July 15 - 21

If you must let go of something, restrict yourself, or battle self-doubt this week, your reactions will tell you something about your values. Mars retrograde is asking you to identify what you care about most and put your energy into those things. Old money patterns come back again, just like they did in mid-June. It’s never actually about the money. What did other people teach you about money in the past, and about the link between money and self-worth? Some of those teachings are useful and some need to be revised. Unpacking these old patterns will enlighten you, quite literally lightening your load once you move forward with a value-based plan in September.

July 8 - 14

Venus enters your fellow earth sign of Virgo on Monday, setting you up for lovely adventures and beautiful lessons. You may be teaching or learning with Venus here. Art, writing, publishing, botany, permaculture, and the divine feminine are all especially supported. Harness the unique creative ideas you have this week and make something with them, carefully crafting them into complete works. Venus here encourages you to prioritize pleasure for yourself, even though you are a creature of discipline. Wonderful things happen when you combine your aptitude for hard work with some creativity. Thursday’s partial solar eclipse in Capricorn suggests a new cycle of change in a significant relationship. A partner or close friend may be adjusting to your transformation. A new person may arrive at this stage of the journey. Consider your emotions and those of others towards the end of the week. Try to feel your way into things, instead of taking strategic action. The fluid, shapeless realm of feelings is not all that familiar to you, so this is a good time to meditate on the element of water. Feel the ocean waves lapping at the hard stone surface of what you thought was yourself, slowly reshaping it. Look inward, not outward, for direction this eclipse season.

July 4th

July 4th will be a more introverted affair for you. With Chiron stationing retrograde at the bottom of your chart this week, you’re going back over the same territory that you’ve covered since April: being authentic with your family and finding or building a true home. Support from your community helps a great deal as you reconsider what you value and look into the resources you could use in your new ventures this week.


“You owe it to all of us to get on with what you’re good at.”

— W.H. Auden

Mars retrograde has you reviewing your values and overcoming any self-doubt or negative money patterns that may be holding you back from achievements in your future. Relationships continue to be key for this, especially at the partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th. This eclipse begins a mini-cycle of conversation between you and a friend, business partner, or significant other, particularly where money or values are concerned. You may be asked to step up to the plate this summer, or need help from someone because you’re strapped. Figure it out as a team. Consider that if you are not tapping into your courage to achieve your full potential, it’s really not fair to other people either. You owe it to everyone in your life to treat yourself well and live your best life possible. Your sign is all about honor and integrity, so honor your commitments to yourself. You were born to manifest your unique spirit into real, tangible success. It’s not selfish. Other people always benefit when you’re true to yourself. Manifestation will come up again with Leo season, which begins on the 22nd. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Leo on the 26th closely followed by a blood moon eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th, this Leo season is one for the books. You may experience a big financial shift at this time. Certainly, your values and priorities are changing, as is your attitude toward money. If you are partnered, make plans for the most effective ways to share resources. You may have to let some things go, trusting that you’ll be able to replenish your supply this fall. Something owed may make its way back to you. Trust in the abundance that is always available. Allow other people to invest in you--you’re worth it. But most of all, this month is about making a strategy for investing in yourself.