Saturday, March 17 - Friday, March 23

Saturday’s new moon echoes old wounds that may have come up in the past week. You’re more likely to be spending St. Patrick’s Day at home or with family than most, and these relationships can be a source of healing. Take refuge at home, but don’t dwell in the past. Venus trine the North Node on the same day makes a brief Grand Fire Trine with your sign, suggesting the motivation to create, have fun, and journey into the future. You are a personification of joy. The pleasure you take in the present can be healing. Mars enters Capricorn on Saturday, too, joining Saturn in your house of value. Saturn here is helping you become self-reliant, stripping away doubt and building your authority so that you feel confident you can tackle anything. Mars adds some fiery desire to this. Together, the two can be a bit sinister, and you may feel the return of self-doubt for a moment. Remember that your worth never diminishes. It’s not based on your bank account, what other people think of your talents, or anything other than your divine soul. Any trials will make you stronger.

The sun enters your fellow fire sign of Aries on Tuesday, signaling the beginning of spring. Celebrate with something fun. Mercury and Venus meet each other in Aries exactly on the same day, suggesting that spending time with someone you love could be especially enjoyable that day. On Thursday, Mercury stations retrograde here. This Mercury Rx (through April 15th) is about spring cleaning to find pleasure. Are you bored with something that you used to think was fun? Disappointed because you tried something you thought you’d like but then found that you didn’t? So what? Let go of anything that doesn’t match your authentic self-expression right now, and make space for something that will. Venus square Pluto on Friday suggests that love and passion help you phoenix your self-confidence.

Saturday, March 10 - Friday, March 16

Mars is in your sign for one more week before he meets Saturn in Capricorn next Saturday. Take advantage of the extra energy to have some fun this weekend. On Sunday, Mars trine Uranus gives you some genius ideas for play. The sun sextile Pluto and Mercury square Saturn in Capricorn indicate that whatever you’re playing with should be something you deeply value. Saturn in Capricorn is stripping things down to the essentials, helping you see what’s really important to you. Use that information to spend your time in meaningful ways -- and yes, play is meaningful. This theme continues throughout the week. Take it easy on Wednesday, when Mars square Chiron and the sun trine Jupiter suggest that you’ll be sorting through some memories and healing privately. Spending time with a family member could be hurtful or helpful; stay close to those who truly have your best interests at heart. On Thursday, Mercury’s trine to the North Node creates a grand fire trine with your sign that lasts straight through the rest of the week, with Venus making the exact aspect on Saturday. You’re motivated to express yourself, to do what you love and spend time with those you love. Enjoy yourself as much as possible. This creates the best environment for your healing at next Saturday’s new moon.

Saturday, March 3 - Friday, March 9

This weekend’s waning moon in Libra makes a friendly sextile to your sign, giving you some much needed fresh air. Meanwhile, there’s a lot going on at home. On Sunday, Mercury and Venus meet Chiron in Pisces, alongside a sun-Neptune conjunction. There’s some murkiness here, and with Mars in your sign squaring Chiron, it might not feel good to explore that. Still, there is deep healing to access in a conversation with a family member or someone from your past. You can peer into your memories this weekend like you’re watching tropical fish swim through clear Caribbean water. Allow yourself to get emotional with someone you trust.

Your heavy Pisces season gets a little lighter when Mercury and Venus move into Aries on Tuesday. Life gets way more fun with these two charging forward into your fellow fire sign. Your creative abilities burn bright and your romantic prospects look good. Be bold; play hard! Some fun plans this week will help you shake off the blues, if you had them, from the Virgo full moon and your Piscean moment. Be spontaneous later this week. On Thursday, Jupiter stations retrograde, a private shift that you will barely notice, but you’ll be covering some of the same interior territory that Jupiter has been exploring since December. The dig for self-knowledge continues. Take refuge in your imagination when you need it this week.

Saturday, February 24 - Friday, March 2

The past is a deep ocean, and you’re swimming in it this week. Mercury makes his exact conjunction to Neptune on Sunday, prompting synchronicity and dreams that may lead you to important memories. Venus makes her exact square to Mars in your sign on the same day, and Mercury repeats this aspect on Wednesday, suggesting that your current self-assertion is in tension with your past understanding of yourself. Often our families see us as we were when we were younger, and have trouble making the shift to recognize who we are now. You can begin to change that image for yourself and others this week. The full moon in Virgo helps, as it illuminates your public image and says something about the direction of your life, your true Work in the world. How do you want to be known? This moon makes a trine to Saturn in Capricorn, indicating that the ways in which you are investigating your values, talents, and attitudes toward money have some influence on your vocational direction. You are building a strong sense of self-worth now, which often begins with noting where the foundations are shaky. This is all art of the process. Venus and Mercury trine Jupiter in Scorpio on Thursday and Friday, indicating that shifts in your identity and direction help you in a private, spiritual sense. You’re in a slow process of exploring the past and excavating some old fears. Use this full moon to let go of an old self-image that no longer fits who you want to be.


“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

March begins with a full moon in Virgo at the top of your chart, pulling something out with the tide. That something has to do with your direction, vocation, or public image. You’re restructuring your values, and when that happens, your path often shifts as well. Venus is trine Jupiter on March 1st, and Mercury makes the same aspect on the 2nd, indicating that relationships and conversations at home are a significant private influence on this change. It may feel chaotic and confusing at the moment, but this is how change is made. On March 4th, Mercury and Venus meet Chiron and the sun meets Neptune in Pisces. Old wounds and deceptions bob up from beneath the surface of this swirling ocean. Sit with it. Mercury and Venus move into your fellow fire sign of Aries on March 6th, making a much more friendly aspect that suggests some of the rebirth that you desire.

On March 8th, Jupiter stations retrograde in Scorpio. He’ll station direct July 10th. Jupiter’s retrograde movements don’t feel nearly as personal as those of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. However, if Jupiter is aspecting sensitive planets or points in your chart from the mid to late degrees of Scorpio, you will continue to feel those transits as you have since December 2017. On March 11th, Mars trines Uranus from your sign, indicating some heat: you’re regaining your life force and some of your self-expression in the midst of all this change. Mars then squares Chiron the healer in Pisces exactly on March 14th, potentially indicating some painful memories. The sun makes an aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio on the same day, suggesting that whatever comes up, it is ultimately healing. Mercury and Venus also make a supportive aspect with the north node in Leo mid-month, exact on the 15th and 17th, that helps you express yourself creatively and have some more fun.

A healing ritual for the past would be good for the new moon in Pisces this St. Patrick’s Day, as it’s conjunct Chiron. Consider how you might make some new memories, as you slowly shift your life direction, and with it your identity. A few hours after this morning new moon, Mars moves into Capricorn to meet with Saturn, a conjunction that will be exact on April 2nd.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn; it is a sign in which he shines particularly well. Here, Mars can give you the energy and the chutzpah to climb mountains you previously thought too high for you. Mars is in this sign for about one-third of this year, from now through May 16, and again August 13 - October 8. Consider your goals around self-worth, money, and/or values in the first three days following this new moon.

The sun illuminates Chiron on March 18th, reminding you of the long-term healing you need, before he moves into Aries on March 20th. This signals the Spring Equinox, officially the first day of spring! Just two days later, Mercury stations retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde in Aries from March 22nd - April 15th. For you, this is a review of How to Have Fun 101. You may have forgotten while Saturn was in Sagittarius, but you’re the life of the party! Remember how to put joy back into your life as Mercury moves through your house of children, creative work, and love. Aspects from planets in Aries to planets in Capricorn towards the end of the month suggest that this emphasis on fun has an effect on your confidence, and vice versa. When Venus meets Uranus in Aries on March 28th, a romantic surprise could sweep you off your feet.

Venus moves into Taurus, the sign of her rulership, on the 31st, making work a little more fun too. It’s easier to have harmony in your daily life when Venus is here, and you may get along with coworkers especially well. The full moon in Libra on the same day gives you a reason to party. Go out and release some of your pent-up energy at the end of the month. You are preparing to give birth to something wonderful, something that will be more visible when Jupiter moves into your sign this November.

Major Transits in March

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius (separating): Feb. 15 - Mar. 6

Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius (separating): Feb. 23 - Mar. 5

Full Moon at 11.23 Virgo: Mar. 1 at 7:51 pm

Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 23 - Mar. 6

Exact Mar. 1

Mercury in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 27 - Mar. 6

Exact Mar. 2

Mercury conjunct Venus: Feb. 21 - Mar. 26

Exact Mar. 4 at 26 Pisces

Exact Mar. 20 at 16 Aries

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 24 - Mar. 12

Exact Mar. 4

Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces: Feb. 26 - Mar. 6

Exact Mar. 4

Mercury conjunct Chiron in Pisces: Feb. 28 - Mar. 6

Exact Mar. 4

Mercury, Venus, and Chiron conjunct at 27 Pisces (exact): Mar. 4

Mercury and Venus enter Aries: Mar. 6

Jupiter retrograde from 23.13 to 13 Scorpio: Mar. 8 - Jul. 10

Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn: Mar. 6 - 19

Exact: Mar. 11

Mars in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries: Feb. 28 - Mar. 17

Exact: Mar. 11

Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn: Mar. 7 - 14

Exact Mar. 11

Venus in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn: Mar. 6 - 19

Exact Mar. 13

Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: Feb. 28 - Mar. 16

Exact Mar. 14

Sun in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio: Mar. 7 - 19

Exact Mar. 14

Mercury in Aries trine North Node in Leo: Mar. 13 - 18

Exact. Mar. 15

Venus in Aries trine North Node in Leo: Mar. 15 - 19

Exact Mar. 17

New Moon at 26.53 Pisces: Mar. 17 at 9:11 am

Mars enters Capricorn: Mar. 17

Sun conjunct Chiron in Pisces: Mar. 11 - 20

Exact Mar. 18

Sun enters Aries (Spring Equinox): Mar. 20

Mercury retrograde from 16.54 to 4.46 Aries: Mar. 22 - Apr. 15

Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn: Mar. 18 - 28

Exact Mar. 23

Sun in Aries square Mars in Capricorn: Mar. 20 - Apr. 11

Exact Mar. 24

Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries: Mar. 22 - 31

Exact Mar. 28

Sun in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn: Mar. 21 - Apr. 6

Exact Mar. 29

Venus enters Taurus: Mar. 31

Full Moon at 10.45 Libra: Mar. 31 at 8:37 am

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries: Mar. 28 - Apr. 5

Exact Apr. 1

Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: Mar. 18 - Apr. 17

Exact Apr. 2