Are you in the midst of a long-term transit, like your Saturn Return or a Pluto square, that has you at a crossroads? Maybe that astrological jargon is foreign to you, but you know that you feel stuck on your path, unsure of which way to turn? Have you been looking for a holistic coach to help you with a personal transformation?

When you can no longer see the path ahead of you, you can call on a guide to light a torch and walk beside you.

Many of us know the Greek myth of Persephone’s abduction into the Underworld by Hades, but few know this part of the story: she had a guide to show her the way out. Hekate, the torch-bearing goddess of the crossroads, was Persephone’s mythological guide back to her mother Demeter. Every six months from then on, Hekate leads Persephone into the Underworld and back into the sunlight. Stories from all cultures provide the hero with a guide who lights the way in times of darkness. We can recognize this archetype in contemporary literature, too, through Bilbo’s guide Gandalf in The Hobbit or Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter. These stories are a reminder that we don’t have to struggle through the difficult parts of our journey alone.

I provide coaching to guide clients as they travel the roads of their transits, helping people to transition from not-knowing to clarity and deep self-knowledge. If you would like to do some deeper work together through the lens of astrology, please book a free coaching discovery session.


Astrological Coaching Packages

Current rates are a reflection of my skill as a professional consulting astrologer, but still lower than they will be because I’m accumulating hours to earn an ICF coaching certification.

Work with me now to get the best rate while I’m still in coach training!

6-session Coaching Package

90-minute astrological consultation and visioning session

+ 5 60-minute coaching sessions.

Total Investment: $550

12-session Coaching Package

90-minute astrological consultation and visioning session

+ 11 60-minute coaching sessions.

Total Investment: $975

Coaching is open to new clients and returning clients. If you’ve met with me for a full 60-75 minute consultation in the past year, we’ll customize the visioning session and rates accordingly.