Week of June 24th

In the aftermath of last week’s imaginative full moon, this week invites you to form daily rituals that nourish and inspire you. Take care. Again, with Saturn on the south node, it’s important not to fall back on unhealthy patterns of overwork, under-communication, or conflict. The wise way forward is about making time and space for your relationships, communicating about emotions, and meeting conflict with healthy strategies. On Wednesday, when Mercury moves into Leo, you have a guide to lead you into your personal underworld, to uncover some forgotten gold. There is an untold story that waits—in your unconscious, or in an experience of loss that nevertheless gave you something valuable.

Week of June 17th

A secret full moon lights the pathways of your imagination. Dream, create, write, speak, and lose yourself in spiritual pursuits. If you can imagine it, it can be done. A strong belief and a firm work ethic is all you need, and you are well gifted with both. If only other people didn’t get in the way! Oh, but they will, this week, and it is the edge of your growth to allow that to happen. How can you nurture your relationships while you nurture your own goals? Don’t fall into old patterns of overwork, or power struggles, or keeping things to yourself when communication is needed. Listen to a friend or partner. Try to meet them where they are if you can. There is room for both of you here.

Week of June 10th

You will weather storms in your relationships this week. A significant partner or friend requires more energy than you might feel you have to give. Perhaps it’s time to rise to the occasion, or perhaps it’s time to maintain appropriate boundaries. Either way, make sure you allow the other person to express themselves and really listen. The growing edge for you is in sharing emotional truths. You are in a period of discovery, secretly, and it can be difficult to express your inner knowing. Words fail. Still, seek ways of expressing the ineffable.

Week of June 3rd

This new moon invites you to set intentions for variety in your daily routine. This could be health-related or work related. It might include some aspect of service, or a new fun weekend activity. With Saturn putting so much pressure on you, it’s probably a good idea to let off some steam. Take care of yourself now so that you’re ready for the big eclipse season changes in July. Mercury’s move into Cancer on Tuesday coincides with opportunities for compassionate, emotionally open conversations with a friend or partner. Venus’ move into Gemini on Saturday helps you lighten your daily load.

Week of May 27th

Your creativity is the key to the week. Dreams, visions, imaginative journeys, poetic words, and childlike curiosity will help you to break through blocks. Old-era You is on their way out. New-era You is just arriving. Who are you becoming? Play with the possibilities. Whenever things get hard, look for a little bit of joy. Find some space to play or create this week, and you will find room for more freedom in your life.

Week of May 20th

You’re not into sugarcoating things, so I’ll just tell you honestly that it might be a rough week. Saturn on the south node is a little pre-alarm before the real wake-up call of eclipse season. Where in your life do you feel like you’re playing the part of a historical ‘you’ from ages ago, now that you’ve changed on the inside? What old patterns have to go so you can ace this next phase of adulting? You are challenged more than any other sign to meet and surpass limitations right now. Mercury cazimi in Gemini gives you a message about work, health, or ritual. Use this insight to push through fears, limits, and old BS. You’re too busy with success to get stuck in an old era version of your life.

Week of May 13th

Romance and joy multiply for you this week, with Venus moving into Taurus. Share your gifts with other people. A significant friendship or partnership will benefit from your careful, committed attention. Artistic inspiration may also arrive suddenly, and possibly through interactions with others. Find a new experience to light up your life. Saturday’s full moon in Scorpio invites you to connect with other people who appreciate your sense of play. It’s a weekend that calls for fun plans.

Week of May 6th

Your romantic life may get hit with an unexpected jolt of electricity this week. Remember how Saturday’s new moon was all about renewing your sense of play? This is about making room for fun in your life, without goals or expectations. The return on investment for this is joy. Have fun with someone you like, take some time off to nurture a relationship, create something just because, or do something you liked when you were a kid. Building a legacy is all well and good, but the real meaning of life is in the living of it.

Week of April 29th

Home and family require your attention this week. Your boundaries could be tested, and you may have to set some limits. You could also be asked to push through your personal limitations to access some self-knowledge that comes from your family history. Stories from relatives may be useful for a creative endeavor, as the new moon on Saturday offers an opportunity to renew your sense of play. Setting good personal boundaries will help you relate to family and make time for your own fun.

Week of April 22nd

A creative inspiration awakens you. Perhaps a childhood memory awakens you to the deeper reason for healing, perhaps a child in your life wakes you up, or perhaps a sudden idea takes hold and pulls you back into the state of childhood, which is a state of wonder. Find your way back to that state of wonder as many times as possible this week. This state of open-mindedness, of admiration for the world, and of imaginative creation, reminds you of your wholeness.

Week of April 15th

You need to come home to yourself this week. Remind yourself of your roots and commit to the process of healing a wound related to your lineage, home, or childhood. These transits are about self-acceptance and self-love. You’ve got history to deal with, as we all do, so that you can acknowledge your own wholeness. Friday’s full moon is a call to bring yourself into the public eye as you are, not only as you wish people to see you. Assert your own belonging.

Week of April 8th

Situations at home and/or with a partner will be dynamic this week. Which is another word for tense, or challenging. It’s because changes are happening. You’re undergoing an intense, thorough transformation. This is a real test for you. Luckily, with your determination, you’ve never met a test you couldn’t ace. Work with your partner or friend to figure out the best way you can move forward. If an old self-image isn’t serving you any longer, allow yourself to change it.

Week of April 1st

Communication gradually gets easier following this Mercury retrograde, but Mercury conjunct Neptune may still make things unclear. Whether it’s difficult for you to get ahold of your thoughts, or conversations with others aren’t going as well as you hoped, be patient with yourself. Authority is about knowing when to speak up and when to let others take the lead. Rest your voice and prepare for the new moon on Friday. This one, in the sign of Aries, represents an opportunity for new beginnings at home. You might refresh your décor, set intentions for a move, or renew relationships with family. Examine any fears that arise when it comes to embracing the new.

Week of March 25th

Venus into Pisces begins to clear the way for your beautiful voice to be heard once more, after a few weeks of communication confusion. Mercury is still retrograde conjunct Neptune in Pisces this week, though, and even after he stations direct on Thursday, you can expect a gradual two weeks of getting your voice back. So take it slow. You may find other ways of expressing yourself with Venus here, through painting, music, or dance. Thursday will bring a significant challenge that requires your energy in any case: you must use your power wisely. Empower yourself to take care of others; resist exploitation. On Sunday, Mars move into Gemini enlivens your daily routine.

Week of March 18th

The Spring Equinox full moon is like a spotlight on you and your vocation. You’re in the public eye this week. People may see your beautiful accomplishments and the poise with which you pull things off, but they could miss the vulnerability that’s buried beneath. You hide it so well. Use this opportunity to bravely put yourself out into the world. Teach yourself and others that past patterns can be broken. Heal old family wounds with the work you’re doing now.

Week of March 11th

It’s difficult for you to express yourself this week. When it’s possible for you to do so, wait to speak until you know what you think. New information could come to light next month. Old information has resurfaced, and it’s changing your sense of self. Seek connections between your dreams and your waking life. Look to the imagination for guidance. Engage in spiritual inquiry. Seek out hidden information. It’s always wise to say silent when words are not necessary.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your voice sector on Tuesday. If you find yourself at a loss for words, take the opportunity to listen more. You may be dusting off favorite books to re-read, returning to old lessons, or re-evaluating your communication style. Old conversations with siblings or neighbors resurface. Wednesday’s new moon infuses this part of your chart with some additional creativity, so you may find that you have imaginative ways of expressing yourself, especially with Uranus moving into Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus will inspire you to find a new art form. Without one, your unexpressed creativity is likely to make you feel dangerous. Uranus here will bring inspiration, and a demand for wild play. You may also encounter surprises in romance, or sudden changes with children. The most important thing is that you heed inspiration and find ways to express yourself through all of this. Uranus and Taurus are an interesting pair: the planet of sudden, lightening-bolt style changes and the sign of slow, steady growth. Slowly but surely, you are making unusual changes in your life and creative work. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, it’s crucial that you find ways to play while Uranus is here. Your creativity is innate. You’ll find a way to channel yours.

Week of February 25th

Venus has been giving you a serious makeover. Your style, your relationship, or your approach to the world is undergoing a massive transformation right now. You’re the sign that only gets wiser and better-looking with age, so welcome the growth. Try to find something good about it. On Friday, when Venus moves into Aquarius, you get a little bit of a breather. She’ll be beautifying your bank accounts next; helping you come up with some genius ideas about how you make and/or spend your money.

Week of February 18th

Chiron’s move into back into Aries on Monday continues a seven-year transit all about your home and family. None of us leave childhood unscathed. Any wounds that you sustained from your family of origin will be brought up now so that you can heal them. You may be called upon to heal ancestral pain. Chiron will teach you how to integrate the parts of your past that make you strong and sure of who you are, and leave behind the patterns that are best left broken. The rest of the astrology this week puts the focus on your self-development, as Venus meets Saturn, Pluto, and the south node in your sign. You’re always strong under pressure, but this time the key may be to loosen up just a bit and adapt. The full moon in Virgo invites you to learn something new.

Week of February 11th

A sudden challenge could arise at your home or with a family member this week. Though you have a lot going on in your own right, try to put that aside and nurture someone else. After seven years of Uranus in Aries, you’re capable of handling household surprises. In good news, Valentine’s Day holds some potential for romance. Make fun plans even if you’re not dating anyone. This weekend offers an opportunity to speak beautiful, creative words.

Week of February 4th

This new moon represents a money reset. You may get some fresh ideas for ways to use your talents, or be rewarded for some hard work. Consider how you value yourself and your efforts with this new moon. If you’ve been under-earning, why? If you’ve been making money in a job that doesn’t reflect your values, how could you shift that? Towards the end of the week, a challenge requires you to put a close friendship or partnership first. You have a lot of demands on you at the moment, but it’s important to take care of the ones you love.

Week of January 28th

The muse is available to you this week, but you have to make an appointment first. You’re developing a poetic, healing, or perhaps an inspirational voice. You have something imaginative to communicate with others, so map out what that is this week. It’s sure to be on a subject that you value dearly. This weekend, challenges at home ask you to step into your own power and transform your sense of self. Hidden issues could come to light and change circumstances. However, when Venus moves into your sign on Sunday, you have a month of support as you refine yourself and your relationships.

Week of January 21st

Look for the hidden blessing. It might be disguised as an ending, but you have spiritual support on your side. The beginning of the week is a bit tense, in the aftermath of the eclipse energy. You may feel like you’re at odds with family members. A situation at home keeps you working hard. Things get progressively better throughout the week, as we move into Aquarius season, a time of commercial activity and increasing self-confidence for you. You may start to feel more optimistic about home and family matters by Friday.

Week of January 14th

You may feel the pull of home, family, and the past this week. The tension for you is the transformation that you’re currently undergoing. We are always changing and evolving, and sometimes its hardest on those who are closest to us. This week, no matter what anyone else has to say, acknowledge what is being broken down and accept that it is ending. It’s making room for something new. The eclipse illuminates some mystery for you, some deep inheritance that endures even if you have to go digging for it. There is gold in that shadow.

Week of January 7th

Speaking the dream out loud can be transformative for you this week. You are often wise enough to keep your plans to yourself until you’ve quietly grown them to fruition, only announcing your success once the goal has been met. However, right now you’re in a rebirth period, and that always feels a bit confusing. This week, consider how communicating some of your ideas might be useful, even if you only write them down to clarify them for yourself. Anchor yourself with words.

Week of December 31st

You are now in the second year of having Saturn in your sign. Take a moment to reflect on the responsibility you’ve taken on in the past year. Acknowledge the tests you’ve passed, and the wisdom you’ve gained. Saturday’s solar eclipse brings the next round of tests your way. You’re being called to climb a personal mountain. One third of the way up, and still with a ways to go, you must persevere. Plan your path for the slow and steady trek ahead.