July 15 - 21

Don’t forget, the ex is your ex for a reason. If someone you left in the past slid into your DMs a month ago when Mars was on the south node, did you regress with them or put your energy into the Now? This week, Mars hits the same aspect again, and the situation develops further. You are too busy realizing your destiny and reinventing the whole idea of self-expression to spend time on any low-vibing vampires or dead drama. If a past-life friend is meant to be in your present, they’ll still be around in September. Until then, stay high above any rage baiting or jealousy that may come up. Patience, forgiveness, and a fabulously regal attitude are your best tools this week.

July 8 - 14

A week that begins with the sun trine Neptune is a week that promises deep creative insights. Summertime retreats on the water will replenish your soul right now. Even if your retreat is a short visit to a local fountain or stream, meditate on the energy of water to access your own wisdom. Mercury in your sign gifts you with more than your usual generosity of voice. When the planet of communication aspects Jupiter in Scorpio on Monday, you have big things to say. Jupiter is increasing your opportunities in home and career right now. Such an expansion can feel hard to keep up with, but if it feels like it’s not coming together yet, the transformation will be more visible in November. Venus’ move into Virgo on Monday gives you some help with your income and career. Be discerning about your values and act accordingly for the best use of Venus here. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on Thursday is a private event for you. You are in a lengthy process of transforming your daily life, and this eclipse season has you adapting to some of those changes. Thursday night is your best time for a meditation/communion with the element of water, imaginative work, dreaming, or journeying. Secret changes are at hand.

July 4th

You’re likely to be spending this July 4th with a close friend or partner, someone with whom you can be yourself. Have fun together! Good luck comes from the home front this week. Feel emotionally supported as you figure out who you want to be and how you want to relate to other people. Remember to have patience with your friends or your significant other as they figure out the same things. We’re all adjusting to the new outer-planet transits and the Mars retrograde cycle. You can make sure we don’t forget to play.


“Insist on yourself; never imitate.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

You usually don’t need to be told twice that you’re special, but I’ll say it again this July. As Mars heads back towards the south node in Aquarius this month, keep Emerson’s words close to your heart. It’s time to insist on your own uniqueness, to express as much of yourself as possible. The work of a Leo sun actually is to cultivate the ego, not to dissolve it, which is a Piscean task. You really are here to show the rest of us how to embrace what is special about us. The July 12th solar eclipse is all about the adaptation to your transformation. It may feel to you like a friend or partner is restricting your full self-expression. Take it slow. This kind of reinvention is a process. Be patient with others and ask them to be patient with you while you consider who you want to be. Mercury stations retrograde in Leo on the 26th, just four days after the sun enters your sign, signaling that this is a time to rethink how you look, act, and speak. With the eclipse on Mars just one day later, this may include a rethink of who you want to be seen with, or maybe what your friendship/partnership/business alliance looks like once you’ve both figured out some of your desires. Spend some long, hot days on the beach talking it over with a trusted friend. Truly toxic relationships that hold you back will be removed this summer. Past versions of yourself may try to haunt you, but they can’t touch you if you’ve already moved on. Try to stay warm to those who love you, even if people are getting testy. Being special doesn’t mean being isolated. You must insist on yourself and insist on others being who they are, right beside you.