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... a combination of a confidence booster, a wake-up call, and guidance towards the joyful life we all seek. Five star recommendation!
— Larramie P.

I offer horoscopes and chart consultations in the tradition of Evolutionary astrology.

As a personal coach, I also offer a unique combination of astrology and coaching (astrocoaching!) for clients who want to create significant change in their lives.

In a time when our society values speed and brevity, I stand for depth. I stand for the wisdom of intuition, for slowing down, and for speaking the truth in all of its messy complexity. My personal mission is to bring stillness, connection, creativity, and wisdom to every interaction with my clients. Together, we make space for the rediscovery of self and sovereignty.

I've had a lifelong obsession with astrology. My obsession intensified when I began studying astrology in earnest in 2012. I bring my background in anthropology and creative writing to the art of chart synthesis, weaving mythology and astrological fieldwork together into personally valuable stories with my clients.

All of my clients are invited to think of astrology as a tool for personal growth. In consultations, we map planetary cycles to illuminate personal patterns and transformative opportunities. Becoming aware of these hidden patterns allows one to work with the cosmic energy instead of against it, like a surfer riding a wave. To learn more about how I work, see my blog post on what to expect from an astrological consultation.

Why The Rebel Coach? I like people who do things differently. Nonconformists, artists, writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, wanderers, and all badly behaved womxn are welcome here! I also happen to be a practicing witch who is committed to offering coaching for the witchy, magical, and pagan communities. If you’re a magical person looking for a holistic coach who welcomes your spiritual path into the relationship, I want you to know that the door is open. This is a judgement-free zone, so anyone of any belief system is welcome to work with me.

I’m here to show people what is unique about them, to inspire them to be even more themselves, and to provide them with timing that aids them in their endeavors. Rebel Coaching is about your evolution. It's about accessing your power and finding your Work in the world. I would be honored to assist you with that sacred project.


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