Week of May 20th

Life would be so great if it wasn’t for the mundane chores, dulling your shine with their tedious requirements. This week, take inventory of the things you do every day (or week, or month), and ask if there is a deeper reason for doing them. Sometimes a less interesting chore is still worthwhile because it has meaning. Maybe you clean every week even though you don’t love it, because you can think better when everything is in its place. Other tasks are simply not worth it; we only do them because we tell ourselves we ‘have to’ or because there is an extrinsic reward (like money). Rarely do we really ‘have to’ do meaningless things, but letting go of those tasks does require us to make changes. Consider the value of switching up an exercise routine to bring you more joy, eating healthy foods that taste good, or passing on a task at work that doesn’t have intrinsic meaning. Mercury cazimi in Gemini lights up your social life, giving you tons to say at parties. You’ll have lots of creative ideas to share with others. Let go of that one mundane task that is weighing you down, so you have more time for fun.

Week of May 13th

Changes are happening at work, whether slowly or suddenly. Practice being open to change. Practice not knowing. Remember, it helps to follow your curiosity and find out where that leads. Making some space in your daily routine will help to open up possibilities. Someone may present you with an opportunity that requires you to act fast. Saturday’s full moon invites you to consider the magic of bringing your whole self into your vocation, or finding work that allows you to do that. Check in with your deep self and your public image. Are they in alignment with each other?

Week of May 6th

Your vocation continues to get wilder and wilder. Get curious about where you might be going. Open up to the most unexpected possibilities. If you feel stuck, consider what sounds like the most fun, and just do that. People often make the mistake of thinking that they have to choose one career and stick with it for a lifetime, but that’s rarely how life works out. You’re always growing and changing. Instead of worrying about finding your one purpose or passion, just follow your current curiosity. When you’re always doing what makes you feel alive, you will naturally align with your callings.

Week of April 29th

This is a week for figuring out what might be standing in the way of the adventures you seek. On the one hand, you have so much to learn and so many places to go, that you can barely contain your curiosity. On the other hand, there is something you’ve been working really hard on, something that’s taking a very long time, and might be worth the wait. If a routine is weighing you down, consider how you can find more freedom within the existing limitations. Saturday’s new moon is a reset for your public image, and possibly your career. Make sure that the responsibilities you’ve taken on are going to help you along your path.

Week of April 22nd

You may be considering a wild change in direction these days. If an impulse moves you this week, sit with it first and make sure you’ve considered all of the consequences. It could be something you’ve been thinking about for a year or more, in which case, maybe it’s finally time to go for it. There is also the potential for a career surprise that you weren’t anticipating. Stay open-minded and have faith in your larger path. You have some exciting opportunities ahead of you.

Week of April 15th

The journey to collect new knowledge continues this week. Stay open-minded. Question your assumptions. With Mercury and Venus moving into Aries, it’s all about enjoying the adventure without necessarily knowing the destination. You’re healing an old wound around learning, public speaking, or faith, and the process requires that you let go of what you already think you know about yourself. Friday’s full moon in Libra speaks of following your curiosity to transform your life a little bit every day. On Saturday, when the sun moves into Taurus, your public image gets a zap of unusual energy. Begin anew.

Week of April 8th

Experiment this week with letting go of what you think you know. An opinion you once thought was near-fact could change now. You are accumulating more knowledge and experience, and with it, wisdom. This is a cycle of evolution for your soul. Your gift for creativity may help with this project, as you alchemize information into beauty. Push your comfort zone. Play and experiment without labeling. Open yourself to the unknown, and you may surprise yourself.

Week of April 1st

You’re still unraveling the Mercury-retrograde mystery this week. A piece may be missing for a couple of weeks yet. Go deep into the past, into the unconscious, into fear, and see what comes up. This is an inner work transit for you, and it’s been going on since at least the beginning of March. That’s why it’s nice that Friday’s new moon in Aries offers another opportunity for renewal in our spring cycle. At the end of the week, you can set intentions for new journeys. Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn? Examine any self-sabotaging habits that could prevent you from enjoying these new adventures. You could set intentions to release the detrimental habit and replace it with a new strategy.

Week of March 25th

Mystery is glamorous, and always attractive. When Venus moves into Pisces on Tuesday, you’ll be drawn further into the mystery. Some of the answers may begin to reveal themselves over the next few weeks. First, though, Mercury is still retrograde and conjunct Neptune, so the buried past longs to be uncovered. Deception (even self-deception) may cloud the true story. When Mercury stations direct on Thursday morning, confusion begins to give way to a gradual clarity. Unfortunately, it’s possible that not everyone in your life has your best interests at heart right now. Be prepared to set boundaries to protect yourself if necessary. On Sunday, Mars into Gemini drives you to connect with your real tribe. A little more lighthearted fun in your social life would be welcome after this season of deep soul diving.

Week of March 18th

This Spring Equinox full moon coincides with new lessons. You are called to teach or learn something that will expand your world, as well as the worlds of anyone else involved. The key is to follow your curiosity. Even if the schooling (or perhaps traveling) is way outside of your comfort zone, take this cue to explore. You may choose to bring a friend, partner, or sibling on this journey with you. Together, you may discover some healing knowledge.

Week of March 11th

With the wild legacy you’re going to create over the next seven years, it’s only natural that you’ll have to shed some aspects of your life. Allow the past to fall away this week. Let go of what’s not working. Say goodbye to what is leaving you, and practice just existing in that liminal space between what was and what will be. Mid-transformation is the hardest part. It’s deeply uncomfortable for most people not to know what’s going to happen next. Imagine what you can generate with this energy of potential, though.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in the deepest waters of your chart on Tuesday. You’re thoughts are submerging, diving down to the unconscious level. You’re likely to resurface with some jewels of knowledge, provided you’re willing to let go and swim deep enough. The new moon on Wednesday aids you in this, helping you to transmute your pain into imaginative creations. You may be piecing together some parts of your experience that were previously a mystery.

Uranus’ ingress into Taurus on Wednesday helps you with this experiment. You’ve spent the last eight years of Uranus in Aries exploring new places, innovative ideas, and unconventional philosophies. Now the changemaker is moving into your house of vocation, to help you take what you’ve learned and use it to shake up your career. Uranus and Taurus are an interesting pair: the planet of sudden, lightening-bolt style changes and the sign of slow, steady growth. You don’t have to fit it all together right away for the benefit of other people. This is a seven-year cycle of experimenting and reinventing who you are, making the perfect mistakes along the way.

Week of February 25th

The past week required a lot of daily effort from you. High demands from work, your health, or some other mundane aspect of life may have tired you out. This week may be a bit busy as well. Better to get stuff done before Mercury stations retrograde on March 5th anyway. On Friday, when Venus moves into Aquarius, you enter a phase of emphasis on your significant relationships. More love, more fun, and some much-needed support are headed your way.

Week of February 18th

Chiron in Pisces was healing the wound of the taboo for you. He taught you about some of the mysteries of life and helped you to become more comfortable with the parts of yourself you had been told were not welcome in society. Now you’re ready for the next steps on your path. At first, Chiron may bring you in contact with some old wounds: schooling that was left unfinished or did not go well for you, insecurities about learning or teaching, or questions of faith. Chiron is in a fellow fire sign now, though, which means that ultimately you’ll be given access to healing knowledge, learning more about yourself in the process. The rest of the astrology this week indicates that you may need to adapt around some realities concerning your health and your money. Take care of yourself; tend to your body. You’ll need your resources for the journey ahead.

Week of February 11th

An unexpected occurrence this week could force you to adapt. You might suddenly acquire new information that changes your course of action. It’s possible that you’ll have another breakthrough in your spiritual awakening. Make time for contemplation and research. Valentine’s Day this year may be busy. You might be wrapped up in your work. If you have a significant other, carve out some time to spend one-on-one anyway. This weekend there is an opportunity for some beautiful magic.

Week of February 4th

Monday’s new moon presents you with an opportunity to refresh a significant partnership or friendship. Some good fun is in order. Make exciting one-on-one plans for the beginning of the week. You could use the break. By Thursday, a challenge may require you to take some time to rest and contemplate. You have much to explore, but you may be pushing yourself too hard in your work. Make resting a part of your regular routine. It will serve your relationship well, too.

Week of January 28th

A fun exchange of ideas with a friend or partner is likely when the sun meets Mercury in Aquarius on Tuesday. You have quite a lot of energy for interesting conversations with your besties right now. Continuing with healthy daily routines will help you to maintain that energy, and open up space for possibility where you thought there were obstacles before. Venus in Sagittarius continues to bring creative inspiration your way this weekend. When she moves into Capricorn on Sunday, you have a month of support ahead to strengthen yourself with the daily rituals that matter.

Week of January 21st

The creative energy of last week continues to inspire you now. You have opportunities for art, fun, and romance this week, especially on Tuesday. Since you’re now in a season of partnership, enjoy some quality time with a friend or significant other. You may have some stress around your health or work this week, but you’ve made it through the most difficult part of this partnership chapter. Celebrate the blessings.

Week of January 14th

This can be an inspiring week for you. Creative insights and visions can come out of nowhere, and one of them may spark your passion. Through this journey of daily discipline, you are transforming yourself. Take a moment to mourn what you have left behind—perhaps an easier schedule, a different relationship to your body, or a job that didn’t quite fit. This eclipse is in your sign, and it’s the last in a cycle that was all about your self-image and relationships to others. The changes you have been making are helping you to be more authentic. Shine your light.

Week of January 7th

Transformation is a daily exercise for you these days. This week, consider how you might use that discipline to change your life in the direction of fun. Make some time to pull creative ideas from the depths of your unconscious and flesh them out into real projects. If you are an artist, keeping a disciplined schedule for your creative work is mandatory this year. If you don’t consider yourself an artist, it’s still important for you to express your innate creativity and/or make time for fun. You’re blurring the lines between work and play.

Week of December 31st

You’re voted most likely to succeed with any health-and-fitness New Year’s resolutions this year. Step into a role of responsibility. Shake off any over-indulgence that might be holding you back. If your goals are more focused on work, you are also called to be of service. Consider what “gods” you serve with the time you spend: the gods of consumerism, of social media, of mass entertainment? Or the gods of human kindness, of creativity, of education, of wellness? Find a way to be of service to others through something you truly care about in 2019.