This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

New Moon at 15.48 Libra: Oct. 8 at 11:47 pm

Mars out of shadow: Oct. 8

Venus Rx at 10 Scorpio square Mars at 10 Aquarius (exact): Oct. 10

Mercury enters Scorpio: Oct. 10

Mercury at 1 Scorpio opposite Uranus at 1 Taurus (exact): Oct. 10

Mercury at 2 Scorpio square the Nodes (exact): Oct. 11

Mercury at 3 Scorpio sextile Saturn at 3 Capricorn (exact): Oct. 12

Sun at 19 Libra square Pluto at 19 Capricorn (exact): Oct. 12

Weekly Moon


New Moon at 15.48 Libra: Oct. 8 at 11:47 pm

VOC Moon in Libra: Oct. 9 at 4:50 am - 12:09 am Oct. 10

Waxing Crescent Moon enters Scorpio: Oct. 10 at 12:09 am

VOC Moon in Scorpio: Oct. 11 at 7:12 pm - 5:52 am Oct. 12

Moon enters Sagittarius: Oct. 12 at 5:52 am

VOC Moon in Sagittarius: Oct. 13 at 8:58 pm - 3:16 pm Oct. 14

Moon enters Capricorn: Oct. 14 at 3:16 pm

Horoscopes are not a substitute for a full chart reading, but they are like markers along the path. My horoscopes are meant to provide some insight and inspiration. If you know your rising sign and sun sign, please read both.


Aries, tonight’s new moon in Libra invites you to reclaim your personal power in relationships. Business partnerships or relationships to bosses and coworkers, in particular, are likely to be a theme this week. Have you allowed someone else to make you feel that you are not the leader of your own career path? Have you deferred to someone else’s opinion too often when you would have made a different decision? Your ruler Mars is now out of shadow, inviting you to step into a leadership role for the community you have envisioned. Venus is inviting you to see and value the resources that you have at your disposal. You are wealthier than you think. Mid-week, after Mercury moves into Scorpio, you may be hit with a lightning-bolt style idea for increasing your resources. Stay open to inspiration. It is the light that other people will follow.


Taurus, tonight’s new moon in Libra invites you to reclaim your personal power in service to others. There is a fulfilling way to be of service. You can humbly give your gifts to others out of love, serving a community or idea that is larger than yourself. This way of serving gives you a place in that larger community, a purpose that is full of meaning. When you serve from a place of power, your acts of service do not drain you and others do not take your energy for granted. Reflect on what it would look like to serve your work and your relationships from a place of power. Investigate where you might be giving your power away--resentment and exhaustion are your clues to follow. Mid-week, you may partner in dynamic conversation with a significant other to re-balance the flow of energy between you. Acknowledge your own awakening out loud. Listen to what the other has to say. When in doubt about what to do, try serving yourself first.


Gemini, the new moon in Libra invites you to reclaim your creative power. All children are artists. Whether you consider yourself to be an artist now or not, you still have that capacity for full, un-self-conscious creative expression that once flowed through you all the time. Play with creativity this week. Practice allowing your unconscious to flow through to the creation without judgment. Giving yourself time to play as an adult is an act of self-love that will resonate throughout your life, offering you unexpected healing. As an act of self-love, mid-week, creatively envision the path ahead of you. What journeys would you like to take? Where do you imagine you could go if you perceived no obstacles? Spiritual insights and healing innovations may surprise you now.


Cancer, tonight’s new moon in Libra invites you to reclaim your power from a significant other. You tend to rely on friends and partners who are strong, dependable, and hardworking. This is part of the “shell” you use to protect your inner, emotional self from the harsher elements of the world. But you are stronger than you think. You have the resources you need to create your home and future. Rely on your own creativity this week. Look deep into the past and then re-vision home. Imagine the home you want. You can create this yourself, or if you are partnered, you can create it together. Balance the responsibility for possibility between you.


Leo, tonight’s new moon in Libra invites you to reclaim your power in your daily life. If how you spend your time is what you worship, are you worshipping something you deem worthy? Reflect on re-balancing your days so that your schedule speaks of a life lived in service to something you care about. This week may bring big changes to your way of thinking or speaking. You may be figuring out what you want at home with a partner, becoming inspired by new ideas, revealing big changes in your self-image, or changing your mind about work. This is a time of major awakening for you. Remember to slow down. The changes don’t all need to happen at once, even though they may feel urgent. Allow the inspiration to bless you. Allow the past to bless you. Allow your breath to bless you.


Virgo, tonight’s new moon in Libra invites you to reclaim your self-confidence. Children have innate self-love and total confidence, but somewhere along the line, most of us learn to doubt ourselves. Practice a childlike absorption in an activity, and you will find that you forget yourself as you confidently play with your curiosity. Play can restore that sense of love for yourself. This week, notice the ideas you come up with. Value them, celebrate them, and present them to others. There is a time for critical self-examination, and there is a time for growth and experimentation. Become a detective dedicated to finding out what you really think, before your inner critic begins talking. Look for that quieter, more childlike voice underneath all the other voices of self-doubt. Play with that.


Libra, this new moon begins a personal cycle of self-reflection. You are already deep into an investigation of what you value, involving mysterious questions of money, self-love, and confidence. This week, look at the question of value through the lens of your personal history, childhood, family, and ancestry. Historically, how have you thought about and felt about money, and how have you used it? How did people in your family make money, and how much did they have? How have the women in your family considered value: the value of a body, of a self, of a woman, of what she earns or spends? What pain arises when you consider these ideas? What happiness arises? All of these questions point back to your personal power. It’s never just about the money, so enter into dialogue with your past, your family members, your ancestors, and your inner child. Allow yourself to take some of these teachings with you, and leave some behind. Venus invites you to reclaim your self-possession.


Scorpio, this new moon gives full reign to the dark recesses of the imagination. Go inward at the beginning of this week. Allow yourself to experience your secret feelings, your deepest fears, and your most powerful emotions. Give these some expression: write, paint, draw, sing, speak, or dance out your fear, anger, sadness, shame, guilt, or regret. Astrologer and visionary activist Caroline Casey teaches us that once you have expressed an emotion fully, it can pass through you, and you are left with a lesson reflected back at you through the artwork/story/dance you created. Your darker feelings have something important to teach you. When Mercury moves into your sign on Wednesday, you may feel even more capable of communicating what you really think. You are radically rearranging your thoughts, and therefore your world. Choose a dynamic partner for this adventure in deep thinking.


Sagittarius, this new moon begins a cycle of reflecting on your hopes and dreams. Venus retrograde is recovering enchantment in your realm of imagination, reminding you of past fantasies and dreams deferred. It is telling that the house where you experience this new moon, the 11th, is the house of community: we create the dream together, not alone. What imaginary future seduces you still, and who is with you to start building on that hope? Reclaim the personal power and self-confidence you need to ask for help creating the dream. A community is always a future in the making. Meditate on these metaphors at the beginning of the week. Mid-week, you may start to feel that you have some words to give voice to this ineffable vision of yours. Yes, it is possible. Imagination always precedes reality.


Capricorn, you always have the power to transform your reputation. This week’s new moon in Libra begins a lunar cycle of reflection on your legacy. As you transform, however privately, the world eventually notices and catches up with you. Now that the Mars retrograde cycle has led you to a greater understanding of what you value and renewed your confidence, it’s time to consider how these values fit into your career. Meditate on attracting what you want in your professional life, your home life, and the way you would like to be known. Mid-week, after Mercury enters Scorpio, you may find yourself investigating newly awakened creative impulses. New people may lead you to discovery, as you continually reinvent what you do. Seek a community of people who share your deep curiosity.


Aquarius, this week’s new moon in Libra invites you to reclaim your hidden power and use it for courage on your travels. Intellectual, spiritual, or physical journeys may feature into this week, which is all about innovation and exploration. Form partnerships with those who seek similar beauty. It’s most important that you acknowledge your own power. We give it away when we allow others to make decisions for us, when we believe that we cannot affect change in our lives, or when we fear the darker parts of ourselves. Invite your power back in, darkness and all. Mid-week, after Mercury enters Scorpio, it’s like a lightning rod activated in your life. Zing! Suddenly, everyone sees the brilliance that awakened within your soul this spring. Let the electrical current of ideas inspire you. Envision a future in which you are fully awake, with no blocks to your success.


Pisces, this week’s new moon in Libra asks you to reclaim your power from others, particularly in intimate relationships. Sharing a bank account, debt, or portfolio with a partner is not always easy. Sex can be complicated, full of unspoken desires, fears, history, and power dynamics. We act out larger societal questions through our most private lives, and our private lives become part of the fabric of society. As the sign of consciousness, you understand how the personal and the social are woven together. This week, take back some power in your private life. Investigate the shadowy corners of your own unconscious, that of your partners’, and that of the collective. Name the darkness, because this is a step on the journey towards recognizing wholeness. Mid-week, you may be inspired with unusual words for the healing of yourself and others. Stay open to creating a deeper understanding through intimate conversations.