This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Sun at 0 Libra opposite Chiron at 0 Aries (exact): Sept. 23

Mercury at 3 Libra square Saturn at 3 Capricorn (exact): Sept. 23

Mercury at 3 Libra trine Mars at 3 Aquarius (exact): Sept. 23

Mercury at 3 Libra sextile north node at 3 Leo (exact): Sept. 23

Full Moon at 1.59 Aries: Sept. 24 at 10:52 pm

Sun at 3 Libra sextile north node at 3 Leo (exact): Sept. 25

Sun at 3 Libra square Saturn at 3 Capricorn (exact): Sept. 25

Chiron Rx enters Pisces: Sept. 25

Sun at 5 Libra trine Mars at 5 Aquarius (exact): Sept. 27

Pluto stations direct at 18 Capricorn: Sept. 30

Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (applying): Sept. 29 - Oct. 6

Exact Oct. 2

Venus square Mars (applying): Aug. 30 - Oct. 19

Exact Oct. 10

This Week’s Minor Aspects

Venus in Scorpio square the nodes (separating): Sept. 9 - 27

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (separating): Apr. 5 - Oct. 1

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (separating): Aug. 16 - Oct. 3

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (separating): Sept. 11 - Oct. 5

Mars conjunct south node in Aquarius (separating): Sept. 11 - Oct. 8

Saturn at 3 Capricorn quincunx north node at 3 Leo: Sept. 23

Jupiter at 21 Scorpio quintile south node at 3 Aquarius: Sept. 23

Sun at 2 Libra quincunx Uranus at 2 Taurus: Sept. 24

Mercury at 6 Libra semisquare Jupiter at 21 Scorpio: Sept. 25

Mercury at 10 Libra semisextile Venus at 10 Scorpio: Sept. 27

Weekly Moon


VOC Moon in Pisces: Sept. 24 from 1:25 am to 7:03 pm

Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Aries: Sept. 24 at 7:03 pm

Full Moon at 1.59 Aries: Sept. 24 at 10:52 pm

VOC Moon in Aries: Sept. 26 at 6:28 am - 3:15 am Sept. 27

Waning Gibbous Moon enters Taurus: Sept. 27 at 3:15 am

VOC Moon in Taurus: Sept. 28 at 6:36 pm - 9:25 am Sept. 29

Moon enters Gemini: Sept. 29 at 9:25 am

Horoscopes are not a substitute for a full chart reading, but they are like markers along the path. My horoscopes are meant to provide some insight and inspiration. If you know your rising sign and sun sign, please read both.


Aries, you are the sign of selfhood, which means that it’s your responsibility to show others how to put themselves first. As long as you’re not using or ignoring other people, it’s not egotistical. Taking charge of your own life is basic self-care. Speaking up for yourself is self-care. This week will probably require you to do both. A part of you that feels too vulnerable to be shown to others may be put in the spotlight now. Even strong warriors prefer the safety of armor that covers their sensitive, fragile bodies. At Monday’s full moon, without armor to wear, sensitivity becomes a strength. Be honest about yourself and let that truth become a part of the larger reputation you’re building. If it feels like doing battle, make sure you have a safe space to rest afterwards. Chiron leaves your sign on Tuesday, signifying the last leg of a cycle that heals hidden wounds of the spirit. We all thirst for some kind of spiritual life. Find the water you seek and drink from it without shame.


Taurus, with so much emphasis on your career and your path, no doubt you’ve been working hard. Busy days may help your vocational aspirations, but they can take a toll on your health this week, too, if you’re not careful. Try to achieve some balance between work and rest. Some hidden truth could cause you pain at the full moon in Aries. Ultimately, facing the truth honestly draws out the poison and helps you to heal. This is a journey of the spirit. It’s likely to be a very private full moon for you, as you sit with the wounded parts of yourself and imagine them into wholeness. The rest of the world will probably only see how you’re killing it at work--which you are. But the inner work is the real challenge to accept this week. Ask for the aid of spirit guides to help you confront the pain.


Gemini, this week you reach deep within yourself and draw on all of your power to create something that you share with your community. Memories of past rejection have left wounds that beg to be healed now. You have fabulous ideas to share. You have the eternal powers of creation at your disposal. You have your own magic, something nobody else can replicate. Knowing that you will probably experience rejection more than once in your life, use your courage to share this magic anyway. Create something that you find beautiful. Find the people to whom you can show your true self, and show them. There is enormous healing in knowing you belong, even as you know that we’re all a little bit different. Keep making things.


Cancer, you love to hide in your shell, and this week will force you to come out of it. Being nakedly honest will heal you this week, even if having a truth revealed might feel like the worst thing that could possibly happen to you. To follow a vocation, you have to follow your truth. If something in your career or the legacy you’re leaving doesn’t feel right for you anymore, it’s time to find another way. The only path to maturity is the hard path of personal growth, gaining self-knowledge and being honest with yourself. Let Monday’s full moon show you what you’ve outgrown so that you can continue on this path. You can find a way to heal this pain of growing, by being even more yourself. Fight for that.


Leo, public speaking, teaching, or any kind of intellectual/spiritual journey calls your attention this week. You are healing a wound created by memories of school. Whether you were a good student, you struggled in school, or you felt alienated in other ways, your past feels very present now. At Monday’s full moon in Aries, acknowledge the past and look at how far you’ve come. Old teachings must die so that new thoughts can be formed. If you’re once again embarking on the path of the student, or growing into a role of teaching/speaking to others, the transition can make you feel vulnerable. You have words of wisdom to offer. Balance your ideas and measure your teachings thoughtfully. Mindfulness practices can help you navigate this territory.


Virgo, your work is to balance your resources carefully this week. Time, energy, money, and other things of value must be used wisely as you navigate the challenges of this full moon in Aries. You are being called to heal an ancestral wound now. Some historical, mysterious pain is yours to alchemize into beauty. Where you don’t feel powerful, you must empower yourself. Your strength is in your ability to chop wood and carry water--meaning that you do the daily, mundane tasks of life so well that you bring them to a spiritual level. Use that talent for mindfulness now. Accept offers of help where they are given, as this is not easy work to do alone. You may feel like your capacity for play or creativity is dampened somehow by a lack, or by some pain. That’s the wound to address. Heal it so that others can be healed as well.


Libra, it’s such a challenge to have your sun or ascendant in the sign of other people. Every definition of self depends on someone else. It can be hard to know who you are without considering your partner(s), friends, and family members. This full moon is about remembering who you are, and sharing that with someone significant in your life. It’s a common fear that revealing your true self will result in rejection from others. Still, the people who love you will stick around when they know the real you, even when they’ve seen you at your worst. Partnerships or friendships that aren’t strong enough to withstand the test of time may be revealed to some of you this week. Others who are single may be feeling the insecurity that comes from constantly being told you will find true fulfillment through romantic love. Still others will see a relationship grow through a challenging shared experience. Feel all of it. You are whole and unique all on your own. Relate as honestly as possible now.


Scorpio, secret knowledge is your favorite kind, but some secrets can be toxic. Know what is necessary to hide and what is poisonous this week, as the full moon pushes you to heal. So much of illness is psychosomatic. Which is not to say that you’re imagining illness, but that there is more to healing than the material effects of medicine on the body. Sharing secrets with family members may feel revolutionary now. Thoughts that have been weighing on you become less heavy when you share them. In return, those family members may have something to share with you. Offering a listening ear without judgment is powerful medicine for both of you. Rest and spiritual activities do more to heal your body than you may think. You are discovering a new kind of medicine for yourself. Perhaps once you know this treatment well, you can share it with others. First, attend to your own healing.


Sagittarius, “just be yourself” is not a clear directive for anyone, especially when our selves are always changing. Still, you have the best chance of meeting people you feel truly connected with at the heart level when you are as true as you can be. One of the most difficult ways of sharing your truth and connecting with others is through art. You have to be entirely vulnerable and raw to create something real. And then, to share it with other people at the risk of rejection requires great courage. Stay true to your core values this week. If it means making or saying something that turns out to be unpopular, stand by your creation. The people who understand will find you. What you are doing is bigger than money. However, there could be some income in it for you if you do the work. Commit yourself to the purest expression you can find.


Capricorn, something painfully honest is begging to be heard with the full moon in Aries this week. An old family wound is ready to be healed, as you take on the role of a parent to your own children or even for yourself. Your natural maturity is an asset now. Others can rely on you to follow through on your responsibilities. Though people know they can always count on you, it’s important to be honest with yourself, too. Don’t bury your own truth in order to help others. This week is about wrestling with the darker side of home and family. Honesty is deep medicine. So is taking care of yourself, and being true to yourself, even when it changes the status quo. Investigate the past. Speak with family members. Let your reputation and legacy reflect the whole of you.


Aquarius, the messages that others give us often become the messages that we give to ourselves over and over again, and they become so deeply ingrained that we don’t even notice. Painful thoughts of not being “good enough” in some way are ready to be forgotten this week. Learn some new affirmations to reroute these old neural pathways. Mindfulness practices support you throughout this transition. Some path of spirituality, learning, or travel is open to you now. Continuing on this path requires you to let go of old stories so that you can start telling new ones. You are as limitless as you believe you are. Request help from a spirit guide as you undergo internal transformation. This is hard work. After this summer, you are definitely up to the task. Speak well of yourself.


Pisces, your values and confidence are being challenged with this week’s full moon. What do you really value? It is likely to be different from what the world wants you to value. Being honest about this may feel like a threat to your safety and security. It’s possible that you will have to do without some money, or at least spend some, in order to address your real goals. Whatever it is that you ultimately want to build, it requires your belief in yourself and all of the resources that you have to accomplish a dream. Get creative about how you might get something done. Your community can be more supportive than you realize. Accept help when it is offered. On Tuesday, Chiron moves back into your sign, signaling the final leg of a cycle that has you confronting collective and spiritual wounds. As a natural healer, you are ready to alchemize this pain into beauty.