Week of August 19th

With your ruler Mercury direct, it’s much easier to speak your mind. Miscommunications are fewer and farther between, which is good for someone who enjoys talking so much! Jupiter trine Neptune offers opportunities to manifest a vocational dream. Use this aspect to shape your daily rituals so that they match your ideal career just a little bit more this week. When the sun moves into Virgo on Thursday, you begin a season of focus on home. What is supporting you, at the foundation of your life? Saturn and Uranus are on your side, forming a grand earth trine that helps you reimagine the idea of home. Insights about the past are likely, as you need to face the realities of the patterns you want to break before you can break them. The whole Uranus in Taurus era for you is about radical spirituality and the genius of the imagination. Meanwhile, the moon waxes to a full lunation in your house of vocation, another sign that opportunities are being offered. Your vocation (paid or unpaid) is ideally an expression of your essence. Meditate on what that might look like.

Week of August 12th

So much is shifting this month. This week, you have an opportunity to connect the obstacles on your path with some unconscious thought pattern or historical life event. Maybe you are standing in your own way. You will continue to receive messages from Saturday’s solar eclipse this week. You can transmit them into creative work, too, which may help with the excavation of your own unconscious. The changes always happen internally before they become visible. Have faith, because Jupiter trine Neptune is getting ready to bless you in a work/career situation at the end of this week. Reflect.

Aug. 5 - 11

Venus in Libra brings some much-needed fun and charm into your life during this hot, slow summer. Creative expression is supported by the creatrix in the sign of beauty now. Mercury’s meetings with the sun on Wednesday and the moon on Saturday result in brilliant insights for your writing / music / art projects. Jupiter in Scorpio has been spending the entire year expanding your work life and boosting your health. Not to mention, Scorpio is magic for you. It’s transformation in concentrate; your secret weapon and the reason you’re so good at change. If you’re preparing for an epic career leap, look to August 19th, when Mercury stations direct and Jupiter trines Neptune.

July 29 - Aug. 4

You’re the sign least likely to enjoy meditating and the sign most likely to need it. This is especially true with the current astrology, including Mercury retrograde in Leo. Some people treat meditation like a competitive sport, progressively stretching their sessions for the sake of doing it longer, but this is not the point. Meditation is preparation for something larger. It’s a method of laying bricks in your foundation for success, and it's best approached as a basic wellness habit, like sleeping or eating. If you haven’t already been sold on stillness, just sit for one minute this week and focus on your breathing. Silencing the chatter brings you better ideas.


“‘Curiosity killed the cat,’ Fesgao remarked, his dark eyes unreadable.

Aly rolled her eyes. Why did everyone say that to her? ‘People always forget the rest of the saying,’ she complained. ‘And satisfaction brought it back.’”

— Tamora Pierce, Trickster's Choice

Following your curiosity is inherently satisfying for you at all times. This month it’s a source of pure joy. It’s time for some reading / talking / writing that gets at the questions you really want to ask. A message arrives in the second week of August, when the sun meets Mercury retrograde in Leo and the solar eclipse happens next to Mercury as well. Whatever you are learning and communicating, it ought to be fun for you. Venus enters Libra on the 6th, amping up your house of creativity and play. Romance is fun as long as you’re being careful with your communication during the retrograde, which affects you more intensely than other signs. On the 12th, when Mars retrogrades into Capricorn, you encounter fewer blocks from others and start to realize how your own unconscious patterns play into a situation. Mercury stations direct on the 19th, the same day that Jupiter trines Neptune exactly, boding well for day job/vocational developments. The end of the month brings stability. A full moon in Pisces at the top of your chart on the 26th nudges you into the limelight, showing others the fruits of your curiosity and creative labors. When Mars stations direct on the 27th, you can harvest the insights from your retrograde frustrations and start doing something about it.