Week of March 18th

You are a sensitive darling in a society that views your gifts as a weakness. This is a false understanding of power. Your sensitivity, your intuition, your caring, your tears and your softness: these are all strengths. Remind yourself of this. Then, show others how tenderness can be strong. It’s a brave person who can be this vulnerable in public. This week, the Spring Equinox full moon coincides with the beginnings of a new image, one that is courageously true to who you are. Relate to your roots and beautify your home so that you have a sanctuary in which you can recharge. You are teaching and leading from the soul.

Week of March 11th

Co-operators are standing by to help you make your plans real. That is, once you figure out what those plans are. This Mercury retrograde is taking you on a deep journey inward. You might have been on this ride before, but this time you’re seeing everything with fresh eyes. What new-old discoveries will help you transform your partnerships as you level up in this next stage? What knowledge will help you to unlock your major potential for freedom in your daily life? Look beyond what you think you already know.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your journey sector on Tuesday. Literal travel may be delayed, but metaphorical and spiritual journeys take unexpected turns. This is a fantasy-fiction transit, especially with Wednesday’s new moon. A guide takes you beneath the ocean to show you an ancient underwater kingdom. Dream and discover.

On Wednesday, Uranus in Taurus comes bearing gifts. You might have no idea what they are until they arrive, suddenly, on your doorstep. Taurus is the sign in your house of receiving, where we place our wishes and sometimes find that they come true, and where we find communities who love us for who we are. Uranus is the modern ruler of the eleventh house, but Uranus and Taurus are an interesting pairing--the planet of sudden, lightening-bolt style changes and the sign of slow, steady growth. You are the most likely candidate for a seven-year cycle of radical activism: environmental, feminist, or economic. A rebel leader re-wilding the world with fellow Uranians. If that doesn’t sound like you, you could be surprised. After all, you just spent the last seven years totally reinventing your career and public image. Did you think you would be where you are now?

Week of February 25th

The vibe between you and a significant other or dear friend has been intense lately. That could mean you’re both tense about your struggles or that you’re encountering deep transformation that is intensifying your commitment to each other. So this could go one of two ways: you need some time apart to get to know yourselves better, or you’re ready to get to know each other better than ever. When Venus moves into Aquarius on Friday, it’s time to choose just how much of yourself you’re willing to share.

Week of February 18th

Chiron’s move back into Aries on Monday is big news for you. It may feel like someone hid your armor away. Chiron can put you in situations that make you feel vulnerable, showing you where you must move through the fear to get what you want. Never forget that your vulnerability is actually a strength. It takes courage to be imperfect, to be real and emotional and still show up. This is a seven-year transit that urges you to come out of hiding. A friendship or partnership will be the first testing ground for your authenticity. You’re in for some major developments in your relationships and how you show up for other people this week. The full moon in Virgo helps with this by prompting you to speak your truth with eloquence.

Week of February 11th

Sudden changes or confrontations in your career are likely this week. As much as that might make you want to crawl back inside of your shell and never come out, it will clear the way for healing with Chiron’s entry into Aries next week. You may need to work something out with a partner, especially if you have a business partner. Be honest and respond thoughtfully instead of reacting impulsively—it will be over quickly. Valentine’s Day is best spent with a group of people you enjoy. You may bring a date or not, but either way you have an opportunity for fun. This weekend, a friend teaches you something beautiful.

Week of February 4th

This new moon offers an opportunity for real awakening. A confrontation with your shadow, a key to a mystery, or an enlightening realization gives you hope this week. You will have to let something go. Lighten your load. Towards the end of the week, a challenge may require that you stand up for yourself with a partner. You already tend to be a giver, so make sure you’re taking good care of your own needs. On Sunday, when Mercury moves into Pisces, you begin a two-month cycle of scholarship and/or travel.

Week of January 28th

You have support from a partner as you undertake a spiritual or creative journey in 2019. Make sure you’re putting your faith in reliable people. A strong relationship built on integrity makes all the difference. There will be challenges, as developments in your vocation transform partnerships. This weekend, you may find work taking a surprising turn. When Venus moves into Capricorn on Sunday, you have a month of important relationship work ahead of you. Make time for both your career and your long-term partner/friend.

Week of January 21st

There will be some tension between your relationships and your vocation or career now. In the aftermath of the eclipse you’re focused on what you value. It’s both, of course, but a friend or partner will have to understand if work takes precedence for the moment. Opportunities are ripe at work this week, especially on Tuesday. Embrace the good luck and take an adventurous risk to go after something you want. You’re in a season of transformation, and since you just finished an eclipse cycle that was all about money, why not transform your bank account?

Week of January 14th

We’re still in between eclipses, so pay attention to that feeling of being pulled along in the current. What’s coming up for you? What will your decision be? This week brings potential progress in your work and vocation. Partnerships are still important at the same time, with all of this Capricorn. A significant friend or partner may be undergoing a transformation, and your relationship could develop this week as a result. This eclipse is the last in a series that was about values and security for you. Consider how you have lived your values, and how your attitude to security may have changed since February 2017. Money could come in or go out now—decide what you want.

Week of January 7th

Let the insights from the eclipse wash over you this week. You’re more affected by the moon’s cycles than most. What are you working in service of? What spiritual journeys lie ahead of you? See if you can envision the road ahead and chart your path forward with some more clarity this week. Spending time with a friend or significant other is also a priority right now. A partner may be able to help you see through the fog.

January 2019 Forecast

Jan. 1 – 10

Capricorn season is intense in January 2019. The focus on Saturn in Capricorn starts right away, with the sun meeting Saturn on January 2nd. This is serious, practical earth energy that puts our focus on working towards our goals from the start of the year, even more than usual. It will feel similar to last January’s Capricorn stellium. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 4th, putting our mental focus on the work at hand. However, the moon will be waning from the 1st - 4th of this year, and our energy may wane with it, as the post-holiday fatigue calls us to rest. Slow and steady wins this year. Take things one step at a time. Set intentions this week, make some baby steps, and plan to ramp up your efforts after the partial solar eclipse on Saturn in Capricorn on the 5th. Astrologically, this eclipse is the real push into the year 2019.

Our January 5th eclipse is part of a longer cycle in Capricorn and Cancer (2018 - 2020), and it’s right on Saturn. This is a reality check. We’re in the second year of Saturn in Capricorn, and the transit is asking us to take on responsibility. Accept the challenge. Make solid plans for the year ahead. The events of Saturday will give you a clue about the longer cycle of 2019.

Uranus stations direct at 29 degrees of Aries on January 6th, beginning his move back towards the early degrees of Taurus. He’ll move into Taurus for a longer-term transit on March 6th. From January 6th – March 6th, then, we’re finishing up the Uranus in Aries transit that has influenced us since 2010. Uranus in Aries has been all about rebellion, entrepreneurial innovation, radical identity shifts, and asserting individuality. Where have you been with all of this in the past eight years? Use the promethean fire of this planet to fuel your entrepreneurial/rebellious spirit until early March, when Uranus in Taurus will bring a different flavor to your life.

On the 7th, Venus enters Sagittarius. Venus here needs her freedom. In this sign, she’s optimistic, fun-loving, attracted to wild, colorful patterns, and alert to the promise of adventure. Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius offer us some levity to balance the somber weight of our Capricorn-laden month. Work hard and play hard this January.

With Mars in Aries as of New Year’s Eve, we have some more action-oriented fire energy to complement all of the earth. Mars in Aries can help you get some of your plans off the ground. Just make sure that you’re staying practical. Planets in Capricorn will remind you to plan your actions carefully as they square Mars throughout the month, starting with Mercury square Mars on the 8th.

Jan. 11 – 21

The sun meets Pluto exactly on the 11th. This is a regenerative aspect that helps you to finally shed old patterns from 2018 and start anew. Your evolution is a process, and it’s not a race. Mercury meets Saturn in Capricorn on the 13th to help us with structure and discipline in this endeavor.

The most important thing happening on January 13th is Jupiter’s first exact square to Neptune this year. This is already in process, and will continue to influence the astroweather throughout 2019. Jupiter in Sagittarius is optimism, luck, exploration, and expansion. Neptune in Pisces is all about dreams, fantasy, and the numinous. Because this is a hard aspect, it’s possible to get so caught up in optimism that we take it too far, tipping over into delusion. Stressful aspects can also give us the friction we need to make a change. In it’s most positive form, Jupiter square Neptune will spur us to seek out our dreams. This can actually be a wonderful transit to pair with all of Capricorn’s structure. Anchor yourself with a plan that keeps you from floating too far out to sea.

The 18th promises to be an interesting day this month, with three transits on top of each other. Venus will trine Mars for some fun, passionate energy. Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn, leading us further on the path of evolution and renewal, and the sun squares Uranus, promising a bit of a surprise. Electricity crackles in the lead-up to our total lunar eclipse.

The sun enters Aquarius on the 20th. Aquarius is the sign of communities, humanitarian causes, and visionaries. Just as we start this next solar cycle, late on the night of the 20th/early in the morning of the 21st we have a total lunar eclipse at 1 degree of Leo. This is the last of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle that started in 2017. That cycle was all about the axis of the individual and the community. Creative gifts flow from each unique person to the community and vice versa. We are always negotiating this balance of giving and receiving, of shining apart and being a part of something larger. We’ve already started the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle, but these cycles overlap with each other. Something about your individuality and community belonging will be highlighted with this one. Think back to February and August of 2017 and 2018, because the same themes are coming back around.

The eclipse is flanked on either side by Venus square Neptune (Jan. 20th) and Mars square Saturn (Jan. 21st). These two aspects suggest that we be wary of false gurus and other sources of deception, and protect ourselves from danger. Eclipse cycles are always an intense energy on the mundane level, and sometimes on the personal level (depending on where they fall in your natal chart). The Leo-Aquarius cycle has had quite a lot to do with 45. This one doesn’t sync with his chart as significantly as some others, but given that it’s a total lunar eclipse, it’s likely that we’ll get some important news of world events around this last one.

Jan. 22 – 31

Venus meets Jupiter in Sagittarius to bring us some blessings on January 22nd, the day after the eclipse. These are two of the zodiac’s benefics, coming together for fun, wealth, and expansion in the sign of luck. Plan something beautiful to take advantage of this day. On the 23rd, Mercury squares Uranus (known as the higher octave of Mercury) for a surprise or an interesting idea, right before he zips into Aquarius on the 24th. He meets the sun there (exact on the 29th), so they can brainstorm together in this brilliant sign.

Mars makes a trine to Jupiter on the 25th, giving us some extra energy to pursue our optimistic plans. Then we have a rather quiet waning moon period until the 31st, when Saturn makes an exact sextile to Neptune. Saturn sextile Neptune is one of the quieter ongoing aspects of 2019, adding some necessary structure to the Jupiter-Neptune square. As Saturn in Capricorn will remind us over and over again this year, discipline is the key to achieving the dream. Find the structure and use the support as we close out the month.

Week of December 31st

Eclipse cycles are always intense for you, and the cycle of 2019 is especially personal. It will change you and your relationships. Plan some time for yourself to contemplate the shifts this week. Saturday’s solar eclipse on Saturn calls you to take on more responsibility in a significant relationship. A partner or friend needs you to step up. Commitments always come with hard work. Consider how you will demonstrate the depth of your commitment to another in the coming year.

Week of December 24th

Your journey casts a long shadow this week. Something about the knowledge you’ve acquired, the places you’ve traveled, the teachings you’ve offered, or the spiritual journey you’ve been on so far has a darker side that needs to be acknowledged. Figure out what it is and own it. Darkness isn’t always bad; it can be a worthwhile part of you, too. Continue learning despite your fears.

Week of December 17th

This week’s full moon is in your sign, putting the spotlight on you. After you wrap up what is probably a busy week, make some time to enjoy yourself this weekend. Pay attention to your intuition, your emotions, your imagination – all those invisible influences that are easy to ignore. By giving credence to something felt but unseen, you might open up to new possibilities.

Week of December 10th

The holiday season is a notoriously difficult time to stick to your routines and take care of your health. But this month you may feel the pull to keep healthy habits well before January 1st. So why wait? If that’s how you’re feeling, go ahead and answer that call. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you’re starting a year of joy and virtue in your daily routines. You want your days to be meaningful and your health to thrive. You may also find that work opportunities come to you more easily now. Follow what feels good to you.

Week of December 3rd

Notice your dissatisfaction this week. Where in your life do you need more joy? Are you dissatisfied with your creative work, or the time you give yourself to play? Something you read or learn from a teacher could be healing this week, opening up space for more happiness in your life. The way forward is a bit more clear after Mercury stations direct on Thursday. Friday’s new moon in Sagittarius is a reset of daily rituals for you. Make a list of all the things that belong in your ideal day. Perhaps time with friends and family, alone time, time outside, and some good meals go on that list. Don’t worry about whether there would be enough time in the day – treat it like a day where time is stopped. Jupiter will help you to remove obstacles to your daily joy. What would it look like for you to lead a magical life?