Week of July 15th

This week’s eclipse challenges you to transform. Loss is so difficult. Take the time to mourn what is gone, and be gentle with yourself. Self-care is especially important for you right now. The territory of loss can feel hard, unforgiving in its stony finality. There is an underworldly quality to what you’re going through at the moment, even if other people can’t see it. You will come out of this period stronger than ever before. In the meantime, remember your worth. Value yourself, and take good care of yourself. Baths and bodies of water are especially soothing. Sometimes work can also be good medicine.

Week of July 8th

With Mercury retrograde on Mars, hold your tongue. However justified you think your observations are, they’re probably best left unsaid right now. Instead, use this passion to re-ignite a forgotten curiosity. You like to learn about so many different things that some interests are necessarily discarded on the way to new ones. Now you’re finding past subjects interesting once more. Play around with that. Re-discover old books or writing projects you once enjoyed. It’s helpful to focus your energy on something fun, since you’re going through a period of loss and transformation. This eclipse season is not easy on you. Recovering a sense of play is part of your self-care. Nurture your sense of worth by reminding yourself of your talents.

Week of July 1st

Mars moves to meet Mercury in Leo, and your urge to speak is turbo-charged. Share your creative ideas before Mercury stations retrograde on Sunday. This month’s retrograde will be a review of what you think you know and what you value. For right now, though, the focus is on eclipse season. Tuesday’s solar eclipse in Cancer requires your attention on your self-worth. How do you value yourself? What do you fear about your worthiness? What does security mean to you? Nurture your own talents and your confidence. Changes to material resources are possible with this eclipse cycle, and you may find yourself making big money decisions. On Wednesday, Venus moves into Cancer to offer you the soothing balm of self-love. The wise way forward is about caring for what matters.

Week of June 24th

Friendships and partnerships are still the highlight for you this week. Look to others for perspective, and make sure you communicate your thoughts effectively as well. Other people bring healing, joy...and frustration. Relationships are messy; that’s the way it goes for everyone. Ask yourself what the other person is here to teach you. Ask yourself what is important to you, at the heart of the situation. On Wednesday, when your ruling planet Mercury moves into Leo, your gift of gab is enhanced. You enter a more intense period of communication, learning, reading, and local travel. Explore your options.

Week of June 17th

This full moon may bring blessings for partnerships. It’s always nice to have a friend or partner who can help you orient yourself in the direction of your true vocation, especially when the way forward feels so fuzzy these days. When someone can mirror back to you what you’re actually saying, it helps you get to a deeper truth. That kind of careful listening is often more helpful than advice. The rest of the week is still a powerful storm of transformation, so you won’t get all of the answers right now. The most important thing for you to cultivate is a strong sense of self-worth. Nurture your talents. Nurture yourself. In the midst of change, you know that you have what it takes to succeed.

Week of June 10th

Who is with you on this journey, and are they leading you in the direction of your desire, their desire, or a shared goal? Do either of you have an idea of where you’re going? It’s often the case in a relationship that one person’s will is stronger, although ideally you walk together and make decisions that benefit both of you. This is a week to wrestle with the question of who you walk with, and how. You may be experiencing some financial upsets, or feeling especially sensitive and questioning your self-worth. You may be undergoing a kind of initiation. Remember to come up for air. A trustworthy friend can help to keep you steady this summer.

Week of June 3rd

This is your new moon. Take some time for self-reflection on Monday. Your gift is the ability to shapeshift at will. You feel the shifting currents of energy before anyone else, and you hop on to ride them into new eras. The current astrological hyper-flux is nothing new for you; in fact, you can work it to your advantage. This week, consider which new version of yourself you plan to put forth into the world. What talents can you nurture now? What multicolored variety within yourself have you not yet showcased? Stay curious about the possibilities for Future You.

Week of May 27th

The world needs your talent for open-minded questioning and invention this week. Show other people how they might look at a situation differently. Question what you assume to be true about your vocation, your legacy, or your friendships and partnerships. You may see a new angle, a new piece of information, or a new person who changes everything. While the transits right now can be confusing, you can draw on inner strength. You’re rebuilding the inner structures of your life, drawing on resources that you may not have even known you had until you needed them. Intelligence, when paired with ambition, will make you a formidable thinker.

Week of May 20th

Mercury and the sun move into your sign on Tuesday, and not a moment too soon! You have a lot to talk about. Thankfully, Mercury cazimi gives you the words you need. You’re facing some realities about power—your own, your power in relation to others, and the uses and abuses of power by others. While you are wrestling with those realities, make sure to value yourself. Take care of what you value. Nurture yourself and, when it’s appropriate, ask for help so that your people can take care of you. Your natural ability as a wordsmith is in demand. We need our messengers to speak about what’s going on in the world right now.

Week of May 13th

You are only as sick as your secrets. What stories are you longing to tell out loud? Find a trustworthy person to share them with. Authenticity is not about full disclosure, so this doesn’t mean that you have to share all of your secrets in public. Maintain your boundaries; be discriminating about when you share, how much, and who with. When you lay down the burden of shame, you are reminded of your worth. Saturday’s full moon is perfect for a ritual to let go of what is hurting you and welcome in wholeness.

Week of May 6th

If something ends now, it’s because it needed to. Sit with your secret self and entertain your wild dreams about what will come next. You have the drive to lead something new. In a lot of ways, the only thing stopping you is your own unexamined resistance. This week, find at least one ally who can remind you of your worth and encourage you to move forward with enthusiasm. You have more resources than you are aware of.

Week of April 29th

Does the time you spend with people fill your cup, or do some of them drain what you have to offer and give nothing in return? This week, relationships challenge you to consciously share what you have to offer in loving, reciprocal exchanges. If the love flows both ways most of the time, you can accomplish much together. However, if there is someone who is always asking much and giving little, examine the inequality. You deserve partnerships that light you up. The new moon invites you to dream of what you want in the cycle to come.

Week of April 22nd

The whole question of belonging may feel just as challenging as it did last week. The key is still self-acceptance. People will treat you as you teach them to treat you, and they’ll pick up a lot of cues from the way you treat yourself. So be good to yourself this week. A wild energy is building behind the scenes. You have some secret, imaginative ideas to consider. Make time for your inner world too.

Week of April 15th

Mercury’s move into Aries this week revives you. It’s like drying off in the warm sunshine after a cold ocean swim. You can communicate with more ease now. Your social life is likely to revive along with your voice. This brings up all kinds of questions about belonging, as you enter a season of connecting with your community. As Brene Brown says, your sense of belonging hinges on your self-acceptance. Present your authentic self, even if it means risking disapproval. Friday’s full moon in Libra speaks of self-expression and creative transformations.

Week of April 8th

Take stock of all of your resources this week. Not just physical resources like finances or property, but friendships, connections, education, talents, and strengths. You might have more going for you than you gave yourself credit for. With Mars in your sign, you feel the urge to move, and yet the direction is likely still unclear. Move slowly with the tides of your life. Change has always been your ally. If you’re looking for help, reach out to friends and community members. Your social network is a lifesaver right now.

Week of April 1st

Your vocational direction remains unclear this week. However, the time is right for dreaming (not necessarily doing). What would feel good to you? What do you secretly envision for the future of your vocation? When you picture your future self, what do they look like and how do they live? Setting aside some time for this vision now will help you make decisions later. It’s not a great week for action, just vision and intention. Friday’s new moon represents another small beginning in this cycle of spring. This is a renewal for your friendships and networks. Set intentions to renew connections with your existing community or find more members of your tribe. Examine any fear that you feel about this.

Week of March 25th

Venus in Pisces lends a delicate aura of glamour to your public image. Vocational endeavors are tinged with beauty...or they will be once Mercury is far enough away from Neptune to grant you more clarity about what exactly you’re doing in your career. This week, you might wish you could just nap through work. Directing yourself through Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune is like sailing in pea soup fog. You’ll have to go slow if you move at all. When Mercury stations direct on Thursday morning, the fog thins but it doesn’t fully lift. That process will happen gradually over the next couple of weeks. Give yourself lots of time to mull over any decisions about where you’re headed next. On Sunday, Mars moves into your sign, offering you a much-needed jolt of vitality.

Week of March 18th

This Spring Equinox full moon coincides with a new beginning in your community. Perhaps you have wanted to spend more time with a certain group of people who share your interests. Perhaps you’re about to take a risk to connect more authentically with the community to which you already belong. This moon speaks of brave self-expression, beautiful creations, and love. Offer your love to the people who are open to receive. Offer it as a gift, with no expectations. Who knows, you may even receive love in return. Let the career questions sit until at least mid-April, when Mercury will be in direct motion and far enough away from Neptune to clear up your confusion.

Week of March 11th

It’s vocational déjà vu this week, as you find yourself back on the scene of past projects, answering to an old version of your reputation. What do you need to cut away? Are you still doing that thing for work that you once swore you would never do again, and if you are...why? Most often the reason is fear of failure or success. Talk your dilemma over with a trusted friend or partner. This Mercury retrograde dangles bait that threatens to hook you onto a line of past mistakes, identifies the career patterns that you want to let go of, and shows you where you’re playing too small. You have the potential for a Big, Jupiter-sized legacy. Work like it.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your legacy sector on Tuesday. You may find yourself reviewing memories and history of your family, returning to career situations from the past, or reconsidering some plans for the future. Wednesday’s new moon could coincide with confusing vocational situations, or help you imagine new possibilities. Do less, say less, feel more.

Uranus moving into Taurus is the final stage of a big cycle for you. For the next seven years, you’re in a radical process of becoming. Uranus will plant the seeds of wild dreams in your mind, weed out old versions of yourself, and allow your individuality to flourish. You’re about to encounter the wilderness within. Uranus electrifies the most secret parts of yourself, so that they can no longer go unnoticed. The adventurer, the wizard, the magician underneath will start to come out into the open.

Week of February 25th

This is the last week before Mercury stations retrograde. Pisces, with its symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, feels natural to you for its mutable quality. But trying to think with your ruler Mercury here is like trying to speak through a snorkel underwater. The words come out muffled and alien, more like whale songs than the sharp, witty comments you’d prefer. Right now Mercury is helping you to revise something in your vocation. Sink into the water and practice communicating through other means. Gestures, songs, colors...you may intuit something meaningful by opening your mind.

Week of February 18th

When Chiron moves back into Aries on Monday, he may poke at that wound you have about belonging. You know, receiving love from other people for being exactly who you are? Don’t worry, because Chiron will help you get ready to show your transformation-in-process to all the right people. You’re not just one person, Gemini. You contain multitudes, so the process of understanding your identity is always unfolding. Chiron here will help you understand more about who you are now, and heal that wound from a culture that tells us we can only choose one dream. The full moon in Virgo makes this a big week for you too, with a lot of choices to make about your home and/or career. Where do you belong, and with whom? If you’ve decided to share your life with someone else, how vulnerable are you willing to be?