July 15 - 21

Karmic friends and lovers who arrived mid-June have more to say this week. Practice listening, as Mars hits the south node. You are most likely to be drawn into old patterns of isolation, stubbornness, and frustration with others. This is an opportunity to release those. Mars retrograde could be sapping some of your energy, so it’s fine to slow down, too. With such big changes happening at the very foundations of your life, sudden movements are not advisable. Remove old, rusty structures that are no longer holding anything up for you. Make blueprints for an updated, futuristic foundation. Where it comes to your partners and friends -- just allow them to be and think as they are, as long as it’s not hurting anyone. Just watching you upgrade will be enough inspiration for them.

July 8 - 14

Venus into Virgo on Monday heightens the possibility for intimacy with others. In a month that suggests many relationship developments, Venus here heralds sex, pleasure, soul-bonding, and as much emotional intimacy as any Aquarius rising will allow. Jupiter stations direct at the top of your chart on Tuesday, continuing to expand opportunities in your vocational direction, home, and family for the next four months. Point yourself in the direction of your dreams with Jupiter as your guide. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer signifies a cycle of change in your daily life. This could mean changes in your work, or perhaps with your health. Pay attention to your emotional health this week. This may be anathema to you, since Aquarius is a sign of the rational mind, but feelings will come up with so many changes in the works--especially where partnerships are involved. Go inward and reflect on Thursday night. You are likely to need the rest, with Mars retrograde in your sign sapping some of your energy. Cleansing, body and soul, will prepare you for action when the time is right.

July 4th

You’re likely to spend July 4th with a good friend or significant other. Spend some quality time speaking with someone special, and especially, listening to what they think. Mars retrograde has you considering what you want, and Chiron’s station retrograde on the 5th reminds you of the lessons you’ve had about using your voice since April. Ask more questions than you answer this week. See what you can learn from someone else.


“You can either practice being right or practice being kind.”

— Anne Lamott

This Mars retrograde is going to test your patience for other people. You may very well be right about something, and still, it’s better to practice being kind this month. In fact, being kind is proven to be good for your health. It boosts your serotonin and reduces anxiety, and it has been associated with lower levels of inflammation. Which could be very useful information for you, as Mars retrogrades through your first house all month and the July 12th solar eclipse falls in Cancer, in your house of health. If you have an agenda that you feel strongly about, put it to use in the service of others this July. Volunteering or even just committing to some small acts of kindness will make you feel better. Your energy may be low, and your defenses may be down, so rest and care for yourself is a good idea too. If the people testing your patience are members of your family: kindness, kindness, kindness, and deep breaths. Leo season, starting on July 22nd, is always about you and your friendships or partnerships. This Leo season features Mercury stationing retrograde on the 26th and a blood moon eclipse in your sign on the 27th. Never dull, this astrology of 2018! The combination of forces towards the end of the month signals a change in your self-understanding and your relationships. You may have an epiphany about what you want. Conversations from the past are renewed, and potentially, people from your past come back to talk with you too. Talk it over with a good friend, but wait to act on any impulses until at least September. Remember, you’re making a plan for a whole new you. Perhaps even a kinder you -- kinder to yourself and to others. Too much rage is bad for our health. Show the rest of us how to stay Zen in the midst of chaos this summer.