Taurus Lunar Cycle Horoscopes are Up

Rebel Astrology's first monthly horoscopes are now live! I finished them just in time for the Taurus new moon, which was exact today (Friday, May 6th) at 3:30 PM. I'll continue writing my monthly horoscopes around each lunar cycle. Each month, the new moon falls in one zodiac sign, waxes until it becomes full in another sign mid-cycle, and wanes until it is new again, at which point a new cycle starts. Tracing your moods and patterns during lunar cycles can provide you with amazing intuitive insights for your own growth. 

Our new moon today is in Taurus, sign of beauty, art, food, and getting pleasure out of life. In order to enjoy life we have to slow down! It's especially true for this lunar cycle, when so many planets are retrograde. The Taurus part of your chart is fertile ground -- it's where you can plant seeds that grow into incredibly sturdy, beautiful trees. But all of that growing takes time. Use your horoscopes to find out where you can slow down and practice deliberate growth. This would also be a good time to review the Mars retrograde cycle, and your Mars retro horoscope.