Astrology is so much more than fortune telling.

You can work with the transits to change your life.



An astrological consultation can tell you a great deal about who you are and what’s coming up for you.

In a 60-75 minute session, we can talk about the challenges and gifts that lie within, and those that lie ahead.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. But knowing that a challenge is coming is not the same as developing the skills to master that challenge.

That’s where coaching comes in.

AstroCoaching offers you an opportunity to partner with me as a coach while you make your way through difficult or confusing transits. It’s an opportunity to find clarity. To rediscover your authentic self. To get back in touch with the inner compass that points the way to your True North.


You know who you are.

I coach womxn who feel they have lost themselves somewhere along the path to success.

Womxn who have stuffed their freak flags in the back of the closet, because hiding the true self seems safer.

Womxn who have burned out taking care of others while their own passions go without fuel.

As a coach, I partner with clients in a creative process intended to help them access their internal wisdom. Through this partnership, you get back in touch with your own answers, create new possibilities for your life, and maximize your potential.

Your first session is FREE! You can book me here.

How astrology and coaching can work together

In an astrological consultation, I act as a translator: interpreting the squiggly symbols of your chart into words and metaphors that you can understand. In this role, as the Consultant, I am giving you a lot of information. We’re both participating in the conversation, but my primary role as a consulting astrologer is to offer knowledge through symbolic translation.

In the first full session, I wear my Consulting Astrologer hat to discuss your natal chart and upcoming transits. As we do this, we collect one or more significant mythological metaphors that are currently at play in your life. Then I put on my Coaching hat for the visioning session, in which you begin to envision the future you want.

The metaphors we gleaned from an understanding of your transits in the initial astrological consultation provide a loose framework for our remaining sessions together. These transits always correspond to the themes and goals that concern you at the moment. We’ll use an understanding of these transits and their timing to provide a kind of metaphorical container for your growth. The remaining sessions are coaching sessions, though, not astrological consultations. This means you’ll be leading sessions and I’ll be giving you more questions than answers.

In a coaching session, I am playing the role of the Coach, which means that I will guide you to your own knowledge mostly through asking questions and listening. Coaching sessions are led by you. When I coach, my primary role is to listen and guide, not to give you information. I don’t predict your future as a Coach. Instead, you are the one envisioning and creating your future. It is crucial for clients to understand that I do not have some kind of psychic special access to your Life Answers. I can only guide you to the answers you already have.

The stars are there to help us navigate. You get to choose the path.

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Coaching is just as powerful without astrology involved! Learn more about Rebel Coaching.


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Ready for your first session?

In the discovery session, you’ll get a chance to tell me about yourself and what you’re looking for. You’ll experience the power of coaching firsthand.

And I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about working together.

Please note that this is not an astrology reading. In this first complimentary session, we will not have time to discuss your natal chart. We can talk about you and your interest in astrology though!

I can’t wait to have this deep, transformative conversation with you!