If you want to host a unique party that everyone enjoys, book me to give astrology readings. I will work with you to design an event tailored to your needs. 

Usually I'll start off the night with a brief talk about something relevant to your event. We might discuss what's currently happening with the planets, the astrology of love, or the three parts of a chart (sun, moon, and rising) that everyone should know. Then, each guest receives a private mini-reading from me. It's amazing what people can learn about themselves in 15-30 minutes! All of your guests will leave with a copy of their birth chart and a little knowledge of the future in their hands.


Types of Events

Birthdays -- Family & Friends -- Ladies Nights -- Co-worker Gatherings -- Charity and Corporate Events -- College and University Events -- Bachelorette Parties    Bridal Showers -- Baby Showers

Minimum: 5 people

Starting at $25 per person*

 Greater New York City Area


Send me some information and I'll respond with a quote for your party.

Still have questions? Email me at brittany@rebelastrology.net.

Name *
What kind of event is it? Does it have a theme? How many people are you hosting? What's your preferred date and time? And anything else you want me to know.

* Pricing varies depending on the number of people, specifics of the event, and distance traveled.