You’ll probably still feel tired in the beginning of the week. The waning crescent moon is the resting part of the cycle. Reflect on this past Mercury retrograde, clear up what you can, and consider what you want next. Friday’s new moon in Aries offers a small beginning for your partnerships. The renewal of a friendship or romantic partnership is available to you. What new adventure will you embark on together? Examine any fears that come from past experiences. You may not need to bring all of your baggage along with you.

Week of March 25th

Venus in Pisces helps to enhance your everyday routine, making the mundane just a little more beautiful. Winter blues, seasonal sickness, temporary sleep deprivation, and disrupted schedules are all healed with some of Venus’ compassion. Self-care routines become more beautiful. Daily rituals are made more glamorous. All of this with the caveat, however, that Mercury is still retrograde conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and even after he stations direct on Thursday, it will take a couple of weeks to truly get things moving. Consider what your intuition has taught you about your wellness or work in the past three weeks. Slowly, begin to shift from the retro-era backwards days into the Now. On Sunday, Mars in Gemini fans the flames of intellectual yearning.

Week of March 18th

This Spring Equinox full moon is a turning point for you. When you hold yourself back it’s most often because you fear the disapproval of others. Your brilliance is never a reason for other people to dislike you. If they choose to be displeased, it’s their loss, not yours. Be as full and bright as the moon this week. Find the few people with whom you can be authentic, vulnerable, and unapologetically awesome. Individuals who stand in their power are never intimidated by the power of others. Stand with the ones who have overcome this fear.

Week of March 11th

Make some space in between the activities on your schedule this week for some changes of plans. A delay is very possible for you. You might need more sleep than usual. There’s a chance that you’ll have to take a mini-break for your health. Slow your approach to communication by leaving enough time to edit potential errors. This is a good week to ask yourself three questions before you speak: is it necessary, is it true, and is it kind? While you’re slowing down, you can use this time to consider which of your daily activities are helping you to build your legacy and use your true voice. If something you’re spending time on isn’t doing one of those two things, is it worth it?

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your ritual sector on Tuesday. You may be returning to routines from the past, reconsidering your daily schedule, or re-committing to your health. Confusion at work or with coworkers is possible this week, especially with the Neptunian new moon fog on Wednesday. This astrology is better for crafting spiritual rituals and self-care routines than it is for mundane workaday activities. Create an unusual ritual for release.

Uranus’ move into Taurus on Wednesday continues a cycle of private revelation for you. The word comes from the Latin revelare: to lay bare. Over the course of the next seven years, mysteries will be laid bare before you. You may delve into spirituality, magic, and the supernatural and find that revelation and reason start to run together for you…but don’t expect anyone to believe you who hasn’t experienced this themselves. Taurus is an especially tangible sign, making it likely that your experiences will take place at the axis of spirit and matter. You have the power to manifest your will into being with this transit. More “reasonable” revelations could include surprising disclosures about your finances, or an unexpected urge to experiment with your sexuality. Uranus never makes any promises about what’s going to happen. Just look at the surprises he threw your way over the last seven years while he was in Aries, shaking up your partnerships and friendships. The only thing that is for certain is that when Uranus transits the realm of mystery, he’s about to re-wild some of the more private areas of your life.

Week of February 25th

Last week was A Week for you at home. Whether it’s transforming relationships with your family members, researching history and ancestry, or literally re-structuring your house, you’re in a period of deep development. This week, pay attention to the patterns that suck you back in. What personal history are you ready to be done with, so that you can grow? A partner or friend may help you bust out of the rut. On Friday, when Venus moves into Aquarius, you get a reprieve – some fresh, zany ideas and opportunities for fun give you a chance to breathe this weekend.

Week of February 18th

Chiron moving back into Aries on Monday is huge news for you. Uranus has been here since 2011, introducing you to innovative, unusual people, and electrifying not only your relationships with them, but your understanding of yourself. You have learned to embrace your own differences; to come forth with your strange and wonderful self regardless of what others think. But you also may have lost some people in the process. Now Chiron is here to help stabilize some of Uranus’s destabilization, and continue healing those insecurities around approval. He may start off by putting you in situations where you have to do without approval from someone. It can hurt, but it also teaches you that you will be okay even when you’re not pleasing that person. This is a seven year transit for reclaiming the power you have given away to others. Your own feelings of worthiness don’t need to be tied up in the opinions of friends and partners. The rest of the astrology this week indicates that you will be reclaiming some of that power privately this week. Use Tuesday’s full moon in Virgo to work with dreams and the unconscious. Make self-care a priority as you power through what you need to do at home or in your career. You have a long time ahead of you to work with Chiron.