July 15 - 21

Who were you in a past life? These kinds of spiritual questions keep you up at night this week as Mars meets the south node again, bringing up themes from mid-June. Explore the metaphysical while Mars is here. Suspend any disbelief and just test out some theories. Mars retrograde could be the key to a whole new philosophy, and it’s going to take you places. But first you have to unlearn what you learned before. You have to drop old desires and figure out what you want now. Explore the foreign ideas of the ancients this week. Who knows, you may dig up an old map that points you in the direction of future desires.

July 8 - 14

Venus in Virgo is lovely for organizing and cleansing your home, as you review some old teachings during this Mars retrograde. Cleaning can be a very self-reflective process. You may uncover old photographs and other mementos that send you down memory lane and help you rethink some things. Venus here loves elegance and simplicity. Declutter your space to declutter your mind this week. Jupiter stations direct in Scorpio on Tuesday, continuing to expand your opportunities for everyday magic over the next four months. This is worth remembering for the partial solar eclipse on Thursday, as it suggests change regarding money. Some money magic could be especially useful for this mini-cycle. The eclipse may also bring changes to your values--what you think is important, what you consider when you think of security and freedom, the possessions you love. Even the mundane act of cleaning your house can be a magical act of arranging your life according to your values. This is what Jupiter in Scorpio is here to teach you: the depth of your everyday actions. To unblock any money stagnation and allow the flow of abundance in, declutter your wallet and spend or deposit any loose change. You might consider creating a little money altar in the space you clear. A small jade plant and a crystal for wealth, such as pyrite, make a nice start. Think cleansing and renewal.

July 4th

Enjoy a neighborhood party for the 4th of July. Exploring your immediate surroundings can be just as rewarding as traveling far and wide. Conversations with friends, siblings, and neighbors will help you to figure out where you want to go. Maintain your usual open mind and flexible opinions this week, as others may feel rather obstinately fixed on their own ideas. Your adaptability is a lesson for all of us. Time spent on your many passions will keep things fun for you.


“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

— Plutarch

We begin July with your ruler Mercury on the north node in Leo, signaling that you should follow your curiosity towards warmth and play. Time with friends, neighbors, siblings, and classmates is well spent this July. You are likely to be participating in a project involving communication in some form. If it feels like things have stalled because of Mars retrograde, use this time to learn something on your own. Kindle the fire in your mind and the minds of others. Reading is especially pleasurable this month. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on the 12th begins a mini-cycle of change in your income, values, and confidence. Draw on your resources for emotional support, especially if you encounter some self-doubt mid-month. Mercury in Leo, and Leo season in general, should be pleasant for you: creative, warm, generous, summery, and fun. The big news, of course, is the next Mercury retrograde, which will begin on July 26th. This is a time for reviewing things you have learned in the past, going back over old conversations, and reconsidering your communication style. You would prefer things to move forward fast, but this is a summer for waiting it out. The total lunar eclipse in Aquarius falls one day after Mercury stations, on the 27th, indicating that major shifts are happening in your direction. You may be developing a whole new philosophy, considering more school, or even making plans for foreign travel. It goes back to the map you’re making for yourself. You may not know exactly what you want to learn yet, but that won’t stop you. Start somewhere. Any information that satisfies a question is a good step in the right direction.