July 15 - 21

An old issue around romance, creativity, or childhood may crop up for you again this week, with Mars meeting the south node on Wednesday. Themes of mid-June repeat in mid-July. Frustrations push you to make decisions during this retrograde. There is only room for so many things in your life, and they should all be bringing you joy. This week, notice what is not fun. Maybe it used to be fun and it isn’t anymore; maybe it’s fun for someone else but not for you. You don’t need to justify any decision you make for yourself. Identify what is weighing you down and make a plan to get free. This is the pleasure revolution. If the fun-vacuum is a necessary activity (working, doing the dishes, getting out of bed to rock the baby) make a list of positive aspects and a list of ways to lighten your load.

July 8 - 14

Venus’ ingress into Virgo on Monday starts a more solitary period for you. You are enacting the role of the Hermit, taking your time alone to seek deep wisdom from within. You need this time to parse what matters from what doesn’t matter in your life, as you have so much review to do through Mars retrograde right now. When you have a talent for seeing all sides of every situation and understanding everyone’s point of view, it can be difficult to separate your own intuition from others’ opinions. Don’t seek counsel from others for once. Resist the urge to over-divine, repeatedly asking the same question of tarot cards, runes, psychics, astrologers, and other oracles. You will hear your inner voice when you get quiet and venture deeper than the rational mind. Writing helps. Astounding insights may arrive if you allow yourself the time for introspection this week. Thursday’s partial solar eclipse in Cancer heralds change in your career. New beginnings are coming. You’re starting to put down some new roots, too, or at least thinking about it. You are already comfortable with the not-knowing. Ride the waves of change with the inner confidence of your own Knowing.

July 4th

Your community comes together for a celebration this July 4th. Enjoy a good time with all involved. Take note of what’s fun for you this week and think about how you can get more of that in your life--you may have to remove some things that aren’t fun first. Chiron stations retrograde in Aries on the 5th, indicating that you’re going back over the same territory you’ve been traveling from April in your relationships: how to be your authentic self with others. Put less emphasis on what others think and more on what makes you happy.


“The two ideas, justice and vocation, are inseparable...It is by way of the principle and practice of vocation that sanctity and reverence enter into the human economy. It was thus possible for traditional cultures to conceive that ‘to work is to pray.’”

— Wendell Berry, The Idea of a Local Economy

Justice is important to you. It only seems fair that you should be able to follow the path of your heart, your true vocation. Not everyone knows what that is, and it isn’t always a paying career, either. But if done well, it is how you become known in your community, for manifesting your spirit in an earthly way: or in other words, for being your unique self. We could use more sanctity and reverence in our current human economy. With Venus moving into Virgo on July 9th, it is a good time to think of your work as a form of prayer. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on June 12th starts a mini-cycle of renewal in your vocation, as fresh insights appear from within. Mars continues to move back towards the south node in Aquarius, suggesting a period of reflection on what you actually enjoy doing. All things fun, all things play, and all things romantic are up for review right now. This month may make you feel like you have frustratingly little time for fun. Make sure to rest and replenish yourself in solitude so that you can do some real soul-searching about what’s going to feed your spirit now. Leo season and Mercury’s next retrograde, starting July 26th, will have you rethinking some of your goals. Think about what you want to say and who the right audience is for that statement. You have all kinds of unusual, innovative creations to offer if you can find the people who appreciate them. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th will be all about your appetite for fun and your generative force. Children could be a handful if you have them. Be mindful that there’s more to “work” or the idea of “career” than where you collect your paycheck. There could be an untapped resource that you’re just now finding. Chiron retrogrades back over the first two degrees of Aries now to remind you that authenticity is the key. Make plans to share what you have to offer.