Saturday, February 17 - Friday, February 23

You’ve just made it through the second eclipse in a season of negotiating your relationship to yourself, as well as your relationships to friends and partners. That theme continues on an even more intimate level this week. Mercury meets the sun exactly at the last degree of Aquarius on Saturday, igniting quick realizations and possibly a conversation with a significant other, before he moves into your mysterious eighth house. The sun follows on his winged heels, entering Pisces on Sunday. Venus is already in your eighth, in a conjunction with Neptune that will be exact on Wednesday. The eighth house contains all of the unknowable, even things you don’t know about yourself. It’s where we give up control and allow life’s events to change us, allow contact with other people to transform us. It describes, in some ways, how you share your life with other people. Your style is romantic, tending towards an absolute marriage of souls. With Neptune here (2012 - 2025), the romance is heightened, but so is the confusion that goes along with the mystery of this house. Venus meeting Neptune here makes the fantasy that much more attractive.

Mars is also squaring Neptune, exact on Saturday (the 17th). Mars livening up your house of romance creates a tense challenge to any confusion or deception that might be happening in your most intimate relationships. Mars squares Venus this week as well (exact on the 25th), creating passion here, too, though. It may be a little bit of love-hate this week. On another level, these aspects between the fifth and eighth houses could mean that you have an open gateway to the collective unconscious, a beautiful fantasy you can tap into for your creative work. Mercury gets closer to Neptune as Venus floats away, making his exact conjunction on the 25th. You may have the gift of pulling words and images from the pool of inspiration this week.

Saturday, February 10 - Friday, February 16

Mercury is traveling with your ruler the sun this week, an aspect that becomes exact next Saturday. Communication with a friend or partner is key this week. They may be telling you something that you need to listen to as well. Both Mercury and the sun square Jupiter in Scorpio as well. The sun makes an exact square on the 10th, and Mercury on the 13th. These aspects suggest that the conversations you’re having with this person are directly related to your home and family, your core identity, the foundation of your life. Mars in Sagittarius makes a nice trine to the North Node in your sign this week, exact next Saturday (the 17th). In matters of love and desire, this implies that you have the motivation to go after what you want.

Eclipse seasons bring change. Your relationships are changing now, and your idea of yourself in your relationships as well. With Thursday’s eclipse next to Juno as well as Mercury, it’s likely that you’re talking about commitment. It’s more than casual romance this Valentine’s Day. Venus moves into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, on the 10th, and she’ll be there through March 6th. You’re moving into real intimacy here. Sharing deep secrets, merging finances, and navigating power dynamics are all part of your relationships this week.

Monday, February 4 - Friday, February 9

Make like a Libra and assess the quality of your relationships this week. What’s the ratio of give and take? A certain someone may tell you how they feel about it. Honor them by listening. Honor yourself by being honest. A conversation is likely when Mercury meets the south node on Friday. A healthy relationship is one where both people feel seen, heard, and appreciated. That goes for friendships as well as romantic partnerships. If you realize that an alliance has reached its expiration date, acknowledge the truth. Loyalty is admirable, but loyalty to a lost cause will only sap your energy. In the best case scenario, though, you’ll be giving and receiving so much love right now! True friends are gold.


“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.”

— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven

You are the most generous of all the signs. You know the secret to love: that there’s always plenty to go around; that it multiplies itself. This is true of you as a friend, as a family member, and as a romantic partner. Your attention is on those one-on-one relationships this eclipse season. As Venus moves through Aquarius with the sun, you may be spending time with someone you love. Always, our relationships teach us about ourselves, and eclipse season can sometimes be rocky. Note that when the sun meets the south node on February 3rd, old patterns of relating may call to you. Be aware of what you project onto other people, and when you’re giving too much of yourself away. Make a new pattern; make the love new again. Venus squares Jupiter on February 10th, suggesting that the relationships you’re strengthening are helping you to strengthen the foundations of your life in turn. The people who make up your family or chosen family become your home, no matter where you are. Mercury repeats this pattern after Venus and the sun, meeting the south node on February 9th and squaring Jupiter on the 13th, reinforcing the relationship lessons of eclipse season.

The solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th begins another chapter in this Leo-Aquarius eclipse story, about balancing your needs and wants with those of someone else. Especially if you’re living with a partner, or if you’re considering a move, you may be asked to make decisions that require commitment in the next six months. Home and family require your attention more than work now. In every relationship, and in friendships too, there are periods of re-making the bonds you have as you grow and change together. Mercury is traveling with the sun, an aspect that becomes exact on February 17th, indicating that you’re able to communicate well with others about the changes that are happening.

Venus moves into Pisces on February 10th, suggesting that your love with someone could reach a more intimate level this month. Mercury follows on the 17th, and the sun officially begins Pisces season on the 18th. You may think you know someone, and then they surprise you. Intimacy, whether emotional or physical, is available to you this month. However, since Neptune entered Pisces in 2012, you’ve become more vulnerable to letting others cross your boundaries. You may want to merge with a romantic partner on the soul level, but be mindful of where you end and the other person begins. You can experience a spiritual connection without giving everything away.

Mars makes an exact trine to the North Node in your sign on February 18th, reminding you that you are unique, and expressing yourself comes naturally. Aspects in the later half of this month suggest that you’ll be continuing on the romantic path, transforming yourself through relationships as eclipse season continues. It could be a fun fling, a new chapter in a committed relationship, or a renewed passion for your art. Mars in Sagittarius energizes the creativity, adventure, and joy in your chart. With Venus and Mercury crossing Neptune’s path in Pisces on February 21st and 25th, you may be dissolving old ways of relating or processing emotions and making something new. Give love generously and be open to receiving it, knowing that it is the ultimate transformative force.

Major Transits in February

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Jan. 24 - Feb. 3

Exact Jan. 29

Sun conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Jan. 28 - Feb. 10

Exact Feb. 3

Venus in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Jan. 29 - Feb. 10

Exact Feb. 4

Mercury conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Feb. 7 - 10

Exact Feb. 9

Sun in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 3 - 18

Exact Feb. 10

Venus enters Pisces: Feb. 10

Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 9 - 17

Exact Feb. 13

Partial Solar (new moon) Eclipse at 27.08 Aquarius: Feb. 15 at 4:05 pm

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 3 - Mar. 1

Exact Feb. 17

Mercury conjunct Sun: Feb. 6 - 26

Exact Feb. 17

Mercury enters Pisces: Feb. 17

Sun enters Pisces: Feb. 18

Mars in Sagittarius trine North Node in Leo: Feb. 9 - 27

Exact Feb. 18

Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 16 - 27

Exact Feb. 21

Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius: Feb. 15 - Mar. 6

Exact Feb. 25

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 21 - 28

Exact Feb. 25

Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius: Feb. 23 - Mar. 5

Exact Feb. 28

Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: Feb. 28 - Mar. 16

Exact Mar. 14

Saturday, January 27 - Friday, February 2

The eclipses in February and August of 2017 have all been about who you are and how you can bring that into relationship with other people. In February, you were asked to shine and befriend others who were shining brightly too. We dim too many lights in this time and place. But not you. In August, you were asked to keep the vision steady so that you might grow into your future self, and then you were asked to take a good, hard look at your shadow side. What qualities of yourself are you still projecting onto other people? Reclaim them: your fear, your jealousy, your hunger, your ego, your anger. These belong to you; they’re what make you whole. This week you are bumped into the spotlight, with or without your stage makeup. Shed any old clothes that don’t fit who you are now, any relationships that have already evaporated, and play the role of the person you want to be. Share your truest self with the people you love.