Saturday, January 13 - Friday, January 19

Mercury meets Saturn exactly in the very early hours of Saturday morning. This is a confirmation of what you already know: you’re in your element now. It doesn’t matter how wintry and difficult Saturn makes things through 2020. You’re like the evergreen tree, green year round. This is because you know how to conserve your resources, use them wisely, and overcome obstacles. So rock on, because this weekend when Venus and the sun square Uranus from your sign, you’ll have the opportunity to turn some obstacles into advantages. Uranus has been shaking things up at home and work since 2011, so this isn’t new for you, just a reprise of similar themes. Balance work and life as well as you can on Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, when Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto becomes exact, you may get a helping hand from a friend or acquaintance. Or, it may be that your transformation has paid off in the form of achieving yet another goal. Either way, the vibe for this week is pro-you. The new moon on Tuesday night is right next to Venus in your sign, and square Uranus at the bottom of your chart again. I’m going to give you the same advice I gave Libra: this is one for visualizing who you want to be. Where do you want to live? Who with? How do you want to express yourself? What do you do with your time? Visualization might be new-agey and less concrete than what you think of as work, but the important thing is that it works for people. It helps you clarify your goals, and on a subconscious level, it even helps you reach them. Let this new moon be a reset for you at the subconscious level.

Venus moves out of your sign and into Aquarius on Thursday, followed by the sun on Friday. This gives you some mojo in your money sector. Venus doesn’t just rule love; she also rules value, money, and beautiful things. If you have plans to increase your self-worth or your net-worth, she’ll be on your side this Aquarius season. Plus you have fewer eyes on you once these two move out of your sign, so you face less pressure towards the end of this week. Also on Friday, Mercury makes a nice exact sextile to Neptune in Pisces from your sign, helping you come up with imaginative ideas for your next projects.

Major Transits for Saturday, January 13 - Friday, January 19

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mercury conjunct Saturn at 2.48 Capricorn: Jan. 13

Venus at 24 Capricorn square Uranus at 24 Aries: Jan. 13

Sun at 24 Capricorn square Uranus at 24 Aries: Jan. 14

Jupiter at 19 Scorpio sextile Pluto at 19 Capricorn (Exact): Jan. 15

New Moon at 26.54 Capricorn: Jan. 16 at 9:17 pm

Venus enters Aquarius: Jan. 18

Mars at 25 Scorpio trine Chiron at 25 Pisces (Exact): Jan. 18

Sun enters Aquarius: Jan. 19

This Week’s Minor Transits:

Venus at 25 Capricorn sextile Chiron at 25 Pisces: Jan. 14

Sun at 25 Capricorn sextile Chiron at 25 Pisces: Jan. 15

Vesta enters Sagittarius: Jan. 15

Mercury conjunct Lilith in Capricorn: Jan. 15 - Jan. 17

Exact: Jan. 16

Mercury at 12 Capricorn sextile Neptune at 12 Pisces: Jan. 19

Ceres conjunct North Node at 14 Leo opposing Juno conjunct South Node at 14 Aquarius: Jan. 19

Pallas Athene enters Taurus: Jan. 19

Weekly Moon


Waning Moon in Sagittarius: Jan. 12 at 2:04 am - 2:42 pm Jan. 14

VOC Moon in Sagittarius: Jan. 14 from 3:47 am - 2:42 pm

Balsamic Moon enters Capricorn: Jan. 14 at 2:42 pm

New Moon at 26.54 Capricorn: Jan. 16 at 9:17 pm

VOC Moon in Capricorn: Jan. 17 from 1:29 am - 3:31 am

Waxing Moon enters Aquarius: Jan. 17 at 3:31 am

VOC Moon in Aquarius: Jan. 19 from 6:51 am - 3:26 pm

Moon enters Pisces: Jan. 19 at 3:26

Saturday, January 6 - Friday, January 12

Power is a privilege and a responsibility. As a born leader, you know this better than anybody. The close conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio gives you the boost you need to accomplish your goals. This is strongest this weekend and lasts all week. If you are a leader, if you’re itching to join an exclusive club, or if you’re climbing your mountain solo, you can receive support from others. Don’t underestimate the power of friendships to sustain and protect you at the soul level, whether or not those friends have any material means of helping you.

You still have a stellium in your sign putting all eyes on you. This is especially true Monday through Thursday, when Venus and the sun make their exact conjunction. Venus here gives you some additional grace under pressure. Tuesday is an especially big day for you. Venus and the sun both meet Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars makes an exact sextile to all three of them. Others can see how you’ve transformed. They recognize your potential. Social occasions and business meetings should go well. Just make sure that you avoid planning any important events for the void-of-course moon (see the VOC moon times above).

Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters your sign on Thursday, adding yet one more celestial body to this Cap stellium for a total of six (including Lilith)! Mercury is conjunct Saturn from the 11th until the 17th, an aspect that is most exact in the early hours of next Saturday morning. Later this week you may get a message about what this Saturn in Capricorn cycle will bring for you. You have everything you need to get to the top.

Major Transits for Jan. 6 - 12

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mercury at 24 Sagittarius trine Uranus at 24 Aries and square Chiron at 24 Pisces (Exact): Jan. 6

Mars conjunct Jupiter at 17 - 18 Scorpio (Exact): Jan. 6 - 8

Mars at 19 Scorpio sextile Pluto at 19 Capricorn (Exact): Jan. 8 - 9

Venus conjunct Sun at 18 - 21 Capricorn (Exact): Jan. 8 - 11

Sun and Venus conjunct Pluto at 19 Capricorn (Exact): Jan. 9

Mercury enters Capricorn: Jan. 11

Mars at 21 Scorpio sextile Sun at 21 Capricorn (Exact): Jan. 12

Mercury conjunct Saturn at 2.48 Capricorn (Exact): Jan. 13


Weekly Moon


Moon in Virgo: Jan. 5 from 3:12 AM - 7:14 am Jan. 7

VOC Moon in Virgo: Jan. 6 from 9:50 pm - 7:14 am Jan. 7

Moon into Libra: Jan. 7 at 7:14 am

Quarter Moon in Libra: Jan. 8

VOC Moon in Libra: Jan. 9 from 11:12 am - 3:05 pm

Moon into Scorpio: Jan. 9 at 3:05 pm

VOC Moon in Scorpio: Jan. 11 from 9:53 am - 2:04 am Jan. 12

Moon into Sagittarius: Jan. 12 at 2:04 am

December 30, 2017 - January 5, 2018

You now have your ruler Saturn, plus Lilith, Venus, the sun, and Pluto, in your sign. With Saturn finally home, this is like having a supportive team in the wings, assisting you with everything you do. You already have the ambition and the work ethic. This week, you’ll be thinking about what you want to do with it.

The full moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day is a watery, emotional one, directly opposite your sign. This moon aspects all but one of the outer planets (including Pluto in Capricorn), it’s a supermoon, and it's followed by Uranus stationing direct at the base of your chart. Plus, with Venus in your sign opposing a moon in your house of relationships, you can bet this has something to do with love. It doesn’t have to be romantic love; it’s just that a significant friend or partner is in the spotlight now. You’re being asked to relate, not as the person in charge, but as an equal. This is the house of compromise, balance, give and take, and our opposites or complements. Monday's lunation asks you to feel. Access your intuition. You may be nurturing someone else or reaching out for nurturing.

On Tuesday, Uranus stationing direct adds an extra little zing to the events of your New Year’s. You’re moving forward, hopefully with strong partnerships. Your ambitions now can include much more than your career. You’re in a good position to set bigger goals -- success at work and at home, for example. Mars and Jupiter trine Neptune this week while squaring the moon’s nodes signify that you’re receiving support from your community. Spend time with your people.

Major Transits for Dec. 30 - Jan. 5

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Full Moon at 11.38 Cancer: Jan. 1 at 9:24 pm 

Uranus stations direct at 24.34 Aries: Jan. 2

Mars at 16.40 Scorpio square moon’s nodes at 16.40 Leo and Aquarius: Jan. 4


Weekly Moon

Moon in Taurus: Dec. 30 from 12:00 am - 3:31 am

Moon into Gemini: Dec. 30 at 3:31 am

Moon into Cancer: Jan. 1 at 3:10 am

Full Moon at 11.38 Cancer: Jan. 1 at 9:24 pm 

Moon into Leo: Jan. 3 at 2:23 am

VOC Moon in Leo: Jan. 4 from 6:09 pm - 3:11 am Jan. 5

Moon into Virgo: Jan. 5 at 3:12 AM

January 2018

You can count on the sun being in your sign during your season, along with a new moon. Often one of the faster moving planets, such as Mercury, Venus, or Mars will move through your sign with the sun. But this is something else. We begin 2018 with your ruler Saturn newly in your sign, along with Lilith, Venus, the sun, and Pluto -- quite the team! Saturn in Capricorn is going to be powerful for you over the next three years. You naturally understand how to work this energy. It’s all about ambition, discipline, responsibility, and maturity. With a host of planets in your sign, you get to start off the year focused on you.

You addressed a lot of your fears in the past three years with Saturn moving through Sagittarius. Mercury is still traveling Saturn’s old path through your neighboring sign at the beginning of this year, finishing up the lessons of the last cycle. 2018 has a much more grounded, earthy vibe. You can bring the internal work you did behind the scenes out in the open now. You’re back and stronger than ever. Remember that at the full moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day. This one about you too, but in relation to somebody else. Open up to a friend or partner this New Year’s. It’s important for you to relax and allow other people to take care of you sometimes. Allow your differences to complement each other instead of acting as opposing forces. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your house of networks, and Jupiter’s trine to Neptune in your house of communication and friendship (lasting through January 7th) supports you in seeking other people. You don’t have to do this alone.

Uranus stations direct at the very bottom of your chart on January 2nd, squaring your sign for the last few months until he moves into Taurus on May 15th and begins a much softer aspect. You’re still working through some of the surprising changes Uranus has brought to your home, your career, and/or your sense of identity. But from now through March 8th, all of the planets will be direct, so you have the forward-moving energy you love for getting sh*t done. You’ll be especially busy in the middle of this month. Venus and the sun are together in your sign, making an exact conjunction from January 8th through 11th. This gives you some extra grace as you relate to others. When these two meet Pluto exactly on January 9th, you’ll be feeling especially powerful. Your total transformation is still in the works, but one decade after Pluto entered your sign, you have a better handle on it. Now you know you can take anything life throws at you.

Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 11th, making an exact conjunction to Saturn on the 12th. This brings a message from Saturn about your work for this cycle. You’ll be able to communicate more easily, with maturity. On the 13th and 14th, as Venus and the sun square Uranus, you’ll probably be balancing between your relationships and changes at home or work. It’s really nothing new for you. Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto is exact on the 15th. You have an opportunity to access the aid of powerful people. In fact, you’re probably one of them. Remember how you don’t have to do everything alone? Sometimes reaching out is the truly mature thing to do.

The new moon in your sign on January 16th highlights those shifts that are still happening in your work or home life—they’re pretty interchangeable for you, honestly, and one always affects the other. This is an excellent reset for you. How and where do you want to live and work? How will you express your identity now? Set some New Year’s Resolutions with this lunar cycle, about something big: your direction, your personal goals, your foundations. Saturn will help you keep your word. The full moon on January 1st is much too emotional for rational goal-setting. Wait until mid-month.

Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn on January 24th, echoing that message about your power and transformation that Venus and the sun highlighted earlier this month. Mercury also squares Uranus on the 27th, completing a mini triple-transit about your shifting direction. At the end of this month, on January 31st, the total lunar eclipse in Leo turns your focus to the taboo: sex, death, and money. This is part of the eclipse cycle that dates back to February and August of 2017. The same themes that came up then will resonate now. Your transformation is leading you towards a more playful path. You’re laying old patterns to rest, giving up some control, and figuring out how to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

Major Transits in January 2018

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Full Moon at 11.38 Cancer: Jan. 1 at 9:24 PM

Uranus stations direct at 24 Aries: Jan. 2

Mars in Scorpio square the nodes in Leo and Aquarius: Dec. 21, 2017 - Jan. 15, 2018

Exact Jan. 4

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio: Dec. 21, 2017 - Jan. 23, 2018

Exact Jan. 6 - 9

Venus conjunct Sun in Capricorn: Dec. 25, 2017 - Jan. 18, 2018

Exact Jan. 8 - 11

Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Jan. 1 - Jan. 17

Exact Jan. 9

Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Jan. 2 - Jan. 15

Exact Jan. 9

Mercury enters Capricorn: Jan. 11

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: Jan. 11 - Jan. 19

Exact Jan. 12

Venus in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries: Jan. 7 - Jan. 17

Exact Jan. 13

Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries: Jan. 7 - Jan. 19

Exact Jan. 14

New Moon at 26.54 Capricorn: Jan. 16 at 9:17 PM

Venus enters Aquarius: Jan. 18

Mars in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces: Jan. 8 - Jan. 25

Exact Jan. 18

Sun enters Aquarius: Jan. 19

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Jan. 19 - Jan. 28

Exact Jan. 24

Mars enters Sagittarius: Jan. 26

Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries: Jan. 22 - Jan. 30

Exact Jan. 27

Venus conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Jan. 24 - Feb. 3

Exact Jan. 29

Mercury enters Aquarius: Jan. 31

Total Lunar Eclipse (full moon) at 11.37 Leo: Jan. 31 at 8:26 AM