Saturday, February 17 - Friday, February 23

The way is open. Mars in Sagittarius is the star of your week, driving you to seek ever more adventure. Journeys, especially those of a spiritual or interior nature, fit the theme as Mars squares Neptune exactly on Saturday. If you don’t already have a meditation practice and some knowledge of journeywork, consider learning more about this now. Red is your color; I see Jung’s The Red Book playing a role here. Fire meditation or candle scrying could be another way of reaching the unseen. Some of you may have your worldview expanded through physical travel to foreign lands or formal education, too. Your dreams this week may be rich and lively, even more than usual. Mercury and the sun enter Pisces this weekend, and Venus is approaching a conjunction with Neptune (exact on Wednesday). As Neptune is the ruler of both Pisces and the twelfth house, this long-term Neptune transit of 2012 - 2025 is truly mystical for you. When Venus and Neptune meet, the result is glamour, glitter, and fairy dust. Venus is also squaring Mars (exact next Sunday), suggesting passion and creative tension. You may learn something from an important guide this week.

On Sunday, Mars also makes a trine to the North Node in Leo, which creates a grand fire trine with your sign. Creative inspiration is still very much available to you, and you have a level of passion that motivates you to follow through on ideas. In addition, Mars is conjunct asteroid Vesta in Sagittarius, an aspect that is exact on Friday. Vesta keeps the hearth fires going, and indicates focus and dedication in the area of the chart where she transits. When she and Mars meet, that hearth fire can really get going. A combination of fire and water this year makes me think of the phrase “your pot boileth over.” It was originally an idiom similar to “your cup runneth over,” indicating that you were blessed with many good things, but over time the meaning has shifted to suggest emotions escalating out of control. Either could be true this week. Access the gift of spiritual abundance that overflows your pot, and direct the heat of your passions there.

Saturday, February 10 - Friday, February 16

Venus moves into Pisces on Saturday evening, entering the most private house of your chart. When she is in the sign of her exaltation, Venus brings you beautiful dreams and creative encounters, and awakens your sense of compassion. It fits well with this eclipse cycle, which for you is all about bringing your gifts to the world. Pay attention to the ways in which Venus, goddess of art, love, and money, influences your subconscious. You’ll be pulling from the collective unconscious as well, with the sun, Mercury, and this eclipse squaring Jupiter from Aquarius. The eclipse on Thursday afternoon begins a mini-cycle of sharing your gifts, connecting with other people who not only appreciate them, but can contribute to your growth. This is also part of the larger Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle from 2017 - 2019. You may be more interested in spending time with a group of friends this Valentine’s Day than focusing on one person.

The applying square from Mars to Neptune is building up to its exact aspect next Saturday. Mars is also trine the North Node in Leo (exact next Sunday). Your imagination is leading you down a brave new path now. Use your trademark courage to follow where it leads. This is the week when you may be learning something new, perhaps from members of the community you’re spending time with. Or perhaps you have something to teach others. Don’t discount your gifts. Be generous in sharing your personal creations and ideas with other people.

Monday, February 5 - Friday, February 9

It’s a week for participating in society. You’re an integral part of your social scene; in fact, you’re probably the leader of your posse. Is it feeling right? This is the time to be looking for a community that energizes you, one that you’re excited to be a part of. Look for that place of belonging now. Aquarius season kicks off with MLK Day. It’s black history month, and in the UK it’s also LGBTQ history month. Beyond simply socializing, what can you do to bring about some social change? Venus’ sextile to Uranus on Tuesday suggests that you could be a positive, energizing force in the community of your choice.


I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
— Mark Twain

The eclipse on January 31st was part of a larger cycle of claiming your individuality and contributing to society through your passions. As Venus, the sun, and Mercury continue to transit the sign of Aquarius, you have opportunities to further develop your creative contributions and share them with kindred spirits. A series of transits to the south node began with Venus on January 29th, and continues with the sun on February 3rd, then Mercury on February 9th. In this first week of February, pay attention to who saps your energy and who feeds your soul. Many of us stay involved in groups and networks long after our excitement for the greater purpose wears off, out of a sense of obligation. Explore some new opportunities. Seek the others who welcome the contribution of your truth and push you to grow creatively.

These three personal planets also make a series of squares to Jupiter in Scorpio. Venus squares Jupiter exactly on February 4th, then the sun on February 10th, and Mercury on the 13th. Your personal transformation drives these changes in your social life. I mean “social life” in a broader sense; not just the parties you go to, but your relationship with your society and your contributions to the whole. Even if you’re the most introverted of people, you’re exchanging ideas with others now, participating in the human experiment through reading, writing, social media, activism, community meetups, and yes, gatherings with friends. Allow others to change your ideas. Allow transformation to happen. New beginnings come with endings.

Venus moves into Pisces on February 10th, suggesting that some of these relationship changes could happen in private at first. You may dream of the people you want to meet before you connect with them in the flesh. The solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th begins a new moon cycle of claiming your new goals and accessing the courage to share your vision. Set some intentions about the community you want to be a part of and the people you want to meet. Your originality is valuable. You may be invited to share your ideas with others this month.

Your ruler Mars, currently in Sagittarius, is squaring Neptune in Pisces, an aspect that becomes exact on February 17th. This suggests an opportunity to learn through self-exploration. Traditional avenues of education are only one way to learn, and while some of you may be enrolled in school right now, many others will be advancing their education through other means. You may be learning from your own dreams, unconscious, and intuition. Certainly books, travel, and conversation will be methods for others. Satisfy your curiosity this month. Seek answers, and (most importantly and inevitably) more questions. On February 18th, Mars makes an exact trine to the North Node in Leo, creating a supportive grand fire trine in your natal chart. You have the motivation to indulge your passions.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 17th, and the sun follows on the 18th to officially begin Pisces season. Much of your focus in the latter half of the month will be on your spiritual development. Watch for signs, symbols, and synchronicity. Since Neptune began transiting your twelfth house in 2012, your sensitivity to the unseen has been increasing. This is intensified by the conjunctions to Neptune in February, first by Venus on the 21st, then by Mercury on the 25th. Because Mars is squaring Neptune, both of these planets necessarily square Mars as well: Venus on the 25th and Mercury on the 28th. You may be unlearning and relearning some things in the course of your self-education. Don’t let your schooling interfere. New possibilities are becoming apparent for those who are open to them. On the 28th, Mars also begins to square Chiron in Pisces. Any real stretching of the mind activates old fears. You will need to confront these paper tigers for your own healing. Be your own best teacher.

Major Transits in February

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Jan. 24 - Feb. 3

Exact Jan. 29

Sun conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Jan. 28 - Feb. 10

Exact Feb. 3

Venus in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Jan. 29 - Feb. 10

Exact Feb. 4

Mercury conjunct South Node in Aquarius: Feb. 7 - 10

Exact Feb. 9

Sun in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 3 - 18

Exact Feb. 10

Venus enters Pisces: Feb. 10

Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio: Feb. 9 - 17

Exact Feb. 13

Partial Solar (new moon) Eclipse at 27.08 Aquarius: Feb. 15 at 4:05 pm

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 3 - Mar. 1

Exact Feb. 17

Mercury conjunct Sun: Feb. 6 - 26

Exact Feb. 17

Mercury enters Pisces: Feb. 17

Sun enters Pisces: Feb. 18

Mars in Sagittarius trine North Node in Leo: Feb. 9 - 27

Exact Feb. 18

Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 16 - 27

Exact Feb. 21

Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius: Feb. 15 - Mar. 6

Exact Feb. 25

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Feb. 21 - 28

Exact Feb. 25

Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius: Feb. 23 - Mar. 5

Exact Feb. 28

Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: Feb. 28 - Mar. 16

Exact Mar. 14

Saturday, January 27 - Friday, February 2

Mercury’s exact square to Uranus on Saturday could coincide with a flash of insight regarding your career. Your idea may be unique, and that always tends to make things controversial. It’s an interesting paradox that the best ideas are so original that other people will usually call them bad ideas until they change everything. You have the confidence to move forward with what inspires you regardless of others’ opinions. Wednesday’s eclipse supports your creativity and passion. You have so much love to give this week. You have people to lead, an audience who is eager for your ideas; you have romancing to do. Do what feels good now. Follow the fun! With a wide trine to Mars in Sagittarius, this full moon beckons you to give yourself over to the adventure.