July 15 - 21

You’ve made it past the eclipse this month that matters most for you. Now you just have to keep yourself steady through the rest of this stormy space weather. Mars meeting the south node on Wednesday is a reprise of mid-June, when you were forced to look at something that needed to change. Old patterns around power, sex, money, or investments of your time and other resources. Something that has been restricting your freedom needs to go. Have you figured out what needs to change yet? Another pass over the south node will give you an opportunity to start making that shift. Maybe you need to remove something of false value to make room for what is truly valuable. Let go and allow the transformation to do its work.

July 8 - 14

This week’s astrology is a dreamy ocean of psychic influences with phosphorescent flashes of intuition. The emotional tides of eclipse season are always especially high. Where is the current pulling you? Your creative energies are at work, as you make uncommon connections with the aid of your imagination. Venus’ move into Virgo on Monday reminds you to touch bottom a bit as you bob around in the cosmic waters. Sorting through the fine grained sands of detail, you’ll find beautiful thoughts, words, and people to share them with. Jupiter stations direct on Tuesday. He’ll continue to lead you on a deep dive for your submerged creative treasures for the next four months. Thursday’s partial solar eclipse in your sign signifies a time of change for you and your significant friendships or partnerships. Consider your use of personal power in relationships. Are you exerting dominance over others, behaving like a victim when you have more agency than you think, or harnessing your power to act with both personal sovereignty and respect for another? One of these three is the clear ideal, but we all tend to vacillate between extremes, especially in stormy waters. Introspection and honesty lead to renewal at this lunation.

July 4th

A void moon in Pisces on the 4th ensures that it’s a rather restful day. The sun trine Jupiter this week keeps things fun for you. It’s not exact, but it’s almost a grand water trine with Neptune involved. You have support for your creative problem solving now, as you peer into your money consciousness and confront any financial difficulties. It could be that you’re digging beneath the surface and finding some gold. As is the theme all summer, open yourself to the possibility of abundance and you may find resources you forgot you had.


“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

— Allen Ginsberg

You will navigate the turbulent waters of July by your inner moonlight. Eclipse season is emotional for you. Make space in your body for all of the feelings. Don’t hide your uniquely intuitive understanding of others, your connection with your own unconscious, or your strange glimpses into the collective. Relationships continue to be a major theme this month. The person you’re closest to is the very one you shouldn’t hide from. The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th will be a dark moon, so reach your hand out to the one you trust and look within to see what’s changing. You’re coming to terms with a lot of information about your own motivations as Mars moves backwards through Aquarius. It may not be clear exactly what you want, which is why you will have to ask yourself over and over again this month. We all have mysteries inside of us. You could be reinventing your goals in surprising ways. Mercury retrograde on the 26th combined with a blood moon eclipse on the 27th is a set of aspects that provokes shifts around what you value. It seems that by the end of August you may very well have a whole new set of priorities. Money, especially, may go out and come in with the tides this month. Loosen the grip of your claws a bit and allow what will be. Abundance is always available to you: that’s one of the major lessons of this summer. Above all, maintain your confidence in yourself. A beautiful gift could be waiting at the end of the rainbow in September.