Week of July 15th

Having that comfortable home base to retreat to is crucial this week, because this eclipse represents a challenge in your vocation or your legacy. This whole cycle has been asking you to deal with serious shadows. You’re being asked to find skeletons in the family closet or face difficult truths at work. Something about your vocation may be slowly transforming, requiring you to shed an old skin as you prepare for rebirth. You have already been rebuilding something for at least a year now. You can’t have rot in the foundations. Stay grounded in your authority; remember to take it slow. Conversations about the past help you understand.

Week of July 8th

With Mercury retrograde next to your ruler Mars, this week could make you feel a bit childish or put your attention on a child in your life. What makes you want to throw a tantrum? What makes you want to rush out and play hard, forgetting all of your adult worries? Put some nurturing attention on yourself and your family, and perhaps your inner child this week. You’re in a cycle where you’re facing a lot of pressure in your vocation. Work may not be negotiable this week, but one way through these challenges is to create a nurturing, safe home base for yourself, where you can replenish your energy. Sleep is especially restorative right now.

Week of July 1st

Your ruler Mars moves into Leo on Monday, which empowers you to have some fun. Play, create, romp around, roar a little bit. You need to let off some steam, because you have another round of this eclipse season that is creating changes in your vocation, your public image, and your home life. Tuesday’s eclipse, then, is likely to prompt another shift and possibly a decision regarding home and family. Go beyond your comfort zone to investigate the shadow of your legacy. Your ancestors are very much with you now. What emotions from the past have welled up to be dealt with this week? On Wednesday, when Venus moves into Cancer, she invites you to build relationships with the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts. Access your more sensitive side as you nurture these relationships. Mercury stations retrograde on Sunday, inviting you to reconnect with a sense of joy.

Week of June 24th

The learning continues this week. Apply the knowledge to your daily life. Create a ritual around this, and your efforts will be fruitful. You are in a long period of shedding your armor, allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Paradoxically, this will make you more courageous. However, it’s a slow process, and it will cause you some discomfort. When in doubt, stay true to your values. What you’re learning now will help to ground you. Mercury’s move into your fellow fire sign of Leo on Wednesday lights the flames of your creativity. Use this transit to have fun, enjoy romance, and/or follow artistic inspiration. A creative outlet is crucial, with all of the work you’re doing right now.

Week of June 17th

Blessings of knowledge are available to you with this full moon. You may learn something that changes your mind in a big way, go on a major journey, or encounter goodwill in a spiritual context. Seek wise truths. Your career continues to demand much of you this week. The antidote to any toxicity at work is your safe, comfortable home. Home is your fortress, your center of power; the place where you gain your strength for the battles in your vocation. Nurture yourself so that you can bring your A-game to your goals. But if a choice arises between career and family, choose family this time. You will have more opportunities to collect trophies later.

Week of June 10th

Your dreams and intuition may tell you how you can adjust course on your journey this week. You are exploring new territory, whether that means you’re literally exploring foreign countries or gaining knowledge about a subject that was once foreign to you. The way is foggy sometimes. This week you may figure out where you need to go to get out of the fog. In your waking life, when you’re not finding answers through your dreams, your career/vocational calling will demand much from you. Home is nurturing now. Resist the call to put another feather in your cap and feather your nest instead. You could use the rest.

Week of June 3rd

Inspiration is all around you. This new moon invites you to connect with the amazing variety of options that exists in your neighborhood. Explore your local area like you’ve never been there before, and you may see with fresh eyes that which has been in front of you the entire time. Set an intention to learn something new. Mercury’s move into Cancer on Tuesday brings communications about home and family. What emotional truths can be learned from your history? Venus’ move into Gemini on Saturday may prompt you to connect with siblings or friends to discuss what you know.

Week of May 27th

What you’re learning now can be incorporated into your daily work. Take the communication seriously, whether it comes from talking to people or from the wisdom of dreams. This week is all about the practical application of your talents, values, and resources to your public image or career. Work could demand a lot of you right now, so use everything you’ve got. You have so many skills to show off.

Week of May 20th

Your tradition is calling you. This might mean that you are called back home, or that you are called to act from your career or public position. It definitely means that you have to address a shadow, in your history or your legacy. Lead others in healing this. For so many of us right now, the hard things are being dragged into the light, and we are being forced to acknowledge them with honesty. You will be judged by the strength of your character, so be thoughtful about your choices here. Act with integrity. Mercury cazimi in Gemini, thankfully, offers you the words you need at this time.

Week of May 13th

This week is all about practicing the self-love and self-worth that leaves you open and ready to accept abundance. Venus moving into Taurus is all about the arrival of material abundance, swift and sure. You have to believe that you deserve it first though. I’m giving you and Libra the same affirmation this week: “I am ready to receive.” Your ruler Mars is also moving into Cancer, suggesting that the material resources will help to nurture your home and family. Saturday’s full moon in Scorpio invites you to open yourself further to the mystery of this energy we call money. Practice expecting more.

Week of May 6th

If you were focused on manifesting material possessions or wealth at the new moon on Saturday, the changes come swiftly. They may arrive in unexpected ways. A sudden realization about your values, or a sudden insight about your self-worth, could shift your direction. You are nurturing a vision of home and family, and love is the most valuable thing you can have right now. Last week’s advice still applies: let security come from within. Material stability always comes from within before it takes a physical form.

Week of April 29th

Your public image continues to undergo its slow transformation this week. An old version of your vocation is passing, and perhaps a new version is already being born, or will be eventually. This is not the kind of adventure you would prefer: fast, fun, and ending with you in first place. This is the death-rebirth process that means you’re tearing down old structures with no idea yet how they will be replaced. It might feel like a crisis. This week, practice being okay with where you are, right in the middle of the mess. The new moon in Taurus offers an opportunity for a renewal of self-worth, or the manifestation of material possessions. Let security come from within.

Week of April 22nd

You are awakened to your own self-worth this week. Something about your values, your money, or your talents comes to light, and afterwards, things are never quite the same. You will need self-love to make this change. You will need to love others for who they are and allow them to help you. You’re in the process of rewilding your attitudes to money, to your own worth, and to how you will live out your values. An opportunity may present itself for you to use some previously latent talent.

Week of April 15th

With Mercury and Venus entering your sign this week, you’re focused on using your most authentic voice. Think, speak, and relate to others from a place of knowing your true self. Address the wounds that come from growing up in a society that places the same expectations on all children. So often our authentic identities are unintentionally masked by identities that represent what we think of as success. How do you define success? The full moon in Libra highlights long-term changes in your legacy. Something is being composted because you are in the midst of a wild shift in your values. Run with it.

Week of April 8th

The career situation is serious right now. You’re determining a direction for yourself and assessing the type of legacy you want to leave. This is a rebirth process—an old version of your vocation must be laid to rest so that you can build upon or transform your career in this next phase. The hidden knowledge of intuition, dreams, or spirits can help you with this. Something about your path bears reconsideration at this stage. Remember that the people, places, and ideas you choose to nurture should matter deeply to you.

Week of April 1st

Sleep is still everything for you right now. Mercury conjunct Neptune in your house of endings makes it hard to see the threshold you are crossing now. Dreams that feel confusing now may reveal something important later. All beginnings start with endings, and this week keeps you in that liminal phase that you were in throughout March’s Mercury retrograde. Rest and patience are the only practical strategies now. Friday’s new moon presents you with another small cycle of beginnings. You must use your natural drive and your thirst for new adventures to overcome a challenge in your career. Create a brave new legacy.

Week of March 25th

Venus moves into Pisces on Tuesday, helping you to continue meditating on (and eventually clarify) some of your more confusing Mercury retrograde dreams. Sleep is everything this week. Make it a priority. Rest, restore, and enter the dreamworld of which science still knows so little. There are messages to be delivered there. If you have been feeling trapped this month, hopefully Mercury’s direct motion on Thursday will begin a kind of release. During your waking hours, this week presents another challenge in your career, and an opportunity to make important decisions. On Sunday, Mars moves into Gemini, and you are driven onward by your curiosity.

Week of March 18th

Your season is beginning, and with it the start of a brave new year. This Spring Equinox full moon is about themes of self and other for everyone, but most blatantly of all for you. Chiron is teaching you to show up whole, authentically. Sometimes that means lowering your weapons and presenting yourself without defense. It means letting someone else see you as you are. It’s about telling them what they mean to you, and sometimes, compromising your wishes for their happiness. Celebrate personal beginnings with a close friend or partner this week.

Week of March 11th

Look for hidden obstacles this week. Something previously invisible could now be revealed, opening the way forward. When Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, symbolic thinking is more appropriate than logical thinking. Valid clues to the secret may include emotions, psychic sensations, dreams, tea leaves, images, snatches of conversation overheard, or a tune floating out of a bodega. Double down on what you value and revise plans as needed.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in the invisible realms of your chart on Tuesday. This is the house of things you keep hidden, sometimes even from yourself. Your relationship with spirit could deepen over this period. Synchronicity abounds, especially with the Pisces new moon on Wednesday. Allow the healing waters to wash over you. Float out to sea, letting go of concern about your destination, or whether you’ll arrive first. You may find that your dreams are especially potent. Sleep is especially important this week—with Uranus leaving your sign, you may find that rest is a bit easier to come by.

You have awakened a whole new self since Uranus started transiting your sign eight years ago. It’s been a complete reinvention, and there’s no going back now. On Wednesday, Uranus in Taurus re-awakens your value consciousness. What I mean by this is your set of values, especially your relationship to money and possessions. Making money and doing good business could become an art for you with Uranus here. You may find inventive ways of attracting more money to you, saving, and investing it. You might even be on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, and any other economic innovations Uranus helps us come up with while he’s in Taurus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Money is a neutral energy you can tap into, but our society weighs it down with all kinds of judgment and baggage. Your newfound money consciousness can be a very good thing! You could also decide that you want to place more value on the things money can’t buy: re-wilding the environment or championing feminist values make perfect sense for this transit. However you approach this, you’re radically reinventing your value system.

Week of February 25th

Between Chiron moving into your sign, all of the Pisces-season energy, and this stony mountain of Capricorn slowing you down on your ascent to greatness, you must be exhausted. Rest. It’s your season to chill anyway. The beginning of this week gives you some time to just reflect. On Friday there may be a spark of movement for you in your career, and when Venus moves into Aquarius, your social life. Spring is on it’s way; you can feel it. Store up your energy so you can enjoy the warm days ahead.

Week of February 18th

Chiron is jumping back into your sign on Monday. Your new roomie is replacing the old one (Uranus) and cleaning up after him. No doubt Uranus has been fun to play with -- giving you lightening-bolt ideas, blowing stuff up, morphing the old you into Future You at warp speed. But there may be some unfinished business that Uranus is too impatient to address. Like how it’s easy for you to present yourself as a strong leader, but much harder for you to show others your vulnerability. That’s where Chiron comes in. He’ll help you heal any wounds that you have around your true identity, so that you can show up in your life and relationships more authentically. Go into the emotions; let them move through you. The sun’s move into Pisces and the full moon in Virgo accentuate the healing theme for you, asking you to adapt throughout the week. Hold space for the spiritual, for rest, for self-care and emotional moments, even as your career demands so much of you.