How is coaching different from counseling?

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaches guide clients to attain specific goals. For this reason, coaching is future-focused, and it’s a form of temporary guidance rather than a lifelong process. If I do my job well, my coaching will guide you back to your own wisdom and help you to reach goals through your own efforts. Unlike therapists, coaches are not trained to assess mental health or provide treatment.

A therapist may guide you back into your past to help you heal from trauma, teach you strategies for managing mental health issues like anxiety or depression, and offer advice. Many people stay in talk therapy for years, because it’s a process of ongoing healing and self-discovery. I am not a therapist. However, I can sometimes coach clients who are also seeing a therapist.

What can you help me with?

I can help you find clarity when you’re feeling confused or stuck in your personal or professional life. Often, clients come to me with several interrelated issues. We might work on goals related to your personal fulfillment, romantic relationships, friendships, health, spiritual life, and/or career path. I am interested in holistic perspectives and solutions.

You might choose to partner with me as a coach if:

  • You used to feel passionate and inspired in your activism, art, or work, but lately you’re feeling burned out.

  • You’re at a crossroads, making an important life decision, and you’re not sure which way to go.

  • You’re stuck in fear. You think you know what you want, but the “what ifs” keep you from acting on it.

  • You want a more fulfilling personal life, relationship, social scene, or spiritual life, but you don’t know how to create this for yourself.

  • It just feels like something is missing, and you’re not sure what that ‘something’ is.

What can’t you help me with?

I’m not an executive, business, or nutrition and fitness coach. If you want an expert to guide you to bigger business profits or a healthier body, I can refer you to a coach in that niche.

How is a Rebel Astrology coaching session different from an astrological consultation?

In an astrological consultation, I act as a translator: interpreting the squiggly symbols of your chart into words and metaphors that you can understand. In this role, as the Consultant, I am giving you a lot of information. We’re both participating in the conversation, but my primary role as a consulting astrologer is to offer knowledge through symbolic translation.

In a coaching session, I am playing the role of the Coach, which means that I will guide you to your own knowledge mostly through asking questions and listening. Coaching sessions are led by you. When I coach, my primary role is to listen and guide, not to give you information. I don’t predict your future as a Coach. Instead, you are the one envisioning and creating your future. It is crucial for clients to understand that I do not have some kind of psychic special access to your Life Answers. I can only guide you to the answers you already have.

So how does the astrology part work?

The stars are there to help us navigate. You get to choose the path.

In the first full session, I wear my Consulting Astrologer hat to discuss your natal chart and upcoming transits. As we do this, we collect one or more significant mythological metaphors that are currently at play in your life. Then I put on my Coaching hat for the visioning session, in which you begin to envision the future you want.

The metaphors we gleaned from an understanding of your transits in the initial astrological consultation provide a loose framework for our remaining sessions together. These transits always correspond to the themes and goals that concern you at the moment. We’ll use an understanding of these transits and their timing to provide a kind of metaphorical container for your growth. The remaining sessions are coaching sessions, though, not astrological consultations. This means you’ll be leading sessions and I’ll be giving you more questions than answers.

Why do I have to commit to at least three months?

It takes at least three months to form a habit and make real, sustainable change.

Is a coaching package a discounted set of astrology readings?

No, sorry. These rates are for coaching only. If you would like to see me for an astrological consultation, please book it through my consultation scheduler.

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