Saturday, February 17 - Friday, February 23

This Week’s Major Transits

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mars at 13 Sagittarius square Neptune at 13 Pisces (Exact): Feb. 17

Mercury conjunct Sun at 29 Aquarius (Exact): Feb. 17

Mercury enters Pisces: Feb. 17

Sun enters Pisces: Feb. 18

Mars at 14 Sagittarius trine North Node at 14 Leo (Exact): Feb. 18

Venus conjunct Neptune at 13 Pisces (Exact): Feb. 21

Mercury at 6 Pisces sextile Saturn at 6 Sagittarius: Feb. 21

Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius (applying): Feb. 15 - Mar. 6

Exact Feb. 25

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces (applying): Feb. 21 - 28

Exact Feb. 25


This Week’s Minor Transits

Venus at 10 Pisces semisquare Uranus at 25 Aries: Feb. 18

Mercury at 4 Pisces semisquare Pluto at 20 Capricorn: Feb. 20

Mars conjunct asteroid Vesta in Sagittarius: Feb. 20 - Mar. 3

Exact Feb. 23

Venus at 16 Pisces quintile Saturn at 7 Capricorn: Feb. 23

Sun at 5 Pisces semisquare Pluto at 21 Capricorn: Feb. 23

Mercury at 10 Pisces semisquare Uranus at 25 Aries: Feb. 23

Juno enters Pisces: Feb. 23


Weekly Moon

First Quarter

New Moon into Pisces: Feb. 15 at 9:41 pm

VOC (Crescent) Moon in Pisces: Feb. 17 at 5:13 pm to 7:04 am on Feb. 18

Waxing Crescent Moon enters Aries: Feb. 18 at 7:04 am

VOC Moon in Aries: Feb. 20 from 6:11 am - 2:11 pm

Moon enters Taurus: Feb. 20 at 2:11 pm

VOC Moon in Taurus: Feb. 22 from 6:45 am - 7:07 pm

Moon enters Gemini: Feb. 22 at 7:07 pm

First Quarter Moon in Gemini: Feb. 23



Aries, the way is open. Mars in Sagittarius is the star of your week, driving you to seek ever more adventure. Journeys, especially those of a spiritual or interior nature, fit the theme as Mars squares Neptune exactly on Saturday. If you don’t already have a meditation practice and some knowledge of journeywork, consider learning more about this now. Red is your color; I see Jung’s The Red Book playing a role here. Fire meditation or candle scrying could be another way of reaching the unseen. Some of you may have your worldview expanded through physical travel to foreign lands or formal education, too. Your dreams this week may be rich and lively, even more than usual. Mercury and the sun enter Pisces this weekend, and Venus is approaching a conjunction with Neptune (exact on Wednesday). As Neptune is the ruler of both Pisces and the twelfth house, this long-term Neptune transit of 2012 - 2025 is truly mystical for you. When Venus and Neptune meet, the result is glamour, glitter, and fairy dust. Venus is also squaring Mars (exact next Sunday), suggesting passion and creative tension. You may learn something from an important guide this week.

On Sunday, Mars also makes a trine to the North Node in Leo, which creates a grand fire trine with your sign. Creative inspiration is still very much available to you, and you have a level of passion that motivates you to follow through on ideas. In addition, Mars is conjunct asteroid Vesta in Sagittarius, an aspect that is exact on Friday. Vesta keeps the hearth fires going, and indicates focus and dedication in the area of the chart where she transits. When she and Mars meet, that hearth fire can really get going. A combination of fire and water this year makes me think of the phrase “your pot boileth over.” It was originally an idiom similar to “your cup runneth over,” indicating that you were blessed with many good things, but over time the meaning has shifted to suggest emotions escalating out of control. Either could be true this week. Access the gift of spiritual abundance that overflows your pot, and direct the heat of your passions there.


Taurus, you’re moving past an intense eclipse season of changes on the home front and figuring out your path. You get a bit of a reprieve now, as Mercury moves into Pisces on Saturday and the sun follows on Sunday. Venus joins Neptune here this week, an aspect that’s exact on Wednesday, making your connections with other people very attractive now. If you have the opportunity to attend a glamorous event, an art opening, musical or theater performance, or a spiritual gathering, take advantage of the current astrology. Venus together with Neptune adds an extra glow to any party or event you join. It may be that you’re following dreams, or meeting people who can grant some of your wishes.

The dark side of Venus and Neptune together can be deception, especially in love, so do be careful not to make naive decisions. Stay on the light side and enjoy all that this romantic aspect has to offer, keeping in mind that things are not always as they seem. Mars is squaring Neptune and Venus from Sagittarius this week too: Neptune exactly on Saturday (the 17th), and Venus exactly on the 25th. Mars transiting your eighth house brings up some deep feelings and intense desires. You need other people to help you navigate this, especially if you’re beginning to feel somewhat out of control following this eclipse season. Participate in your community for a sense of groundedness and belonging. Other people are likely to see you as a stable force, someone who is hardly ever ruffled and can be depended on, but doesn’t need a lot of help. You might need to reach out before people realize that you’re more sensitive than you seem at first. You could meet some kindred spirits this week, people who share some of your passions. Those connections may play a role in transforming you, or your current transformation could lead you to seek out new communities entirely. Enjoy your social scene.


Gemini, Mercury is still traveling with the sun this week, illuminating your natural curiosity. Mercury meets the sun exactly at the last degree of Aquarius on Saturday, before entering Pisces, and your house of vocation. The sun, of course, follows on Sunday. Plus, Venus is meeting Neptune in that same sign (exact on Wednesday), making this week one to focus on your career and public image. When Venus meets Neptune, there’s an enchanting quality to the things that happen. You have the power to bewitch the public or charm your way into a career-changing meeting this week. Mercury will also sextile Saturn on Wednesday, suggesting that you can access your power and speak seriously, and your words will appeal to others. Your ruling planet is moving into a conjunction with Neptune as well, an aspect that will be exact on the 25th, charming your already silver tongue. Just make sure you have the skills to back up your words, because the spell will eventually lift.

Mars’ square to Neptune is exact on Saturday (the 17th), suggesting that a significant friend or partner could help you in your vocation. Alternatively, some confusion about your direction could be causing friction with a partner. Venus squares Mars this week too (exact on the 25th). Collaborate as much as possible to bring your passion projects to fruition. Neptune in Pisces (2012 - 2025) suggests that people who don’t know you well may project qualities onto you, seeing who they want you to be instead of who you are. Follow the intuition and hold your vision (even if it’s incomplete), instead of letting someone else run the show based on their idea of you. This is a week to step into the role you want to fill.


Cancer, you’ve made it through a potentially emotional eclipse season, and this week we enter Pisces season: a time when planets transiting through your fellow water sign make beautiful aspects to your chart. Mercury enters Pisces on Saturday, and the sun follows on Sunday, filling up your house of exploration with a total of six celestial bodies, including the moon. The big news this week for you is Venus meeting Neptune (exact on Wednesday), a dreamy, creative, and romantic aspect that can enchant your imagination. Journeys to luxury destinations (or even just a new restaurant), art openings, film, theater, and spiritual experiences will be attractive to you now. Let the appeal of something new and beautiful lure you out of your comfortable home.

All of this watery energy could have you feeling especially intuitive and creative now. Mercury is following Venus into his own conjunction with Neptune this week, an aspect that will be exact on the 25th. Reading or writing yourself into a fantasy world may be the appeal of the journey. It’s not all water, though. There are some significant aspects from fiery Mars in Sagittarius, camping out with asteroid Vesta in your house of daily routine. Mars squares Neptune exactly on Saturday (the 17th), and an applying square to Venus this week will be exact on the 25th. This suggests that your daily routine could leave less time than you would like for fantasy and romance. Ideally, you will be structuring a daily ritual around these journeys you want to take, keeping your passion for exploration alive. You are likely to be very busy for the next month, as Mars continues to transit Sagittarius. Make time to feed your curiosity.


Leo, you’ve just made it through the second eclipse in a season of negotiating your relationship to yourself, as well as your relationships to friends and partners. That theme continues on an even more intimate level this week. Mercury meets the sun exactly at the last degree of Aquarius on Saturday, igniting quick realizations and possibly a conversation with a significant other, before he moves into your mysterious eighth house. The sun follows on his winged heels, entering Pisces on Sunday. Venus is already in your eighth, in a conjunction with Neptune that will be exact on Wednesday. The eighth house contains all of the unknowable, even things you don’t know about yourself. It’s where we give up control and allow life’s events to change us, allow contact with other people to transform us. It describes, in some ways, how you share your life with other people. Your style is romantic, tending towards an absolute marriage of souls. With Neptune here (2012 - 2025), the romance is heightened, but so is the confusion that goes along with the mystery of this house. Venus meeting Neptune here makes the fantasy that much more attractive.

Mars is also squaring Neptune, exact on Saturday (the 17th). Mars livening up your house of romance creates a tense challenge to any confusion or deception that might be happening in your most intimate relationships. Mars squares Venus this week as well (exact on the 25th), creating passion here, too, though. It may be a little bit of love-hate this week. On another level, these aspects between the fifth and eighth houses could mean that you have an open gateway to the collective unconscious, a beautiful fantasy you can tap into for your creative work. Mercury gets closer to Neptune as Venus floats away, making his exact conjunction on the 25th. You may have the gift of pulling words and images from the pool of inspiration this week.


Virgo, Mercury makes his exact conjunction to the sun on Saturday, at the very last degree of Aquarius, before moving into Pisces. Pay attention to the parting words about your health or work. The sun follows Mercury into Pisces on Sunday, so now you have a full stellium of planets in your seventh house of significant friends and partners. Venus is already here, making a conjunction with Neptune that will be exact on Wednesday. This is a romantic, magnetic aspect that could have you very much in love with love this week. On the other side of this, though, you may be struggling in a relationship with deception, or a savior-martyr dynamic that isn’t serving either of you. At best, you’re reaching a more spiritual level in relationships where you’re learning to accept the imperfections of others.

Mars is also squaring Neptune (exact on Saturday) and Venus (exact on the 25th). This challenges things a bit, as past hurts come up, and conflict at home could affect a relationship. Mercury sextile Saturn on Wednesday suggests that you may find the words to have a serious conversation with someone you love. As Mercury moves into conjunction with Neptune (exact on the 25th), you are beginning to see some of the patterns in your relationships since Neptune began transiting Pisces in 2012. You’re about halfway through this 13-year transit, making this a good year to step back and reflect on what’s happened so far. Idealism, too much sacrifice, and self-deception are some of the potential pitfalls of this transit. The potential gifts, though, include greater spiritual understanding, acceptance of self and others, and dissolving the ego. How can you honor yourself and still honor others this week?


Libra, Mercury meets the sun exactly at the last degree of Aquarius on Saturday morning, sending one last message about joy before moving on to Pisces. The sun follows him into your sixth house of health, work, and daily routine on Sunday. With Mars in Sagittarius giving you all kinds of ideas, and a full stellium in your sixth house, you’re likely to be very busy right now. The Venus-Neptune conjunction is the highlight of it all for you. This aspect is especially potent in the beginning of the week, and exact on Wednesday. For you, this aspect suggests sensitivity, and a need for peace, harmony, and compassion in your daily life this week. Mars squaring Neptune (exact on Saturday) and Venus (exact on the 25th) is pushing you to keep running with all of your plans and hurrying along communications with others so that they might become confusing. Practice some self-compassion; do your best to relax this week. Wait on half-baked plans and let go of anything that’s not a priority. It will be good for your health. Plus, work will be more enjoyable.

Mercury is also conjunct Neptune starting Wednesday, an aspect that will be exact on the 25th. You may have imaginative ideas. Certainly, all of these conjunctions to Neptune provide an alluring environment for ritual and magical practice. Just closing your eyes and visualizing what you want before starting each day could have an amazing effect this week. Make room for daydreaming in your work, as it could lead to something. Venus’ creative quintile to Saturn on Friday suggests that you could find some value in some discipline or restriction, which may even become a foundation that creates harmony in your daily life.


Scorpio, Mercury sends one last message about your home when he meets the sun exactly on Saturday morning, then enters Pisces on Saturday night. The sun follows on Sunday. For the rest of the week, you have a major stellium in your fellow water sign, implying that this could be a creative, inspiring, and potentially romantic week for you. Mars squares Neptune exactly on Saturday, indicating a potential conflict between the resources you have to spend and the fun you want to have, but also the opportunity to put your talents to the test. Be confident in expressing yourself this week. Mars’ trine to the North Node in Leo on Sunday suggests that recognition for those talents could come easily.

Venus meets Neptune this week (exact on Wednesday), in an enchanting aspect that could have you feeling especially romantic. Fantastic ideas, enchanting fun, and love are all possible here. Mars is also squaring Venus, an aspect that will be exact on the 25th. This may create some tension, again, between what you’d like to do and how much you can afford. It could also be another challenge to put your passion, values, and/or talents to the test. Aspire to your full potential. With Mars conjunct asteroid Vesta, exact on Friday, you’re defending what you value and going after what you want. If spending is not the issue, money could come your way this week. Mercury follows Venus into his own conjunction with Neptune, exact on the 25th, indicating that beautiful ideas continue to inspire you all week.


Sagittarius, the allure of the past beckons this week as you confront all of your former selves on the way to forming your current identity. Mars squares Neptune on Saturday (the 17th), reminding you of how sensitive you’ve been feeling lately. This aspect also helps you to identify what you want to take with you from the past to create the present. You get to choose what you bring and what you leave behind. Mercury enters Pisces on Saturday evening, and the sun follows on Sunday. This weekend, especially with the moon transiting through Pisces and adding some extra emotional energy to the stellium, you may feel tender. You might stay home and have meaningful conversations with family, or retreat to your own room to think. Mars’ exact trine to the North Node in Leo on Sunday can lead you to seek knowledge that expands your understanding of yourself.

Venus meets Neptune this week, an enchanting aspect that will be exact on Wednesday. Home could be a beautiful place this week. You might be making it so literally, or feeling it emotionally. It could be a nice week for getting outside and appreciating the wonder of the place you call home. Mars squares Venus (exact on the 25th), showing that your current confidence and self-assertion could create some tension with a family member. It also suggests a passion for finding out more about who you are, about your ancestors, about the people and places that have shaped you. Mars is moving through your sign with asteroid Vesta, making an exact conjunction on Friday. You’re really on fire right now, and on another level, you’re keeping your own hearth fires burning, dreaming your own sense of home into being. Mercury moves into a conjunction with Neptune that will be exact on the 25th, indicating that poetic synchronicities could occur.


Capricorn, ditch work and take a short trip this week if you can. Even a day trip to a town nearby can feel magical and inspiring right now. Mars’ square to Neptune is exact on Saturday, suggesting creative tension that activates your imagination and pushes you to communicate your thoughts. Mercury moves into Pisces on Saturday, and the sun follows on Sunday, creating a swell of planets in your poetic third house, enhanced by the moon’s transit of Pisces this weekend. Venus is meeting Neptune here this week, a charming aspect that will be exact on Wednesday. Beautiful artwork, enchanting dreams, music, poetry, film, and theater are all possible outlets for you with this transit. Whether you are an artist in your own right, or you would prefer to visit a museum or theater, make some time for artistic expression. Mars is squaring Venus (exact on the 25th), increasing your passion for the waking dream.

On Wednesday, Mercury’s sextile to Saturn in your sign suggests that you can express your own thoughts or plans in serious, yet beautiful, ways. Like Venus, Mercury is moving into a conjunction with Neptune (exact on the 25th), suggesting that a muse could gift you with elegant language this week. Venus makes a creative quintile to Saturn on Friday, signaling that some restraint or discipline on your part could have a beautiful result. Follow your intuition where it takes you. Loosen your plans in favor of serendipity.


Aquarius, you’ve just been through an intense eclipse season of figuring out yourself and your relationships to other people, and now the cosmos continues in a similar fashion by asking you to think about how you value yourself. Mercury makes an exact conjunction to the sun in the last degree of your sign before moving into Pisces on Saturday. Pay attention to that last little message about the self you are becoming. The sun moves into Pisces on Sunday, officially beginning Pisces season. This weekend, especially with the moon transiting this house, you may feel some sensitivity to self-doubt. Alternatively, you might feel sensitive to the plights of others and want to give your time and resources to a charitable cause.

Neptune’s transit of your second house (2012 - 2025) is all about changing your value system, as I mentioned in your monthly horoscope. There is a beautiful possibility here for becoming even more generous, giving, and compassionate. Unfortunately there is also the possibility of giving too much, of deluding yourself about money or being conned out of it, so do be careful. You’re halfway through this transit, and Venus is moving with Neptune this week, forming an exact conjunction on Wednesday. See how enchanting you are to others; practice your confidence. But keep your money in your bank account this week so as not to have it charmed out of you by others. You can give of yourself in less material ways. On the other hand, money could come to you in an unexpected way that makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale. With Mars squaring Venus and Mercury headed into conjunction with Neptune (both exact on the 25th), imagine what your value-centered life would look like. You may even write it down, journaling as if it’s already happening. Both Mercury’s sextile to Saturn on Wednesday and Venus’ quintile to Saturn on Friday suggest that what you build in your imagination can be made real: choose confidence over fear.


Pisces, happy birthday! You’ve just been through an intensely private eclipse season that required you to hermit, retreat to your imagination, and take care of your health even as you may have dealt with a busy work schedule. Mars makes an exact square to Neptune, your modern ruler, on Saturday, emphasizing some of the stress you feel about your vocational direction. This tense aspect challenges you to put some of your dreams into action. With Neptune in your sign, it’s not always clear where you’re going; you have to follow your intuitive compass and trust the adventure. On Saturday, you also have Mercury’s entry into your sign. This increases your powers of communication.

The sun follows Mercury into Pisces on Sunday and beckons you to come out of your eclipse season hiding place. You’re about to be the center of attention, as Venus moves towards her meeting with Neptune on Wednesday. This is a gorgeous, romantic aspect that speaks of numinous experiences, artwork, music, fairy tales, and the glow of love. Enjoy what brings you pleasure. Others may see you as especially glamorous and attractive now. Venus is also squaring Mars, an aspect that will be exact next Sunday, which amps up your passion for your vocational and public activities. Meanwhile, Mercury is getting closer to Neptune (exact next Sunday) endowing you not just with powers of communication, but also with poetic words. If you perform in any capacity, you could make quite a splash this week.