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An accurate time of birth is crucial for an accurate natal chart reading. Here are the first places to check for your time of birth:

(1) Your birth certificate.

(2) Ask your parents or someone else who was there.

(3) Your baby book.

(4) Your newspaper birth announcement.

If you cannot find your time of birth, I can help you find it by working backwards through the transits, progressions, and solar arcs that coincided with important life events. This is called a chart rectification. New clients without a time of birth need to have their charts rectified before ordering reports or booking The Story of You.

Once I rectify the chart, I'll email you with your new chart and a short explanation of how I arrived at these calculations. You should have your rectified chart within two weeks of sending me your information and payment.

Exchange: $175


Venmo: @brittany-goss

The price reflects the significant time spent rectifying the chart.

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