This Week’s Major Transits

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus at 13 Aries trine North Node at 13 Leo: Mar. 17

New Moon at 26.53 Pisces: Mar. 17 at 9:11 am

Mars enters Capricorn: Mar. 17

Sun conjunct Chiron at 28 Pisces (exact): Mar. 18

Mercury conjunct Venus at 16 Aries (exact): Mar. 20

Sun enters Aries (Spring Equinox): Mar. 20

Mercury stations retrograde at 16.54 Aries: Mar. 22

Venus at 21 Aries square Pluto at 21 Capricorn (exact): Mar. 23


This Week’s Minor Transits

Venus at 14 Aries semisextile Neptune at 14 Pisces: Mar. 18

Mars at 3 Capricorn quintile Neptune at 14 Pisces: Mar. 22

Sun at 3 Aries quintile Pluto at 21 Capricorn: Mar. 23


Weekly Moon


New Moon at 26.53 Pisces: Mar. 17 at 9:11 am

VOC Moon in Pisces: Mar. 17 from 9:11 am - 2:56 pm

Waxing Crescent Moon enters Aries: Mar. 17 at 2:56 pm

VOC Moon in Aries: Mar. 19 from 3:28 - 9:06 pm

Moon enters Taurus: Mar. 19 at 9:06 pm

VOC Moon in Taurus: Mar. 21 at 1:20 pm to 1:29 am Mar. 22

Moon enters Gemini: Mar. 22 at 1:29 am

VOC Moon in Gemini: Mar. 23 at 11:52 pm to 4:52 am Mar. 24


Aries, Saturday’s new moon for you is a very private one. Conjunct Chiron, you are encountering something particularly painful, a fear that keeps part of you in hiding. The Mars-Chiron square of last week is still active here. There are opportunities that you can’t see yet, because you’re not looking. Tune into inner guidance this weekend. Find out what it is you need in order to move forward in this cycle of renewal. Your ruler Mars moves into Capricorn on Saturday, too, making an immediate conjunction with Saturn. Saturn in Capricorn for the next three years is all about discipline in your career, honesty, and authenticity. If something about your career is inauthentic to you, Saturn will let you know. Mars is exalted in this sign, meaning that he works particularly well here. The goal-oriented energy of Capricorn couples perfectly with Mars’ drive and thirst for victory. Use Saturn and Mars in Capricorn to move mountains in your area of vocation.

Mercury and Venus have been traveling through Aries together, and they meet exactly on Tuesday. This is a little boost of attractiveness for you. Your words have the potential to be eloquent and you look great! Plus, the sun moves into your sign on the same day, signaling Spring Equinox and the beginning of your season. Show yourself a little love by doing something fun on Tuesday. After an emotional Pisces season, it’s time to celebrate you. Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on Thursday. This Mercury retrograde (through April 15th) is a time to do some spring cleaning on your self-image. Out with the old ideas about yourself and in with the new. You’re always growing and changing, so there are always cycles of updating your image to match your Now. This is one of them. You could take this quite literally by cleaning out your closet and donating clothes that no longer speak to you. As Mercury rules commerce, wait until after April 15th to add new clothes to your wardrobe if you can. Spend the time in between thinking about the image that best matches your current self. This advice applies to haircuts, personal or company brands, and how you carry yourself too. Friday’s Venus-Pluto square is suggestive of the power that your image can have.


Taurus, the new moon in Pisces on Saturday may help you heal around the idea that you, too, can receive gifts. Learning to receive is as important a practice as giving to others. How might you have been uncomfortable with receiving love from others, gifts from others, even having your wishes granted? You’re worthy of your desires. Allow yourself to believe that you can have what you want. On the same day, Mars moves into your fellow earth sign of Capricorn, making an immediate conjunction with Saturn. Saturn in Capricorn for you is about seriously exploring and seeking knowledge. You’re laying a new path for yourself, brick by brick. Mars does particularly well in this sign, as his drive matches with Capricorn’s desire for success. This combination says, “get to work.” You may be buckling down in school, making concrete plans for travel, publishing something or otherwise doing work in media, or taking your spiritual path seriously. This ties right in with being able to receive what you want. Continue laying bricks on the path that moves in the direction of your joy.

Venus and Mercury meet each other in Aries on Tuesday. Privately, this is a beautiful day to speak your vision. Write or speak what you want, but keep it to yourself for now. Connection with a spirit guide or an Earth-bound kindred spirit is possible on Tuesday. The sun also moves into Aries that day, signaling the Spring Equinox and the beginning of Aries season. Spring always begins with a good spring cleaning! This is the case starting Thursday, when Mercury stations retrograde. This Rx (through April 15th) is a time for you to clean out all of your old fears, all of the stale visions that you used to have for yourself, and leave space to imagine something new. It’s a highly imaginative time for you, one where dreaming and doodling will pay off. On Friday, Venus square Pluto says that what you envision privately transforms your real opportunities. You may encounter people with whom you have a spiritual connection, and they could play a part in directing your path.


Gemini, Mars’ square to Chiron last week and Saturday’s new moon conjunct Chiron may have brought up a wound related to your career, vocation, or public image. What fears do you need to be able to heal in order to move forward? How can you project an image to the world that is true to who you are? Confusion about where you want to go may be the root of this pain for some of you. This is an all-weekend thing. Go easy on yourself. You might prefer a quieter St. Patrick’s Day. Also on Saturday, Mars enters Capricorn and immediately makes a conjunction with Saturn. I have to tell you that this combination of planets transiting your eighth house suggests some financial restriction. You may have already felt some with Saturn in Capricorn anyway. Regardless of your situation, be responsible with your money. As long as you are disciplined, Saturn and Mars can work well together.

Saturn in Capricorn is about transformation for you, and that always begins with loss of some sort (not necessarily financial loss). In the next three years, you’ll be stripping away anything inauthentic and taking a direct, unflinching look into your own soul. Mars here amplifies that process for a little while. Think about what you want to let go of and transform as we approach Spring Equinox on Tuesday. Mercury meets Venus in Aries exactly on that day, providing a wonderful setup for you to meet someone who may help you realize your hopes. It’s likely a fun day for socializing (more fun than the weekend, actually). It’s also a good one for articulating your dreams, whether to yourself or someone you trust. Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday. This Rx (through April 15th) is a spring cleaning of your old dreams to make way for the new. This goes right along with a shift in who you hang out with. New interests often mean hanging out with new people. You can protect your energy by spending less time with people who represent an old version of your life. Venus square Pluto on Friday emphasizes the transitory nature of social connections. Follow your intuition in your social life during this retrograde.


Cancer, the new moon in Pisces is a doozy: conjunct Chiron, square Mars, and (luckily) trine Jupiter. Expansion feels like it might hurt at first. In fact, at first, it might not even look like expansion or new opportunity. Ultimately, though, it is healing. Take refuge in a book or some spiritual activity. Rest this weekend; make way for the new. Mars enters Capricorn on Saturday, too, and immediately makes a conjunction with Saturn in your house of partnership. Saturn here is very serious about who you spend time with. Are the relationships authentic? Are they the right romantic partners, friends, clients, or business partners for you? You may have already decided to end something since Saturn crossed into this house in December. Mars joins him with the flames of desire. Any old patterns you’re cutting away will make room for something new and better. Think about what you would like that to be.

Venus and Mercury meet in Aries on Tuesday, the day of the Spring Equinox, when the sun makes his ingress into this sign. Tuesday is a wonderful day for your career and public image. Meetings and marketing efforts will go particularly well. Accomplish your priority tasks at the beginning of the week, because on Thursday, Mercury stations retrograde in this sign. This Rx (through April 15th) for you is about spring cleaning in your career. What are you bored with? How has your brand changed? Take time in these three weeks to sweep away stale vocational energy and even rebrand if you need to. If you work for someone else, this could mean reviewing what you want and exploring new opportunities, or finishing a project so that you can move on to something else. This is about your true vocation, not your day job. Whether or not the work is paid, focus on “spring cleaning” that gets you closer to your calling. Venus square Pluto on Friday may indicate a power struggle with a partner in regards to your career, or simply show that your vocational direction is transforming your relationships (in business and otherwise). Other people’s reactions are about them. Aim yourself in the direction of your real Work.


Leo, Saturday’s new moon in Pisces for you is about healing deep wounds to facilitate your own transformation. You know, typical Saturday stuff. In all seriousness, though, this weekend may be about very literal healing for you: self-care for the body and therapy for the mind. Give yourself some TLC. Mars moves into Capricorn on Saturday as well, joining Saturn. Saturn in Capricorn is about whipping your life into shape day after day. Mars here, in the sign of his exaltation, adds some extra drive to that saturnine agenda. Healing and TLC could take the form of renewed motivation to exercise and a healthy meal plan. The sun meets Chiron in Pisces on Sunday, a sort of reiteration of Saturday’s new moon. So much of our emotional pain is carried in our bodies. It’s really all connected. Address your needs in a holistic way.

Mercury and Venus meet exactly in Aries on Tuesday, perhaps sending you a message about your path. A new adventure? The sun enters Aries on the same day, signaling the Spring Equinox. Time to grow new things and open the windows to let in some fresh air. On Thursday, Mercury stations retrograde here. This retrograde period (through April 15th) for you is about reviewing the path that you’re on. Educational, spiritual, or literal journeys beckon. New opportunities open. Do some “spring cleaning” in this area of your life. Clean out stale philosophies or beliefs that no longer belong to you. Make room for new learnings. Stay open to flashes of insight while Mercury is retrograde here, too. Venus square Pluto on Friday indicates that developments in your house of journeys have a powerful impact on your daily transformation.


Virgo, a relationship or wound around partnerships is healing at this new moon. It’s a good weekend for either spending time in honest conversation with a friend or partner, or licking your wounds by yourself. What you’ve learned from your experiences in relationships can lead you into a new chapter now. Mars enters Capricorn on Saturday as well, immediately making a conjunction with Saturn. Saturn in Capricorn for the next three years is helping you get more serious about expressing yourself and finding joy, in romance as in other things. Mars brings some extra desire to Saturn’s discipline. The sun meets Chiron on Sunday, reiterating the message of the Pisces new moon. Prioritize anything that brings you joy this week. It’s the antidote to the poison.

Mercury meets Venus in Aries on Tuesday, a transit that for you suggests intimate talks with a significant other. Note what comes up and come back to it when Mercury stations direct on April 15th. The sun moves into Aries on Tuesday as well. Spring! Then Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday. Spring this year starts with a good spring cleaning, and for you it’s in your house of mystery. Use this retrograde to find some acceptance of loss, to embrace change, to investigate what makes you tick and participate in your own transformation. Venus square Pluto on Friday suggests that intimate looks within help you find more joy. A lot can come up this week. It’s not about healing everything at once. Notice what’s leaving you and let it make room for something even better.


Libra, the new moon in Pisces on Saturday is a health reset for you. You may have the most literal healing to do, with attention to your physical health this weekend. It’s also a reset for the rituals of your day. Any thorns in your side at work have to go. Consider this a kind of personal renewal. Ideally, your days should be scheduled according to your values. Mars moves into Capricorn on Saturday as well, joining Saturn at the bottom of your chart. Saturn here is restructuring the foundations of your life, perhaps even your home and family. Add Mars and you get some extra energy for knocking out shaky foundations and rebuilding. Ruthless honesty with yourself will help you create the most change. Also on Saturday, Venus trine the North Node reminds you that strong partnerships can help you achieve your dreams.

Venus meets Mercury exactly in Aries on Tuesday, signaling a potential conversation with a partner or friend. It should go well, and may even be inspiring. The sun also enters Aries on Tuesday, heralding the start of spring. Spring for you is almost always synonymous with love and fun with friends. On Thursday, Mercury stations retrograde here. This retrograde (through April 15th) is a kind of review of your patterns in partnerships, as well as the people you choose to partner with - including friends, romantic partners, and clients or business partners. What are your standards here? Are your relationships as in balance as you want them to be? Your “spring cleaning” agenda is to clean up any old, toxic patterns and freshen up your boundaries. Venus square Pluto on Friday signals that what you do in your relationships is a big part of transforming who you are.


Scorpio, anything painful that came up last week can be addressed with Saturday’s healing new moon. This moon is next to Chiron, but it trines Jupiter in your sign, signaling that moving past old fears will benefit you. What stands in the way of your joy? Self-doubt, past experiences, habits or addictions? This is a time to renew your passions, despite what has held you back before. Mars enters Capricorn on Saturday, also, joining Saturn. Saturn in Capricorn for you means getting serious about following your curiosity and developing your own authoritative voice. When your ruler Mars joins Saturn here, in the sign of his exaltation, he adds the additional fuel of a strong desire. In the same way that you are renewing what brings you joy; follow your curiosity where it takes you when Mars and Saturn join each other here.

The sun enters Aries, signaling the beginning of spring on Tuesday. This is a season of action for you. And it begins with a good spring cleaning when Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday. This retrograde (through April 15th) may actually coincide with cleaning your house, but it’s also a time to review all of the different tasks you do throughout the day and pare down time spent on activities that are no longer meaningful to you. Look for ways to do less so you can enjoy more. This has to do with your health, as well. Try something healthy, like a social media fast, a new breakfast routine, or a commitment to sleep (whatever it is that you think you need) and notice how you feel. Could you make this into a habit or ritual? Venus square Pluto on Friday suggests that bringing more beauty into your daily life teaches you something transformative.


Sagittarius, Saturday’s new moon echoes old wounds that may have come up in the past week. You’re more likely to be spending St. Patrick’s Day at home or with family than most, and these relationships can be a source of healing. Take refuge at home, but don’t dwell in the past. Venus trine the North Node on the same day makes a brief Grand Fire Trine with your sign, suggesting the motivation to create, have fun, and journey into the future. You are a personification of joy. The pleasure you take in the present can be healing. Mars enters Capricorn on Saturday, too, joining Saturn in your house of value. Saturn here is helping you become self-reliant, stripping away doubt and building your authority so that you feel confident you can tackle anything. Mars adds some fiery desire to this. Together, the two can be a bit sinister, and you may feel the return of self-doubt for a moment. Remember that your worth never diminishes. It’s not based on your bank account, what other people think of your talents, or anything other than your divine soul. Any trials will make you stronger.

The sun enters your fellow fire sign of Aries on Tuesday, signaling the beginning of spring. Celebrate with something fun. Mercury and Venus meet each other in Aries exactly on the same day, suggesting that spending time with someone you love could be especially enjoyable that day. On Thursday, Mercury stations retrograde here. This Mercury Rx (through April 15th) is about spring cleaning to find pleasure. Are you bored with something that you used to think was fun? Disappointed because you tried something you thought you’d like but then found that you didn’t? So what? Let go of anything that doesn’t match your authentic self-expression right now, and make space for something that will. Venus square Pluto on Friday suggests that love and passion help you phoenix your self-confidence.


Capricorn, this Pisces new moon could bring a healing insight or conversation into your life. Wounds around learning and following your curiosity, how you communicate, or sibling relationships, could be troubling you. Seek the information you need in order to move past the pain. You’re very focused on who you are right now. When Mars enters your sign on Saturday, joining Saturn, this becomes a laser focus. Since December, Saturn has already been stripping down your identity, showing you how you’ve matured, helping you bring your self-image into the Now. You’re an authority. Mars brings the drive to succeed. Any personal endeavors addressed with initiative and discipline will go well with these two on your side.

The sun enters Aries on Tuesday, joining Mercury and Venus in your house of home and signaling the start of spring. As Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday, you may be the most likely of all the signs to do a serious spring cleaning of your home in the next three weeks. What you’re also cleaning out, metaphorically, are any past ideas of yourself that no longer apply, attachments that are keeping you stuck in the past, and ancestral patterns that you’d rather not repeat. Make space for the home you’re building now; maybe even for new family members. Venus square Pluto on Friday suggests that family relationships and knowledge of your ancestors work to transform your self-image. Stand on their shoulders.


Aquarius, last week as you were looking into your story and beginning to tell a new one, you may have uncovered some old wounds of self-doubt. The words of your inner critic may have reverberated in your head. This new moon in Pisces is a good time to renew your sense of self-confidence. Commit to valuing yourself first. Give your inner critic a name and treat her like a mean neighbor. She’s the grouchy old lady who lives next door: always complaining, but you don’t take any of it seriously. When you hear the voice of your inner critic, say hello, tell her you can’t talk about it right now, and keep doing your thing.

This is a good practice for the week, because Mars also joins Saturn in Capricorn on Saturday. Saturn here may be up to some mischief, playing the role of your inner critic so you can get some practice muffling her voice. Saturn transiting the twelfth house is the process of addressing your secret fears and maturing in private. Others may not know until three years later, but this is where you will slay your dragons. Mars in this sign activates some secret desires. Use the disciplined energy of these two planets to do some private, imaginative, spiritual work. On Tuesday, the sun enters Aries, signaling the beginning of spring. When Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday, you’ll have three weeks of “spring cleaning” your old, stale stories. You already had some practice with this last week. It’s time to make a new story for yourself, one that nourishes you. Venus square Pluto on Friday suggests that telling yourself a beautiful story triggers transformation from the inside out.


Pisces, the new moon in your sign is a healing opportunity for you more than most. You may have felt the sting of your wounds as Mars was square Chiron last week, and will thus be squaring this moon. Luckily, this lunation also makes a trine to your ruler Jupiter in Scorpio. You are on a much bigger journey, and whatever happened this week, if it did hurt, was just a bump in the road. The healing for you happens around how you see yourself, because how you see yourself is how others will see you. It may have to do not just with how people you know see you, but how the wider world sees you; how well your job title or public image reflects your authenticity at this point. This is a constant adjustment. You will always be growing and changing. Allow yourself to be renewed.

Mars also moves into Capricorn on Saturday, immediately making a conjunction with Saturn. This is a big energy. Both Mars and Saturn do well in Capricorn, and together they symbolize hard work. There is nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty. This is a time for working toward your goals, so once you’ve taken some time to renew yourself this weekend, roll up your sleeves. The sun moves into Aries and your house of values on Tuesday, followed by Mercury stationing retrograde in the same sign. This goes hand-in-hand with your current work ethic. You’re doing a spring cleaning of your values, realigning them with your goals so that your role in the world is an expression of who you are right now. Use this Mercury retrograde (through April 15th) to separate what you’ve been told you should value, or what you used to value, from what you care about currently. You deserve good things. What you desire is out there. Take a deep breath, then go and get it.