Week of July 15th

Your dreams are likely to be much more intense than usual with the eclipse this week. Transformative spiritual experiences are available, but prepare yourself: transformation isn’t all cocoons and butterflies. More often it’s a breakdown before the breakthrough. A period of darkness or loss precedes daybreak. Face some secret fears. It’s good to take this slow, making self-care a priority so that you can work your way through the fear instead of getting stuck. Often, fear makes the shadows bigger than the actual monsters. You’re remembering something now. Pay attention to the memory of your body. Water is a healing aid this week.

Week of July 8th

Mercury retrograde with Mars in Leo on Monday means communication with a friend or partner this week is no easier than it was the week before. In fact, it may be harder. Be prepared to hear another person’s perspective, and if it’s fierce, be aware that there is more bark than bite. The need for emotional and somatic healing continues this week. You feel the emotions where they are heavy or tense in your body. Those of you who lean more toward the rational, intellectual side of things will have to get more comfortable experiencing and processing emotion, and it may as well be now. Make space for the feelings. Make space for rest, because that is where a lot of the processing will happen. Self-care is the best way you can handle this right now.

Week of July 1st

Mars’ move into Leo on Monday really moves things along in a relationship. Conversations might get heated. With Mercury poised to station retrograde, make sure you communicate clearly, and watch your temper. Tuesday’s eclipse in Cancer is part of a larger cycle of changes around healing, rest, and adaptation for you. Where does it hurt? What do you need to heal? What needs to be released? Feel your way into this. Investigate your emotions. Notice where they show up in your body. Venus’ move into Cancer on Wednesday is a beautiful, sensitive salve for your pain. The week is likely to be more emotional than you’re comfortable with. Then when Mercury does station retrograde on Sunday, communication with friends and partners may become a little more difficult. Review what you need in relationships, and perhaps revise the way you express yourself.

Week of June 24th

Rest is the word of the week. It’s still important for you to create a daily routine that nurtures you. Eliminate stress and energy drains as much as possible. Be wary of hidden thought patterns that keep you stuck. The way forward is to move from discomfort and hardship into comfort. Imagine: work could be a comfortable place! It could even be a nurturing place. How can you make that happen? On Wednesday, when Mercury moves into Leo, sparks fly in a significant partnership or friendship. Have fun with the significant others in your life. That’s all part of the resting and nurturing theme.

Week of June 17th

This full moon brings blessings of community. Your people are here for you, ready to share your values and appreciate your self-expression. If you are still looking for such a group, make a wish with this moon. Your tribe is out there waiting for you. The rest of this week still requires that your daily routine nurture your needs. Don’t tolerate unnecessary stress or drains on your energy. You need rest and healing now. You need a work environment that feels safe, so that you can confidently achieve bigger dreams. Continue to adapt your circumstances to facilitate comfort, community, and healing.

Week of June 10th

If everyday life feels overwhelming this week, don’t spiral into fear. Despair is a real danger for you right now, but you don’t have to succumb to it. The antidote is in living from moment to moment. Create a daily routine that nurtures you. Identify drains on your energy and make a change, if necessary. Your intuition can tell you a lot about what needs healing. If you feel like you’re treading water, and your goals seem as far away as they did in January, consider how you can shift course a bit. Perhaps a boost in confidence would do the trick, or maybe you want to align the goals more closely with your current values. Or maybe money is the fuel you need. Figure out how to get the resources you desire, day by day.

Week of June 3rd

This new moon invites you to set an intention for joy in your life. You could find joy through making time for fun, looking for pockets of inspiration around you, being with children, or exercising your creativity. Consider the varieties of ways joy comes to you in your life right now. What you appreciate grows. Mercury’s move into Cancer on Tuesday points to some emotion in your body. Where in your body are you holding onto emotion, and how could you release that, thereby creating more room for joy? Venus’ move into Gemini on Saturday expands the fun in beautiful ways.

Week of May 27th

Family members or roommates may dream up some beautiful, practical solutions that help you remove blocks this week. Stay open to ancestral communication through dreams. In your waking life, you might use your talents to create and share artwork with an audience. Or, if artistic endeavors don’t suit you, you might just be finding ways to enjoy yourself with friends. If your health has been less than robust lately, consider using play to release some tension and revitalize yourself. The difficulties are more likely to come from somewhere within right now than from an external cause, so doing the inner work inspires remedies.

Week of May 20th

Nightmares serve to tell you what you fear and challenge you to confront it. A good dream interpretation may serve you well this week. Investigate the perils of your imagination; see how many tigers turn out to be paper. With Mercury cazimi in Gemini, having fun is the antidote to fear. What can you do to relieve your stress? How can you address the hidden anxieties that limit you? Seek joy in creative acts, in good conversation with friends, on dates, or through children. One way to suck the poison out of your nightmares would be to find a creative activity that allows you to express the fear and pain, so you can alchemize it into art.

Week of May 13th

Look for beauty where you are. With Venus moving into Taurus this week, beauty flourishes at home, sometimes in unexpected ways. Relationships with family members may make sudden leaps. Or perhaps you’ll be inspired to redecorate in a fun new color. However you approach this transit, approach it with love for who you are, where you are. It’s exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. Saturday’s full moon in Scorpio invites you to celebrate what you’ve achieved so far. Your vocation is an expression of your unique gifts, and it is always unfolding.

Week of May 6th

Continuing to face your secret fears is a long-term theme for you. It’s still in play this week. You want to create a daily routine that nurtures you, and to that end, you must let go of some things that are holding you back. Unexpected changes at home or in your career are becoming par for the course these days, so lean into the change. Let it to inspire you to create an even more unusual, wilder life. There is room for more softness here. There is room for more giving, and less knowing.

Week of April 29th

You’re on this long, slow, hardworking path of chipping away at your fears. Where you feel trapped, you may not be as limited as you think you are. Even in the worst of situations, you can be physically trapped and there is still an eternal part of you that nobody can touch. But for those who are not in a worst case situation, what keeps you trapped in fear is a story you’re telling. This week, try to figure out what it is. Take measures to change it to a story of courage. Saturday’s new moon offers an opportunity to manifest something new at home.

Week of April 22nd

Sudden changes zap through your entire chart this week, electrifying and awakening you anew. The sun on Uranus in Taurus is highlighting a need for big changes. Where do you want to go? What feels like home to you? What memories are you ready to explore? Consider the consequences before blowing everything up to start over. Uranus electrifies impulse, sometimes to bad ends. However, you may have spent the entire past year building up to this point of change, in which case perhaps it is time. You are awake now. Don’t go back to sleep.

Week of April 15th

This week is about speaking your truth. Honesty can wound or heal, so aim to heal with your words. You have original things to say; you just need to confront your fears around saying them. It’s a week for speaking, learning, and making hidden breakthroughs. Friday’s full moon in Libra highlights your house of knowledge, inviting you to teach others or perhaps journey further in your quest for truth. You’re entering a season of real change at the foundations of your life. What is true for you?

Week of April 8th

The project of this week is to continue releasing yourself from the fears and secrets that hinder your full freedom. Your sign has a reputation for being weird, so people may already think you’re fully free to be yourself. Only you know what’s still holding you back. You may need to loosen up on some previously rigid ideology to allow for a different perspective. While Aquarius is known for being different, you were most likely just born that way, and you’re not necessarily flexible about it. Make room for conscious evolution. Allow yourself to change.

Week of April 1st

Mercury conjunct Neptune could still be clouding your sense of self-worth or creating uncertainty in matters of money. Even though the retrograde is over, this aspect means we have to take it slow. Clarity will come, gradually. In the meantime, take it easy on the spending, take care of yourself, and prep for another cycle of new beginnings: the new moon in Aries. This one invites you to learn new things, set intentions for speaking, writing, or other communications, and maybe go on a short adventure. Try to figure out what’s behind any secret feelings of fear. Release yourself from any inner feelings of imprisonment; let your voice be heard.

Week of March 25th

Venus’ move into Pisces on Tuesday brings some shine back to your closet, your wallet, and your confidence. Mercury will still be retrograde conjunct Neptune for most of the week, and even after he stations direct on Thursday, the return to clarity will be gradual. Reflect on what you’ve learned about your money and values over the past few weeks. If you’ve been sucked back into old patterns of self-deception or self-doubt, are you ready to drop them? How do you plan to replace your old habits with new ones? Mull it over this week. On Sunday, Mars in Gemini ignites your creative spark.

Week of March 18th

The Spring Equinox full moon invites you on an adventure. It’s possible that a friend, partner, or teacher will join you on this journey. Follow what looks beautiful to you. Overcome insecurity about your ability to learn these lessons. You have a unique intelligence, an eccentric form of wisdom that always benefits the rest of the zodiac when you allow yourself to explore what is uncommon. Go beyond known boundaries this week.

Week of March 11th

If you feel self-doubt creeping in this week, look to your community for encouragement. Good friends will give you heart when the going gets tough. You have such large, optimistic dreams; they can’t all be accomplished immediately. Take good care of yourself—mind, body, and spirit—and slowly feel your way into this new era of reinvention. You will not stay trapped forever. Freedom is in your nature.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your value sector on Tuesday. This is an excellent time to clear your space of old possessions, re-commit to caring for your body by breaking unhealthy patterns with food or substances, or take another look at your finances. Consider how your life is aligned with what you value. If there are any misalignments, how could you bring yourself closer to what you care about? Wednesday’s new moon helps you to envision the bigger picture.

Uranus in Taurus will be calling you to make a home in the wilderness. He’s your modern ruling planet because you have so much in common: a taste for freedom and new ideas, a certain iconoclastic streak. So when Uranus moves in to shake up your idea of who you are, changing the very foundations of your life, it may feel quite natural to you. You’re ready to create more freedom at home, and grow in the direction of your natural vocation. Get ready for an earthquake that will knock down existing structures and return you to your natural habitat. If you can surrender to the intelligence of the universe at this time, The Great Awakener will point you in the right direction so that you can rise up. This is a lengthy process, taking place over the next seven years, so you have time to figure out what feels most natural to you.

Week of February 25th

You’ve been getting all kinds of serious insights from your dreams and reveries. It must be tough to keep opening closets and finding all of those skeletons. We all have them; yours are just knocking loudly on that locked door at the moment. Don’t hide what makes you different. Your own special brand of high strangeness inspires other people. When Venus moves into your sign on Friday, she encourages you to show off your unusual beauty.

Week of February 18th

Chiron is a teacher, and Aries is the sign in your house of learning, so it’s very likely that you will be deepening your studies over the next seven years. If you have siblings, wounds from that relationship could come up. You may be healing wounds around communication or your ability to learn. Chiron may show you where it hurts first, leaving you feeling vulnerable as you remember those incidents that left you scarred. Ultimately, though this will be a transit of loving your own intelligence and learning to communicate with confidence. Your thoughts matter. This week, Chiron’s teachings begin with a private meditation. You’re uncovering the wisdom of the unconscious with this full moon in Virgo. You’re confronting old fears and laying the past to rest. Writing or speaking with a trusted loved one will help you make sense of things this week.