Saturday, February 17 - Friday, February 23

Mercury makes his exact conjunction to the sun on Saturday, at the very last degree of Aquarius, before moving into Pisces. Pay attention to the parting words about your health or work. The sun follows Mercury into Pisces on Sunday, so now you have a full stellium of planets in your seventh house of significant friends and partners. Venus is already here, making a conjunction with Neptune that will be exact on Wednesday. This is a romantic, magnetic aspect that could have you very much in love with love this week. On the other side of this, though, you may be struggling in a relationship with deception, or a savior-martyr dynamic that isn’t serving either of you. At best, you’re reaching a more spiritual level in relationships where you’re learning to accept the imperfections of others.

Mars is also squaring Neptune (exact on Saturday) and Venus (exact on the 25th). This challenges things a bit, as past hurts come up, and conflict at home could affect a relationship. Mercury sextile Saturn on Wednesday suggests that you may find the words to have a serious conversation with someone you love. As Mercury moves into conjunction with Neptune (exact on the 25th), you are beginning to see some of the patterns in your relationships since Neptune began transiting Pisces in 2012. You’re about halfway through this 13-year transit, making this a good year to step back and reflect on what’s happened so far. Idealism, too much sacrifice, and self-deception are some of the potential pitfalls of this transit. The potential gifts, though, include greater spiritual understanding, acceptance of self and others, and dissolving the ego. How can you honor yourself and still honor others this week?

Saturday, February 10 - Friday, February 16

Venus moving into Pisces on Saturday evening (February 10th) bodes well for your romantic life. Venus is exalted here, bringing with her an open compassion, acceptance, and love for love. Release yourself from your own criticism while Venus is here through March 6th. Pursue love for its own sake, if that’s what you want. Whether it’s with friends or a romantic partner, your relationships are likely to be a bit softer during this transit.

Mercury is approaching an exact conjunction with the sun in Aquarius this week, continuing your attention to your work and daily life. This means that the solar eclipse on Thursday is right next to Mercury. If you need to adapt your circumstances for your health to minimize stress, this eclipse will highlight that. You are more sensitive about your bodily and mental health during this eclipse season. You may adapt, as a short-term contract or job ends, or you let go of something that’s keeping you way too busy. When you make your days more manageable, you can focus more on the people you love. You may need to talk this through with someone to sort out your ideas at the beginning of the week. Organize your time to serve your health and longevity.

Mars, transiting your fourth house, is also squaring Neptune this week. This suggests that developments in relationships may trigger past angers or hurts. It could also be that a desire for homemaking or time spent with family leads to homemaking with a significant partner. Sort out what matters most to you and your loved ones this week.

Monday, February 4 - Friday, February 9

This week is all about optimizing your life. If you feel exhausted from the hustle, or you have too many plates in the air, take a moment to come up with a solution. Technology can be a big help. Automate something small, streamline the to-do list to priorities only, track your time and see if you can use it more efficiently. But also (and here’s the important part) if you’re already spending all of your time trying to hack your life to make it better, you’re not really living it. This week you’ll be able to focus on work, health, and self-care. Use the tools to your advantage, instead of letting them use you. Take a moment to rest on Friday, when Mercury meets the south node.


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

— Anaïs Nin

Jupiter is still trine Chiron in Pisces, emphasizing the healing that you’ll do this month through friendship and partnership. As a Mercury-ruled person, you have an innate need to communicate. Talk things through with a close friend or sibling if something’s on your mind this month. You’re in the middle of an eclipse season that’s driving some private changes for you. The Leo total eclipse on January 31st spoke of spiritual development and rest. Now Venus, Mercury, and the sun are transiting through Leo’s opposing sign of Aquarius, turning your focus to your body and mind in addition to your spirit. You’re adapting your daily routine to fit your needs better now. When Mercury reaches the south node on February 9th, pay attention to how you might be logically analyzing and planning your life when you could be leaving more space for intuition and spontaneity. Continue to practice self-care this eclipse season. When Venus moves into Pisces on February 10th and Mercury squares Jupiter on the 13th, that could very well include time spent with a friend or partner. A good book could be like an old friend this month too.

The solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th echoes the Leo eclipse by requiring you to adapt to a new spiritual, work, and/or self-care routine. Some things are beyond our control, but you are a master of problem solving, so fix what can be fixed and allow the rest to work itself out. It may be time to allow other people to be of service to you, instead of you for them. This eclipse is right next to Mercury, suggesting that a sharp mind and the use of your words are of the utmost importance during this process. Stay agile. Mercury is in fact conjunct the sun for most of February, making an exact conjunction on February 17th right before moving into Pisces. On the same day, Mars is squaring Neptune, raising questions about the past or future of a partnership. Use your analytical skills to dig into what’s going on in that relationship, and take advantage of the communication powers of the Mercury-sun conjunction. Avoid passive-aggressive confrontation and assert yourself clearly instead.

The sun follows Venus and Mercury into Pisces on February 18th. Neptune has been transiting this sign since 2012, creating a kind of haze around your significant partnerships. You may have had relationships dissolve in this time, or found that you were under an illusion about someone else. You may have attained a more spiritual connection with a partner, and learned lessons about surrendering control when it comes to other people. Venus transiting Pisces lends some more warmth and romance to this part of your life. You might form a soul connection later this month, around the time when Venus meets Neptune on the 21st. Mercury follows suit on the 25th. Both Venus and Mercury will also square Mars in Sagittarius (on the 25th and 28th). This can make the warmth a little too warm, as it suggests tension between your identity and your role in the partnership. With Neptune in Pisces, it’s important for you to set boundaries. It’s not an equal friendship if you are always taking care of someone else; there should always be give and take. Mars begins a square to Chiron on February 28th that may remind you of this lesson.

We grow through other people; it’s wonderful and terrible. Allow yourself some rest and forgiveness this eclipse season, and look for those friends who open up worlds within you. Those are the ones worth keeping.

Major Transits in February

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Jan. 24 - Feb. 3

Exact Jan. 29

Sun conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Jan. 28 - Feb. 10

Exact Feb. 3

Venus in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Jan. 29 - Feb. 10

Exact Feb. 4

Mercury conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Feb. 7 - 10

Exact Feb. 9

Sun in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 3 - 18

Exact Feb. 10

Venus enters Pisces: Feb. 10

Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 9 - 17

Exact Feb. 13

Partial Solar (new moon) Eclipse at 27.08 Aquarius: Feb. 15 at 4:05 pm

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 3 - Mar. 1

Exact Feb. 17

Mercury conjunct Sun: Feb. 6 - 26

Exact Feb. 17

Mercury enters Pisces: Feb. 17

Sun enters Pisces: Feb. 18

Mars in Sagittarius trine North Node in Leo: Feb. 9 - 27

Exact Feb. 18

Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 16 - 27

Exact Feb. 21

Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius: Feb. 15 - Mar. 6

Exact Feb. 25

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 21 - 28

Exact Feb. 25

Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius: Feb. 23 - Mar. 5

Exact Feb. 28

Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: Feb. 28 - Mar. 16

Exact Mar. 14

Saturday, January 27 - Friday, February 2

When Mercury squares Uranus on Saturday, the idea or insight comes from a mysterious place. A little spark of creativity or an unexpected romantic moment awaits you this weekend. Sometimes the best things happen when you’re doing nothing at all. Make time for some nothing, then. Wednesday’s total eclipse in Leo is a private one for you. You have a secret flame that you show only to those who earn the right to enter your inner sanctuary. Perhaps it’s a call to meditate and delve deeper into the unconscious, to pay attention to your dreams, to care for yourself a little more, to let go of what doesn’t serve you. Listen to that voice. You’ve already received some guidance from the eclipses last year, one in February and two in August. Mercury moves into Aquarius just moments after this lunation, prompting you to retreat into your mind. Mercury’s sextile to Mars on Friday indicates that self-care begins with finding a home for your soul-deep needs. Tend the flame within.