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My horoscopes are intended to provide clarity and insight to prepare you for what's coming next. We can't change what the planets do, but we can work the transits to our advantage. A horoscope is a dose of inspiration for your month or week ahead, an arrow pointing you in the right direction. They're not a substitute for a professional astrologer's synthesis of the transits to your personal chart. However, they are like the markers along your path. Join the Rebel Astrology community to use this ancient magic in your own life. You can start for free, with a 14-day trial.


What Members Get

In-depth monthly horoscopes with specific transits and advice.

Detailed weekly horoscopes to guide you seven days at a time.

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10% off all personal consultations and products.

Your free natal chart, upon request.

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Just $5 a month after your free trial.

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What Members are Saying

Your horoscopes are the best! Thank you so much for the great content and keep up the good work!!
— Tandy
I actually laughed out loud when I read this week’s horoscope because earlier that day I was feeling those exact words in a very empowering way.
— Kaitlyn
I like your fresh style. I also like your positive attitude. You focus the messages on the opportunities and how to make it work the best way, without drama. Thank you for all of your great advice!
— Erika
You sound like a friend, and that comes through in your writing.
— Irene
Love your horoscopes. I really love your detail and how much the advice makes sense.
— Dana
You have a very clear writing style, and I appreciate the specifics. Forewarned and forearmed. Thanks!
— Jane
The horoscopes are rocking! I feel like you actually think like the person who is whatever sign you are writing about, so for me, Taurus as written through a Taurus perspective. That’s what makes you so special as an astrologer.
— Lauren
I’ve really connected to your horoscope forecasts and feel they are most aligned with what is currently going on in my life!
— Raven

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