Welcome! I'm Brittany Goss, a Brooklyn-based astrologer and writer. I offer horoscopesastrology readings and custom written reports to clients all over the world.

I've been reading charts for over six years, bringing my background in anthropology and creative writing to the art of chart synthesis. I've studied with professional astrologers including Kim Falconer and Mystic Medusa. I use a style called Evolutionary Astrology, which considers each person's birth chart to be a map of the soul's territory in this lifetime.

I invite my clients to think of astrology as a tool for personal growth. In my readings, I map planetary cycles to illuminate personal patterns and transformative opportunities. Becoming aware of these hidden patterns allows one to work with the cosmic energy instead of against it, like a surfer riding a wave. To learn more about how I work, see my page on what to expect from an astrology reading.

My mission with Rebel Astrology is to show people what is unique about them, to inspire them to be even more themselves, and to provide them with timing that aids them in their endeavors. Why Rebel Astrology? I like people who do things differently. Nonconformists, artists, writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, wanderers, and all badly behaved women are welcome here!


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